“We submit!”

Under the power of the Dragon Fear, the goblins lost all will to resist.

Thousands of goblins knelt down on the spot.

[Notice: 3105 goblins have submitted to you.

[You have conquered the goblin tribe.
You gained “Gorgeous Bronze Treasure Chest”!]

Everything went smoothly.

This is what it is meant to subdue your foes without fighting! (T/N: Sun Tzu's Art of War reference here)

Zhang Nu had directly taken over this tribe without killing a single goblin here, not including the 15 Heroes.
This is an unbelievable result for any other Demon King.

Truth be told, this isn't actually all that strange.

Several hundred goblins would end up getting eaten every single year.

The reason they paid such an enormous cost in their enshrinement of the giant python was all for the sake of having a powerful backer so as to prevent others from bullying their tribe.
Zhang Nu had killed the giant python outright, so his strength was far above the python.

Thus, it's only natural that the goblins were willing to submit.

Zhang Nu is a dragon after all.

Dragons have sat at the peak of the continent's food chain since ancient times.

The abyssal dragon is also a legendary grade rare dragon, being even more mysterious, more powerful, and more terrifying than normal dragons.

All dragons are extremely prideful.

In their eyes, a weak race like goblins are basically no different than insects.
They've never heard of any stories where a dragon is willing to accept goblins as subordinates.

No matter how brutal a dragon might be, so long as it's willing to give the goblins a way to live on, no goblin would be willing to leave such a powerful backer.

Zhang Nu spoke up, “Where's your chief?”

A strong looking goblin hurriedly ran forward, “Yes master, I'm the chief here.
Please order me as you like!”

[Goblin chief].
Level 2 Elite…
Description: A one in a million mutated goblin.
He bears a body and strength rivaling that of minotaurs.

Unlike the other goblins, this goblin is over two meters tall.

His body resembled that of Arnold Schwarzenegger's.

Although he can't compare to the hulk-like draconian soldiers or minotaurs, he's definitely a super strong giant among the goblins.

Zhang Nu spoke, “Begin preparing the tribe for relocation.”

The goblin chief spoke in a panic, “Master, we've been living here for many years now, so we would have a hard time surviving immediately if we moved somewhere else.”

Zhang Nu spoke, “You don't need to worry about that.
I have made my own arrangements.
From today on, you won't go hungry so long as you work for me!”

“Besides, I do not like eating goblins!”

A great being like a dragon has no need to lie to goblins, so when the goblins heard his words, all of them were overjoyed.

These goblins are very numerous too, so they're more than enough for resolving the lack of farm labor within the Darkness Valley.

After Zhang Nu conquered this tribe, he gained a reward treasure chest.

Although this goblin tribe is a “Level 2 Lord zone”, the reality is actually a bit different.
The entire thing is propped up by an ancient giant python, and all the other units are simply far too weak.

Most likely, that's why he only got a bronze treasure chest.

That said, the treasure chest is extremely beautiful.

It looked far better than the bronze chests that he had gained the previous few times.

[You opened a treasure chest.
Gained “Normal Structure Leveling Scroll” x1, “Life Crystal” x2, “Sealing Bracelet” x1, “Gold” x10,000!]

This time, he didn't get any blueprints, but he did get a leveling scroll.

[Normal Structure Leveling Scroll].
Able to level up a normal level 1 structure or facility within one's territory.
Material costs for leveling up depends on the target.

That's a good find!

Zhang Nu had previously gained an undead structure leveling scroll before.

At the time, he had used it to level his House of Bones to the House of Skeletons.
This had directly increased his territory's undead army's capabilities by well over 10 times.

Now, this particular leveling scroll has an even greater range of uses.

Its worth to Zhang Nu is by no means inferior to a top class blueprint.

Other than that, there were several other items.

[Life Crystal].
Permanently increase max HP by 100 points!

[Sealing Bracelet].
Blue quality equipment.
Able to seal all of the wearer's skills.
Only effective against those of level 3 or lower.

The former is a stat crystal.

It's basically the same as the strength crystal that Zhang Nu had received from the chest he got from conquering the Bloodhoof tribe.
Only this time, it's a life crystal, capable of increasing max HP instead.

Zhang Nu used it on himself without even thinking about it.

[Absorption successful, +100 HP!]

[Absorption successful, +100 HP!]

200 HP.
That's not a small number here.
Those two crystals are worth at least tens of thousands of gold.

The final item is rather useless though.

It's a special equipment.
It's not for personal use, but for equipping it on someone else in order to seal their skills and prevent said other party from being able to take it off themselves.

Although he felt like it wasn't all that useful, Zhang Nu wasn't really disappointed either.

Opening treasure chests is something that depends on luck from the start.

It's not like he can count on it to be able to yield him something that's immediately useful to him every single time, right?

A leveling scroll, two crystals, and 10,000 gold.
Just that much was already enough to satisfy him!

Zhang Nu returned to his territory.

He sent out the draconian general Zhang San with the responsibility of aiding the goblins in their move.

His territory is in desperate need of this new batch of labor for his farms.

After returning to his territory, Zhang Nu also sacrificed the new souls he gained.

[You've sacrificed a level 1 Hero's Soul.
3 talent points gained!]

[You've sacrificed a level 1 Hero's Soul.
3 talent points gained!]

[You've sacrificed a level 1 Hero's Soul.
4 talent points gained!]

[You've sacrificed a level 1 Hero's Soul.
3 talent points gained!]


The 15 souls yielded him 51 talent points in total.

Zhang Nu already had 60 talent points from before.

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