20 Strength, 30 Constitution, 30 Agility, 60 Will.
Loyalty 100% (Locked).
Tiredness 10%.
Hunger 10%.

Skills: Winged Drake Form (Talent), Teleportation Field (C Rank), Healing Field (C Rank), Death Field (C Rank), Weakening Field (C Rank), All-Knowing Eye (D Rank), Thunderfall Curse (D Rank), Flame Explosion Curse (D Rank)…

Description: This is a draconian priest bearing the blood of the abyssal winged drake.
He has exceptional intellect and strategic skills.
He's capable of various healing, support, attack, scouting, and support spells.
Utterly loyal to his lord.

That's way too amazing.

The draconian priest might not be as strong as the draconian general on the combat side, but the draconian priest isn't a combat specialized unit in the first place.

It can be seen from the skills and their ranks, but the draconian priest is far more powerful than the draconian general!

Beyond that, a draconian priest is highly intelligent and very skilled in terms of governance and strategy, so they also have hidden worth as advisers.

As expected of a unit costing 30,000 gold.

The draconian priest stepped forward and respectfully knelt down.

“This old one greets my lord!”

Zhang Nu nodded, “Rise.
From today on, you'll be known as Li Si.
You'll be aiding me in the management of the territory.”

The draconian priest Li Si stood up, “It is this old one's honor.
I shall put forth my greatest efforts and with my utmost loyalty.
I will absolutely not betray the grace that my lord has shown.”

The Draconian priest and draconian general are both high grade draconians.

In fact, they are real abyssal draconians.

The draconian general has the ability to transform into an abyssal earth drake and the draconian priest has the ability to transform into an abyssal winged drake.
The latter's bloodline is a bit stronger though.

Compared to the earth drake, the winged drake doesn't have a very strong body.

Although their defenses are weaker, their mobility and magic abilities are far stronger.

The draconian priest's skills are quite specialized.
Several of their core skills are all field types.
The special point is that the skill effect is distributed over time, so the priest will be extremely vulnerable before they get those skills off.

In other words, a draconian priest would be no match for a draconian general in close combat.

That said, each and every one of those field skills are also extremely potent.
This is especially true on the battlefield.
Their area of effect is extremely large, and they have very powerful effects on a larger scale.

Something especially worth mentioning is the draconian priest's “Teleport Field”.

This skill can create two fields in different locations, and then enact the instantaneous transportation of units between those two fields.
Its worth in the strategic sense cannot be understated!

When paired up with the draconian general, one has tactical leadership skills, with a specialization in acting as the vanguard, while the other has numerous field effects, specializing in support.

The final result is that, together, they produced a far greater effect than the sum of their parts.

Zhang Nu was already quite strong, but now that he has Zhang San and Li Si acting as his hands, the result is like adding wings to a tiger!

His Demon King enterprise has been developing for a month now.

The preparations made during the early period have been completed.

He is now ready and able, so Zhang Nu believes it is now time to start making war strategies.

At this moment, a transmission bat flew before him and spoke out in Su Yan's voice.
She was reporting the current progress of her work.


“Everything is going smoothly so far!”

“I've almost reached Giantree City!”

“Then, I'll do my best to scout out the enemy for you!”

Zhang Nu smiled at the report.

This spy seemed to be quite successful so far.

Here's hoping that she really will be able to show her worth and bring him useful information.

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