Myriad Flower Valley.

When she saw Zhang Nu's message, Chen Guoguo was rather bewildered.

Chen Guoguo had been working with Zhang Nu for quite some time now, so she has absolute faith that Zhang Nu is a super powerful bigshot grade Demon King.

Her own instinct told her that Zhang Nu was trustworthy, but intellectually, she knew that this wasn't possible.

Chen Guoguo was firmly aware that even if she can't compare to Zhang Nu, she's definitely doing much better than the vast majority of other Demon Kings.

During the past bit of time, the price of seeds has been rising the entire time.

Zhang Nu also continued to buy them at the market price.

Thus, Chen Guoguo was able to earn a huge amount of money from Zhang Nu just through her ability to cultivate seeds.
Her territory has over 1000 units, and of them, she has over 700 minor flower fey and over 600 venomous flower fey.

The former is a production unit.

They don't have any combat ability at all.

On the other hand, the venomous flower fey is a combat unit.
Although they haven't reached the Elite level, they're unusually strong for a level 1 Normal unit.

Despite the many Hero attacks she has endured, the vast majority of them weren't even able to lay eyes on Chen Guoguo herself.

They all got done in by the venomous flower fey without being able to fight back.

Thanks to those souls, she rose to level 2 just not all that long ago.

She had even specifically bought blueprints to build defensive structures to help defend her territory.

She has a boar-kin camp.
With it, she summoned 10 elite boar-kin and over a hundred normal boar-kin in order to cover for the flower fey warriors' weaknesses.

With such power and wealth at her command, just how many Demon Kings could compare to her at this current time period?

Even so, the two recent attacks she endured were very difficult for Chen Guoguo.

Her keen instincts told her that those were merely scouts and probes at her.
Every single time, they retreated right after making contact with her forces, so their main force will likely be coming for her soon.

“Zhang Nu was probably just comforting me!”

“No matter how powerful he is, he'd still have a tough time helping me in this kind of situation.”

Chen Guoguo thought it over.

In the end, she still had to just rely on herself.

It's simply far too unrealistic for her to put her hopes on other people.

After Chen Guoguo purged those random thoughts from her mind, she started concentrating on preparing for the oncoming battle.
She spent all the gold she had on hand summoned up another batch of venomous flower fey in order to replenish the losses she had taken the past few days.

In the end, not too days after, a minor flower fey came up to her to report.

“Mistress, we're under attack!”

Chen Guoguo asked solemnly, “What are their numbers?”

The minor flower fey spoke quite panickedly, “There are a lot this time, about nearly a thousand.
Plus, there are a lot of ogres among them!”


Chen Guoguo was visibly shocked at that word.

Ogres are the most aggressive and violent race in the Forest.

A normal adult ogre is even more powerful than a minotaur.
They're a monster whose might is near the Elite level.
They'll be really hard to deal with if they're in a large group.

Thus, Chen Guoguo headed out to the heavily defended entrance of the Valley.

When she personally saw the enemies laid out before her, she ended up gasping.

A massive horde of nearly a thousand enemies laid before her.

Of them, 500 were the muscular looking ogres.
They were huge in size, wore heavy armor, and held large axes and hammers in their hands.
Just the sight was enough to make one shiver in fear.

The other races were also creatures like tiger-kin and bear-kin.
Not only are they numerous, they're also well equipped.

This is obviously a real battle now!

The Heroes were aiming to destroy the Demon King nest in one go here.

The ogre chief Zhou Kun shouted out, “Hah! Demon King ! I suggest that you stop your pointless struggling and just come out to face your death instead.
It'll at least save you some pain!”

“Dream on! Come at me! I'm not afraid of you!”

Chen Guoguo was clenching her teeth.

She had poured so much of her sweat and blood into building her territory up to where it is now, so how can she possibly just give up? Even if she really does end up losing, she at least has to fight it out to the very end!

“Stubborn fool!”

Zhou Kun showed a cold smirk, “Fine then.
Since you refuse to accept reality until it's right before you, I'll let you have your wish and show you what despair really means!”

The war drums rang out.

The first squad of ogres started pushing forward.

Each of those ogres were equipped with a huge five meter tall shield.

Chen Guoguo had immediately directed her venomous flower feys to start attacking.

The flower fey race had an unusual variety of different combat units available to them, but Chen Guo Guo's flower fey depended mainly on the “Venomous Flower Fey Warriors” as her main fighting force.

Venomous flower fey are considered a plant type unit.

The advantage to them is that they need very little food, much like with undeads.
Thus, their daily upkeep costs tend to be relatively low.
Their disadvantage is the fact that their movement speed is very low, leading to low mobility issues.

Venomous flower fey have a rather special kind of attack.

They'll use their flowers to shoot venomous stingers at their enemies.

Those stingers have an effective range of hundreds of meters, and they're also launched with force equivalent to that of heavy crossbows.
Plus, those struck by them will end up being paralyzed by the venom, making them unable to move.

Just one or two might not be all that scary.
Although they're hard to defend against, the firing rate of the venomous stingers aren't all that high

However, things are different when an entire field is filled with venomous flower fey.

At this point, countless venomous stingers rained down on the invaders.
Not even a Lord leveled monster would be able to withstand such an attack, and many Heroes have already died to this maneuver.

Yet, the demon subjugation army was already prepared for it.

The ogres wielding huge shields stood at the very front and blocked the vast majority of the rain of stingers with their shields, covering the troops behind them.

350 meters!

300 meters!

250 meters!

The two sides were getting closer and closer to each other.

Even so, the flower fey's attacks were dealing very little damage.

Chen Guoguo was extremely anxious.
She continued to activate her own skills in order to repeatedly summon large amounts of vines in order to obstruct the ogres' advance.

Yet, none of that was of much help.

It just bought her a bit more time, but it had no effect on the direction of the battle.

She was in trouble.
The venomous flower fey are very fragile, having nearly zero melee combat capabilities.
Plus, their movement speed is terrible.
Thus, the moment they were forced into melee combat, it would mean the end for them.

“What can I do?”

Chen Guoguo was terrified.

The gap in capabilities between their two sides was just too much.

She has no way of holding back this major invasion.
All her blood and sweat she had invested was about to be completely and cruelly destroyed.

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