The sky drake is very powerful, but under the concentrated assault launched at it, its magic shield was being quickly depleted.

The sky drake thus stopped its fire breathing, instead he landed and shifted into a humanoid form.

He was a draconian around 2.5 meters, dressed in a robe, wearing a mask, and holding a staff.
He had a powerful presence about him.

Zhou Kun immediately had a realization, “Another Demon KIng!”

The other Heroes were somewhat panicked.
The Ironblooded Heroes have defeated many Demon Kings in the past, but all Demon Kings tended to work alone.
They've never seen any Demon King ally with another Demon King before.

Plus, this particular Demon King is terrifyingly strong!

Zhou Kun shouted a question, “You're the one from Darkness Valley!”

That's right!

The draconian priest answered truthfully.

The furious attack from before used up quite a bit of his MP, so he was taking this opportunity to use two bottles of moonlight potion.

Zhou Kun snorted, “As I thought!”

The Ironblooded Heroes Guild has investigated practically all of the nearby Demon King factions in the vicinity.
They had a basic understanding of their capabilities and race for practically all of them.

Only a rare few Demon Kings are still unknown as of yet.

Out of those Demon Kings, the strongest and most mysterious faction was the one in the Darkness Valley.
Therefore, their opponent's identity was easy to figure out.

All of the Heroes here, including Zhou Kun, were absolutely certain that the draconian priest is the Demon King!

It's because only the highest grade Demon Kings could possibly be so powerful!

Zhou Kun's expressions went through many changes.
It was first dark, then enraged, before finally turning vicious, “We were planning to destroy you from the start, but to think that you'd deliver yourself right to us…
Well alright then, we might as well take you down at the same time!”

The Darkness Valley is very powerful!

It had destroyed Zhou Lei's minotaur tribe and also annihilated a forward army of the Ironblooded Heroes Guild.

Even the guildmaster fears it, so it can be imagined just how difficult it would be to directly assault it.
However, things are different here.

The Demon King has come out of his own accord.

He actually left his base to support the Flower Fey Demon King.

It's true that this makes things a great deal more difficult, but isn't it also a rare and valuable opportunity?

The “Sky Drake Demon King's” power definitely far exceeds that of the Flower Fey Demon King!

Zhou Kun could easily get 50-60 Training Points from killing the Flower Fey Demon King, so if he could kill the Sky Drake Demon King, then wouldn't he be able to get several times that as the reward?

Not only would it be a great accomplishment, it would also greatly increase his strength!

At that point, who else in the Ironblooded Heroes Guild, bearing the guildmaster, would be able to compare to him? Zheng Xiao's position as the second in command will be his then!

The more Zhou Kun thought about it, the more excited he got.

Even if it ends up a pyrrhic victory, even if he ends up sending his entire army to their deaths, it would be completely worth it if he could kill those two Demon Kings here!

“Don't panic!”

“He didn't bring his subordinates!”

“So what if he's strong himself?”

This helped to restore the confidence of the other Heroes and warriors.

That's right, no matter how strong the other party is, in the end, he's just one person.

So what if he's a level 2 Lord? The boss, Zhou Kun, could hold his own even against a Level 2 Lord.
Plus, the Heroes still had many level 2 powerhouses to add to that.

They were only in such a terrible state a bit ago due to being attacked by surprise.

From now on, the Heroes squad just need to hold back the sky drake, and the others will be able to charge in to destroy the Flower Fey Demon King.

After taking down the Flower Fey Demon King, they can then come back to drown the sky drake in numbers.
Even if the sky drake is unreasonably strong, in that situation, it's still dead for certain.

Immediately, roars of fury exploded out.

The demon subjugation army reformed.

Zhou Kun was about to lead a new round of attacks.

Chen Guoguo flew over to the draconian priest, “Boss, the enemies are really strong.
If it's really impossible, then you should retreat first, otherwise, it really might get dangerous for you!”

The draconian priest calmly replied, “My lord gave me two tasks.
The first is to save you.
The second is to destroy this army.
For this old man, failing to accomplish either one of those tasks is more serious to me than losing my life.”

Chen Guoguo froze for a moment.

“Cough, what did you just say? Are you not boss Zhang Nu?”

The draconian priest replied, “Of course not.
Why should the great lord himself personally act to deal with a bunch of insects like them? This one, Li Si, is merely an insignificant servant of my lord!”


He's not the boss?

Boss Zhang Nu never showed in the first place?

Chen Guoguo felt like her head was ringing.
She was having some difficulty processing all the new information.

How was this possible? Li Si's power is already this terrifying.
Even for a Demon King, he would count as among the top ranked.

How could such a powerful existence just be a Demon King's subordinate?

Really is just plain unbelievable.

Chen Guoguo couldn't help but ask, “But, how are we supposed to deal with these Heroes then?”

The draconian priest calmly spoke, “You and your subordinates just need to act in support.
As for the direct battle, leave that to me!”

As he spoke, he took a step forward.

The draconian priest raised the staff in his hand, and a long and incomprehensible incantation rang out.

The draconian priest slammed his staff into the ground and countless runes started expanding out from him as the center.
They instantly covered an area the size of a soccer field and formed into an enormous magical formation.

“Death Field!”

“Weakening Field!”

When Zhou Kun and his Heroes entered those fields, they immediately felt their HP and strength being rapidly drained away.

[You are under the effect of the Death Field.
-15 HP every minute!]

[You are under the effect of the Weakening Field.
-50% Strength, Agility, Constitution, and Will]

What terrifying debuffs!

An average level 1 unit only has about 20-30 HP.

Under the draconian priest's fields, they won't even be able to hold out for more than two minutes!

The draconian priest is even layering a Weakness Field on top of that, greatly weakening the demon subjugation army and lowering their combat capabilities enormously.

“Damn it!”

“Kill him, quick!”

Zhou Kun realized how bad the situation was.

What kind of unbelievable skill is that?

How the heck were they supposed to fight under that kind of field effect!

The draconian priest showed no reactions whatsoever.
He simply finished his third incantation and a terrifying wave of magic power was released.

“Teleportation Field!”

One teleportation effect appeared after another within the magic formations around the draconian priest.

The next second, following a flash of light, hundreds of new figures were sent here.

An entire army appeared out of thin air, placing the formerly alone draconian priest well protected within the center of their formations.

The reason why Zhou Kun dared to charge in anyways was all because the “Demon King of Darkness Valley” was all on his own.

Who could have imagined that he could use teleportation to suddenly pull out so many subordinates!

Every single one of the teleported units were Elites.

How are they supposed to fight against that?

The Heroes went deathly pale!

Zhou Kun hurriedly roared out, “Retreat!”

Finally running away? Too late!”

As the draconian priest Li Si coldly sneered, a powerful Flame Explosion Curse was launched out and exploded right on top of the ogre Hero leading the charge.

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