a game of confrontation between the demon king and the hero, conquest and resistance, and a demon king who cannot effectively solve the problem of having enough food is too low, and will soon be eliminated.


There is not much food left.


Zhang Mu does not continue to sell.


The territory also needs to consume rations.


The two transactions totaled 150 gold coins income.


Among them, the transaction fee is 5 gold coins.
The transaction time for two transactions is not long, so the handling fee is not high.
At present, there are a total of 161 gold coins in his hand.


Summon 10 Draconian drudges for 50 gold.


Spend another 100 gold coins to summon 1 Draconian Combat Soldier.


The territory now has 15 production units and 1 combat unit, which is small scale.


Zhang Mu focused on the Draconian Combat Soldier.


The Draconian Combat Soldier looks similar to the draconian Drudges, but is taller, stronger, with thicker black scales, sharper claws, and is equipped with a long spear as a weapon.


[Draconian Combat Soldier]: A first-order elite unit, HP 50, Spirtual Power 30, Strength 7, Constitution 5, Agility 6, Will 3

Loyalty 100% (locked), Fatigue 10%, Hunger 10%, 

Skill: Dragon Blood Berserk (E-class), Spear Thrust (E-class), Magic Resistance (E-class), Degraded Dragon Scales (E-class)…


Not bad is a conservative estimate.


A combat soldier can fight ten drudges.


The most basic first-order units have the strength of elite monsters!


This is unimaginable for other demon kings with weaker bloodlines and lower breeds, and this is officially Zhang Mu's greatest advantage at present.


Next it's time to divide the work.


Zhang Mu arranged fifteen hard drudges to start production.


Part of the team formed a team to collect, log, and hunt in the dark jungle to meet the daily food consumption of the territory and obtain timber for the construction of the territory.


One part is responsible for repairing the ruins, reclaiming the fields, and building fortifications to protect the altar of the Demon King, as well as the Demon King's territory.


There are no powerful monsters in the Dark Forest.


Ordinary draconian drudgery is enough to deal with danger.


Zhang Mu continued to explore the valley with the combat soldiers.


After all, he has only explored a small part of the valley so far, and it is necessary to scout the valley further to see if there are any traces of indigenous activity.


Killing monsters can only harvest gold coins and materials.


This can certainly build territory, but it cannot make oneself stronger.


Zhang Mu needs to take precautionary measures to investigate the dangers within the territory, and he also needs to collect souls to achieve the purpose of evolving himself.


The dark valley is not too big, not too small.


It took thirty minutes in total to circle the valley.


One after another prompts continued to emerge, allowing Zhang Mu to have a very full understanding and understanding of the surrounding environment in extreme time.


【Ordinary cave】: Low exploration value.


【Ordinary swamp】: Low exploration value.


【Ordinary ruins】: Low exploration value.


【Lost Dark Ruins】: A first-order elite area, was once a small town in the forest established by a wizard.
It was destroyed because of an experiment running out of control.
All the residents of the town were killed and transformed into undead.
The value of exploration is high.
Obtainable: Dark Iron Chest, Wizard's Legacy, etc.

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