“Oh no!”

“Her ladyship has been caught!”

The three guardian elves were panicking.

The elven elders who arrived later on were also stunned after hearing of the news.


While the city lord was young, no one who bore the elf king's bloodline could possibly be weak.

Instead, she had to be one of the strongest among the strong within Giantree City.
She wouldn't have been able to become the lord of the city otherwise.

Who the heck could believe that a personage like that could have been kidnapped in the middle of the City!

The first elder finally arrived, but when he heard such nightmarish news, he nearly fainted from shere rage.

This is the only descendent of the elf king of Chaos Forest!

If anything were to happen to her, then the revitalization of the elven race would be done for!

“Save her ladyship!”

“No matter the cost!”

“We have to rescue her!”

The first elder raised his staff with anger and summoned up a flame serpent over a hundred meter long, which struck at Zhang Nu like a blazing dragon.

“Another level 3 Lord!”

Giantree City truly is filled with powerhouses.
This is not somewhere I can tarry!”

Zhang Nu held the elf city lord with his left hand while releasing the inky black fog with his right to act as a shield to block the giant flame serpent.

“Abyssal Devouring!”

The flame serpent dove right into the black fog but was completely sucked in without the slightest struggle like it had entered a black hole.

The guardian elves and elders all chased after Zhang Nu to try to take back the city's lord.

In response, Zhang Nu once again released the energy devoured right back at them.
Countless blasts of flames hurled back like rain, and among said rain was also hundreds of bolts of scarlet Abyssal Lightning.

The pursuers didn't care to try to take it head on.

Besides which, their lady was currently in the Demon King's hand, so they didn't dare to attack with their full power either.

Given all that, how could they possibly have stopped the Demon KIng?

Zhang Nu used the opportunity he gained while the elves clumsily dealt with his attacks and left in a showy manner right before everyone's shocked eyes.

This assault was just too sudden.

The entire process, from when the Demon King appeared to cause chaos, to him capturing the city lord, and then leaving, the entire thing took less than three minutes in total.

Zhang Nu's goals were very clear here.

He placed getting revenge on the Heroes as his first priority, which is why he flattened the Heroes Guild and the Ironblooded Heroes Guild's headquarters right at the start.
As for capturing the city lord, that was just an unexpected gain.

Zhang Nu checked the information.

He knew that this elf was by no means simple.

Not only is she the ruler of Giantree City, she also bears the inheritance of the elf king.
Thus, her existence is extremely important to the elven race.

With her captured and acting as a hostage, the elves would need to act carefully.

With the threat of killing the hostage, there's no way that Giantree City would dare to threaten Darkness Valley anymore.

In the end, they would have no choice but to accept diplomatic talks and agree to various unfair conditions!

He really lucked out!

Originally, he just wanted to teach the Heroes a vicious lesson, and if he could also take that chance to get some souls, that would be all the better.

He never expected that not only would he get more than what he intended, he even unexpectedly managed to pick up quite a treasure.
This trip really was worth it.

Of course, Zhang Nu did use up quite a bit of strength in that fight.

Giantree City's might was not to be looked down upon.

He activated the “Blood Sacrifice” skill to spend his HP to recover his MP, and then he used his Healing skill to spend MP to recover HP.

As he did this over and over a few times, Zhang Nu's condition gradually returned to his perfect state.

“Release me!”

Nancilia continued to shout and struggle while in Zhang Nu's claws.

This little ruler was extremely scared right now.
Since all her skills were sealed, she isn't able to use any of her skills or abilities and is completely at Zhang Nu's mercy.

She was very upset.

While she did have a bad premonition about it, there was no way she could have imagined that the Demon King would be so arrogant as to directly attack Giantree City.

And for her, the great ruler of Giantree City, the one that everyone looks up to…
To be kidnapped by the Demon King of all things! That truly was humiliating!

Nancilia is soft and indecisive, so she wasn't a competent leader, but as one who bears the elf king's bloodline, she is prideful from her very bones, so how could she possibly accept such humiliating treatment?

Thus, despite being afraid, the greater part of her was more humiliated and angry.

“Release me! You damnable Demon King!”

Nancilia's little face was crimson with exertion.
She attempted to pull the clamp like claws around her, but all her effort was completely pointless and all she could do was uselessly hammer away with her little fists.

Zhang Nu just laughed, “Hahaha.
You're the loser, so what right do you have to make any demands? After all, I could crush you into paste at any moment!”

When she heard him call her a loser, Nancilia got mad, “I won't accept that result! I couldn't use my full abilities in Giantree City.
Fight me again if you're really strong.
I absolutely won't lose to you again!”

“Hah! Empty boasting!”

Nancilia's level is indeed higher than Zhang Nu, but level doesn't completely determine actual power.

Nancilia is a level 3 Lord unit, but Zhang Nu is at least a level 2 pseudo-King.
In a one on one duel, Nancilia's chances of winning aren't all that high.

Of course, she has the ability to teleport, so if they really were to fight again, then Zhang Nu wasn't confident in being able to capture her alive again.

Given how valuable a hostage she is, he would seriously lose out if he accidentally killed her or allowed her to escape!

Nancilia's eyes shifted cunningly and she attempted to challenge Zhang Nu's pride, “You won against me unfairly, and you refuse to fight me in a fair fight.
Isn't it because you're afraid? It's unfair, I won't accept it! I don't accept that as my loss even if you killed me!”

“Brat, stop it with your meaningless tricks.
Do you really think that I'm an idiot?”

Zhang Nu won't fall for such a low leveled appeal to his pride and he spoke as he sped up, “You had better be good and cooperate.
Otherwise, I'll head right back and slaughter a thousand of your people and burn them to ash right before you.”


Nancilia's eyes widened and glared…

Only then did she suddenly discover that they seem to be heading in the wrong direction.

This Demon King should have originated from the Darkness Valley to the south, but he's currently flying northward…
He's heading for the Myriad Flowers Valley!

Nancilia froze in fear.

Right now, a thousand strong Giantree City army was currently in the Myriad Flowers Valley to subjugate the Demon King there.
If they get attacked by this terrifying guy, then the consequences would be unthinkable!

A point of note:

Giantree City has at least 50 to 100 level 3 powerhouses.
They also had the powerful barrier protecting the city as well as numerous magic towers, ballista towers, and various other defensive structures.

Even so, the Demon King was still able to withdraw unharmed.

That elven army is currently out in the open and they're also currently in the middle of battle against another Demon King.
If they get attacked by the dragon in this situation, they wouldn't have any hope of surviving!

“Don't kill my people!”

“If you have to kill someone, then kill me instead!”

Zhang Nu really found it laughable.

That girl really didn't have the aptitude to be a ruler.

While a true ruler doesn't necessarily have to be coldblooded and merciless to her opponents, it's completely stupied to try to trade her own life for that of her subordinates.
The fact the she tried just shows her incompetence.

“Whether or not I kill them depends on your behavior.”

Zhang Nu was very fast, so the Myriad Flower Valley was already right before them.

The sound of battle was audible.
The battle is still ongoing and no conclusion has been reached yet.
He had arrived at just the right time.

He first flew up above and swept over the battlefield.

The situation below was about what he had anticipated.

Du Mingfeng was indeed worthy of being the guildmaster for the Ironblooded Heroes Guild.

He had the strength to fight the draconian general one on one and was even slightly winning.

Giantree City's army was nearly double the size of the draconians fighting against them.

The draconian army on the Demon King's side only numbers around 500 or so, but thanks to the draconian priest's support as well as the draconian general's leadership skills, their fighting power more than doubled, making them easily capable of matching the army from Giantree City.

Besides which, Flower Fey Demon King Chen Guoguo wasn't just there as decoration either.
She has very powerful recovery and support skills, and she also continuously directed her venomous flower fey to act as rained support.

The Demon King's side obviously had the advantage and was pushing the Giantree City army back.

However, from the looks of it, while the Demon King's side did have a large advantage, they wouldn't have an easy time actually reaching a decisive victory either.

The elven army is a well trained professional army.
They're not like the mob that an alliance of tribal warriors would be, who would end up collapsing the moment things turn against them.

At this moment, under Du Mingfeng's commands, the elves escaped the bounds of the draconian priest's field effects and switched from offense to defense.
They used their magic and archery to fight while maneuvering in an organized fighting retreat.

Zhang Nu evaluated them “Your Giantree City's elven army really is quite competent.
I wonder how long they'd be able to withstand my Dragon Flame though.”

Nancilia was rather panicked, “Don't kill them, Demon King! I'll agree to any condition!”

Zhang Nu spoke, “Oh? Is that so?”

TL Notes:

Oh dear…
Nancilia, that's exactly the wrong thing to say here.
This is how you get doujin bad ends you know…

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