The natives were not found.


But this ruin is also worth exploring.


Zhang Mu immediately brought the Draconian Combat Soldier to this place.
He wanted to test the strength of his most basic combat unit.


“How gloomy!”


“This town is not very large.”


“However, there should have been 1,800 people living in its heyday.”


Walking into the dark ruins, I only feel that I walked into a cemetery, the environment has become gloomy, and some evil energy is still affecting this place that has been abandoned for hundreds of years.


Not even after taking a few steps a target appeared.


【Skull Soldier】: A first-order ordinary monster, a former inhabitant of a small town in the forest, died due to the lord's evil experiment, and was transformed into a skeleton soldier by the energy of the undead… 

Ability: Powerful Slashing (F-grade), Undead Halo (F-grade) .


Two skeletons with tattered clothes stood up.


This undead creature did not have the emotion of fear, and even in the face of the Demon King, they were fearless and charged forward wielding a bone sword.




“Finish them off.”


Zhang Mu didn't do it himself.


The Draconian Combat Soldier roared and rushed out from behind quickly, crossing the rugged ruins in an instant at a speed far exceeding the speed of the human sprint champion.




The spear stabs out at high speed!


A skeleton head instantly burst into pieces!


It was almost a second in a single glance.


Another skeleton soldier wielded a bone sword and slashed over, but was easily blocked by the draconian combat soldier with his long spear, and was forced back in two or three rounds.




The swinging tail swept off both legs of the skeleton soldier.


Then a shot opened the skull.


【You killed the skeleton soldier, gold coins +5! 】


【You killed the skeleton soldier, gold coins +5! 】


Zhang Mu nodded, although it was the weakest combat unit, but the combat soldiers were not bad, they would be least able to fight seven or eight Skeleton Soldiers at the same time.


Skeleton soldiers are just ordinary monsters.


Draconian Combat Soldiers are elite monsters!


Zhang Mu also found out that the target killed by his subordinates is also counted as the Demon King, which can generate rewards without discount.


This was great.


After all, as the Great Demon King.


Zhang Mu couldn't be first in line every time.


“Well done, time is precious, not just killing one, you go and wake up all the undead nearby.”


“As ordered!”


The Draconian Combat Soldier immediately resembled a black afterimage, and the skeleton soldiers were alerted wherever they passed, and they all stood up from the ruins.


In a short while.


The Draconian Combat Soldier was hunted down by a dozen or twenty skeletons.


He can't deal with so many skeleton soldiers at one time, but his speed is very agile, and the skeleton soldiers can't catch up at all.


Some of them turned around and locked Zhang Mu.


The skeleton soldier's body joints were emitting oozing cackling sounds as they raised the bone sword and slashed at Zhang Mu's body.


Zhang Mu did not dodge.


He deliberately took the sword.


He wanted to test his defence.




There was a ding.


Not a single tiny scratch.


The skeleton soldier didn't even cut a piece of his dragon scale.


On the contrary, the skeleton soldier's bone sword was directly shattered.


“Such weaklings.”


Zhang Mu reached out and grabbed it.


Holding the skull like a chicken, and lifting it from the ground, the skeleton soldier struggled desperately, but was unable to break free.


With slight force a crisp thud was heard


The skeleton head could not bear it.


The entire skull instantly shattered into dozens of pieces.


【You killed the skeleton soldier, gold coins +5! 】


The other skeleton soldiers still rushed forward without fear of death.


Zhang Mu stomped the ground with his right foot, and instantly turned into an afterimage, passing through these skeletons, where the sharp claws and tails passed, the skeleton soldiers all fell apart and turned into dust.


His speed was too fast.


The skeleton soldiers didn't even have a chance to react.


【You killed the skeleton soldier, gold coins +5! 】


【You killed the skeleton soldier, gold coins +5! 】




This is not called combat.


Although there is no thrill of fighting.


But the thrill of mowing the grass is still there.


Only Zhang Mu realised how strong he was.
The strength of the undead at this level and him, who was the demon king, were not in the same dimension at all.


The Draconian Combat Soldier continued to wander.


However, he found that he could no longer pull new monsters.


This time a dangerous aura appeared, which was not weaker than him, and even three times stronger.


The next second a dark red fireball struck.


The Draconian Combat Soldier swiftly avoided it, and the fireball landed on the ruins behind him, its power was comparable to an rpg rocket.


Zhang Mu looked over: “Huh? Elite monster!”


It was a different kind of skeleton, he was wearing a tattered robe and holding a long bone staff.


【Skeleton Mage】: A first-order elite monster, the lord of a small town in the forest, who used to be a magician who was addicted to magic, but is now transformed into a skeleton mage by the energy of the undead, and preserves part of the spell ability in front of him… 

Skill: Undead Fireball (E-grade ), Chain Fireballs (E-grade), Weakened Magic Shield (F-grade)


The skeleton mage prepares to continue its attack.


Its magic power is good.


It would pose a considerable threat if it hit the Draconian Combat Soldier.


Zhang Mu kicked the ground and immediately rushed to the front


The Skeleton Mage was busy releasing a layer of transparent magic shield.


Zhang Mu's body was slightly sideways, and he swept over like an iron whip with a dragon's tail, instantly breaking the shield and cutting off the Skeleton Mage by the waist, causing him to lose his mobility, and then kicking his head fiercely.


“Elite monster? That's all!”


“It doesn't feel like it's that strong!”


【You killed the Skeleton Mage, gold +50! 】


【You conquered the dark ruins and obtained the Black Iron Treasure chest × 1! 】

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