Nancilia has been under house arrest for several days now.

She had attempted to break the seal on her or to find an opportunity to escape.

However, breaking the seal is impossible to do in a short amount of time!

Plus, every time she goes out, she'll have five super soldiers following her!

How could she possibly escape in this kind of situation?

All she can do now is to hope that the First Elder and Giantree City will rescue her as soon as possible.

However, on second thought, the Demon King is extremely strong and his army is similarly powerful, so no matter if Giantree City assembles an army or if they send strong people to come save her, they'd definitely end up taking a great deal of losses for it.
That's not something that she wants to see.

If an enormous amount of her people would end up sacrificed just to save her, then it'd be better to not be rescued at all!

Plus, after the past few days of contact with the Demon King, she has found that the Demon King isn't actually someone truly evil.
There's no absolute need for Giantree City and Darkness Valley to fight until one is gone.

While she was being wracked by indecision, the door slammed open.

Several figures quickly charged in.

They were two orcs, a wing-kin, and a troll.

“You are…”

Nancilia judged that they weren't from the Darkness Valley.

The one leading them, an orc with red patterns all over his skill, asked, “Are you the city lord, lady Nancilia?”

Nancilia was overjoyed.

She saw the crystal in that orc's hands.

It's a detection crystal made by elves.

There's no doubt about it, they were sent from Giantree City!

She hurriedly replied, “Yes, I am.
I've never seen you before though.
Did the First Elder send you to rescue me?”

“Eh, I suppose.
However, we're…”

The orc's face turned vicious, “Actually here to kill you!”

Nancilia detected the killing intent and she instinctually moved to dodge.
A blazing sword slash flew right through the air in front of her.

With a bang, the entire wall was cut apart.

The blazing hot flames left a blackened burn.

She turned stark pale.
If she was struck just now, then she'd be dead or crippled at the very least.

Just what's going on here?

The fact that they have the elven crystal means that they were definitely sent by the First Elder.

But then, why are they trying to kill her?

The wing-kin Hero complained, “Hey, what are you hitting so hard for? It's enough to just cut off her legs.
We still need her to threaten the Demon King with!”

When she heard those words, Nancilia felt a chill all over her body.

She also had a rather unbelievable feeling.

These powerhouses suspected to be sent from Giantree City want to kill her, and the only reason they didn't go completely through with it is so that they can capture her to use as a hostage against the Demon King.

“I don't need you to tell me that! I'll cut off her legs now!”

With her being sealed, there's no way for her to dodge.

While Nancilia was in a panic, the windows of her room suddenly shattered and five draconians charged in, holding back the orc Hero.

Originally, in order to keep Nancilia from escaping, the Demon King had kept five super soldiers situated nearby the entire time on standby.

One super soldier barked out in anger, “You dare! Who are you to dare to intrude into our lord's Castle and restricted area!”


“We've been discovered.”

“Don't waste any more time!”

“Capture her first before anything else!”

The orc Hero swung his sword at a super soldier.

The orc shaman used the opportunity to launch a lightning chain.
Nancilia was quickly bound up, paralyzed, and dragged over without being able to resist.

Those Heroes are so strong!

Nancilia knew that she might not be able to deal with the four of them even if she was unsealed!

The five super soldiers were enraged!

Their task was to keep an eye on this elf.

If this elf was abducted right before them, then for them, it was a failure that can't be made up with even if they were to die a thousand times!

The wing-kin Hero pulled out two short swords and flashed out several dozen cuts in a single instant, forcing back the super soldiers who were trying to charge in.

At the same time, Wang Gang used his single greatsword and fought an even exchange with several super soldiers.

“This is strange!”

“Why are just a few minions this strong?”

Wang Gang had thought that he would be able to take them all down in just a few moves, but he never expected that he'd be unable to cut down even a single one even after so many rounds.

It's obvious that the debuff from the Demon King Castle would have quite some effect, but even so, it's still completely unexplainable for a few mere minions to be able to fight evenly against a top tier Hero like himself.

“Don't let them tie us up!”
“Let's get out of here first!”

The troll Hero smashed a potion into the ground and the entire room was immediately filled by poisonous smoke.

This is the Demon King's home turf, so it's disadvantageous for Heroes here.

The Heroes planned to use the elf city lord as bait to lure the Demon King out of his territory before working together to kill him.
This way, there shouldn't be any way it can go wrong.

Yet, the result is that just as they got out of the Castle, they got surrounded by hundreds of draconian soldiers.

The ones at their lead gave off an especially strong aura.
This included the draconian general Zhang San and the draconian priest Li Si.
They seemed to have been waiting for the Heroes for some time now.

Besides them, a powerful looking figure stood protected in the center of the formation.
He gave off the majestic aura of a king with every move, making it obvious that he was the king of dragons, the Demon King of Darkness Valley himself.

Oh no!

They've been ambushed!

“You're trying to take the honored guest of Darkness Valley away without even giving your greetings.
Aren't you looking down on me just a bit much!”

Wang Gang spat and placed his sword on the elf's neck.

“If you dare to come forward, I'll cut this head right off!”

The draconians glanced at each other.

The draconian general Zhang San started laughing uproariously.

This scene is just way too strange.

These Heroes are actually trying to threaten the Demon King with his own hostage.

Even the Demon King himself showed his surprise at this.

“I have originally thought that it was a basic cliche of 'a Hero of justice infiltrating the Demon King's Castle to save the princess', but I never thought that you Heroes would actually be so dishonorable.”

“However, did you think this kind of threat would work against me?”

The draconians all started laughing.

Wang Gang was losing confidence by the second.

There's no other choice though!

They didn't have any other options left!

He believes that the elf has value to the Demon King.

Besides, if this elf dies, then the Darkness Valley would definitely end up in a blood feud against the elves.
The Demon King shouldn't want to make an enemy out of the entire elven race!

With that, Wang Gang regained his confidence.

“I'll seriously do it! If you don't want this elf to die, then let us leave the Valley!” He loudly spoke.

Zhang San stood forward, “My lord, why even bother wasting your words on these kinds of trash.
Just allow us to directly rip them to shreds!”

“That's right!”

“Rip them to shreds!”

“Rip them to shreds!”

“Rip them to shreds!”

The draconians didn't care if the elf lived or died, nor would they care at all about making an enemy out of the entire elven race.
They simply cannot stand allowing anyone to offend their lord!

Those Heroes dared to do such a thing, so they should be ripped to shreds!

Nancilia was in utter despair.

What kind of existence is the Demon King?

How could he possibly acquiesce to the Heroes' demands for her sake?

Even if the Demon King really did do that and allowed those Heroes to leave safely, would those Heroes really just let her go? She may very well face an even more tragic end in that case!

When she thought of that, Nancilia shouted, “I don't fear death.
If you want to kill me, then just do it.
Stop wasting time!”

“Damn you!'

Wang Gang was enraged.

He decided to first cut off an arm.

However, the Demon King interrupted first, “Let's play a game then.”

The Heroes paused for a moment, “What do you mean?”

“In the end, you guys intruded here in order to kill me, so I'll give you a chance for a fair fight.
In exchange for that, let her go first.”

What luck.

For solo Heroes, weren't their basic goals when infiltrating Demon King Nests specifically for the sake of avoiding the armies to seek a chance at single combat against the Demon King?

Nancilia's feelings immediately turned complicated.

The Heroes sent by Giantree City want to kill her, yet the Demon King was willing to take the risk of fighting the Heroes on his own just to save her.
Just what's going on here? She really doesn't know anymore.

Wang Gang said, “Then send your army back first!”

Zhang Nu waved a hand, “Back away a thousand meters first.
After they release their hostage, take another two thousand meters back.”

“Yes, my lord!”

The draconians began backing away.

Nancilia on the other hand was panicking, “Demon King, don't be fooled.
These people are really strong.
You'll definitely end up in trouble against them.
We can't let those villains get their way!”

The four of them really are very strong.

Plus, the entire time, Nancilia was under the impression that luck was a major factor in the Demon King being able to defeat her, so the Demon King should be near her in power.
Given that, isn't he actually in a lot of danger then?

Although the Demon King did abduct her and made her angry at him a lot, the Demon King did not actually treat her badly.

The four Heroes are the real bad guys here, and Nancilia really doesn't want to see them get their way!

Actually, Nancilia was overthinking things.

If Zhang Nu really did want to save her, he actually had plenty of other options.

For example, instantly blasting out abyssal lightning.
With a sudden surprise attack at such a close distance, given the Heroes' strengths, they'd have to dodge, block, or be blown back.
No matter which ends up happening, they would definitely end up showing an opening.

As another example, Zhang Nu could just directly unseal the Sealing Bracelet and let Nancilia escape on her own via teleportation magic.

In the end, the fact is that the Demon King was just feeling playful.

He wanted to test the power of the first class Heroes in this stage of the game.

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