A large rusty treasure chest brushed out in front of Zhang Mu.


【Old Black Iron Treasure Chest】: A treasure chest obtained by players who conquer the Dark Ruins, from which they can obtain random rewards.


There are two types of treasure chests.


The first is the lucky treasure chest.


This kind of treasure chest may appear in any corner of the world, generally off the beaten track in the corner.
The quality of the treasure chest is also random, and it all depends on luck.


The second is the reward chest.


This kind of treasure chest is similar to the settlement reward.
When the player conquers an area or dungeon, it will be brushed out as a reward, and its quality is proportional to the difficulty of the battle.


This is obviously the second.


【You have opened the black iron treasure chest and obtained “Gold Coins” × 200, “Blueprint: Mound of Dead Bones” × 1! 】


【Blueprint: Mound of Dead Bones 】: Consumes Undead Gems x 1, Wood x 20, Stones x 30, Gold Coins x 300, and you can create Tombs of Dead Bones in the territory.


This is good stuff.


Every blueprint obtained by the Demon King is of high value.


This blueprint of “Bone Mound” can create a Bone Mound within the territory, so as to obtain the ability to summon a certain number of skeleton soldiers.


This type of special building is equivalent to a barracks.


It can provide a certain number of foreign soldiers.


Zhang Mu didn't like the Skeleton Soldiers very much.
That thing has no intelligence and its combat effectiveness is pitiful, but it doesn't mean that the Skeleton Soldiers have no value.


First of all, as undead, they can not eat or drink, and they will not cause a burden to the territory, which is simply perfect drudgery.


The gains are huge even without this blueprint.


Thirty skeleton soldiers result in 150 gold coins, and a skeleton mage results in 50 gold coins, a total of 200 gold coins are credited, and every gold coin in the early stage is very valuable.


This can recruit 40 drudgery, or 4 combat soldiers.


In other players, they should be satisfied with their work and leave but Zhang Mu did not leave.


According to the information from the insight can be known.


There are hidden treasures in this dark ruin, and he doesn't want to miss the extra harvest.


After some exploration Zhang Mu successfully found it as it was a basement hidden in ruins.


It was filled with bottles and jars and a mess of books.


The medicinal herbal materials had long since decayed.


Many books are well preserved.
Although they have no special value, they can be used to pass the time and better understand the world, which is of great help to future strategic deployment.


Zhang Mu eventually found a hidden chest.


【Lord's Treasure Chest】: Which contains the main heritage of the town lord.


Found it!


This is what Zhang Mu was looking for!


After opening, the neat and shiny gold bars were in it.


In addition to gold, there were coins as well as gems, shaking people's eyes.


“Fuck! I got rich!”


These were the treasures that Golden Finger hinted at.


They are the legacy of the town lord, which is not a small amount at this stage.


【Obtained 1st Order Undead Gem x 1, Obtained 1st Order Earth Gem x 1, Obtained 1st Order Water Sapphire x 1…】


Gems are valuable as they can be used for forging and construction.


【Found gold, would you like to transform it ? 】


【Gold conversion is successful, gold coins +1200! 】


The shiny gold bars disappeared, replaced by a skyrocketing amount of gold coins, 1200 gold coins in one breath!


This is too good, right?


Zhang Mu spent a lot of time sweeping the ruins.


In total, he only earned a fraction of this reward.


What's more, in addition to these gold coins, there are also a number of precious gems, which is really worthwhile.


As he returned to the vicinity of the altar there were fifteen drudgery working frantically.


They are very efficient, hunting dozens of bigfoot birds and unicorn deer for half a day, and in addition to building a temporary stone house.


【Humble Stone House】: Recovery speed +1%.


It was a bit shabby, but it is better to have a place to live than a dignified generation of demon kings who sleep in ruins or in the wild like a tramp.


First make do with the transition.


Zhang Mu wanted to have his own Demon King's Castle.


He wanted neat barracks, high walls, perfect fortifications, etc.


This requires a lot of labor, and some buildings with special functions cannot be built by the dragon people, and they need blueprints to make them.


Fortunately, there was money in his hand.


A huge sum of about 1500 gold coins.


Zhang Mu first took 500 gold coins to recruit 100 draconian drudgery to work at a time, and then spent 400 gold coins to recruit 4 combat soldiers to gather 5 combat units for the territory.


Combat soldiers do not have much production capacity, and they consume twice as much food as hard labor.
Now, raising too many troops is too much of a burden.
Just barely enough is enough.


So compared to combat effectiveness.


At this stage, the labor force of the construction base is more important.


Zhang Mu had 600 gold coins left and just had some materials, so he decided to unlock the ability to summon skeleton soldiers in the Tomb of Dead Bones, so as to continue to increase the size of the territory.


Spending a little bit of time, he collected a batch of wood and stones.


In this way, gems, wood, stones, and gold coins are all available.


【The Tomb of Withered Bones was built successfully! 】


【The skeleton soldier summoning permission has been unlocked successfully, and the current recruitment limit is +100! 】

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