About the location of the “Mound of Dead Bones”.


Naturally I need to go through some consideration.


Skeletons do not eat or drink, but they are not perpetual motion machines, and it does not mean that they do not cause consumption at all.


The undead just don't rely on food and drink to replenish their stamina but need to absorb undead energy to replenish themselves.


One of the functions of the Tomb of Dead Bones is to generate undead energy.
If it is placed too close, it will be eerie and cold, and skeletons will walk in and out all day long, which will inevitably affect the mood.


The dark ruins is a good choice as it would have been a very strong undead energy.


If I build a tomb of dead bones here, I can reduce some of the daily expenses, and the distance from the altar is just right.


With the Tomb of Dead Bones.


I can summon Skeleton Soldiers.


But Zhang Mu is not a skeleton demon king after all.


The non-clan-like units, summoning up will be limited.


At present, only 100 can be summoned at most.
In the future, if I upgrade the Mound of Dead Bones, or add other undead buildings, the upper limit of this size can be increased.


The more undead facilities in the territory.


The upper limit and quality of undead units are stronger.


This is precisely one of the significance of territorial construction.


【Skeleton Soldier】: A first-order ordinary monster, the summoning cost is 3 gold coins!


I didn't expect that, they are so cheap.


It's even less expensive than hard labour.


Zhang Mu spent the remaining 300 gold coins on summoning.


The gloomy wind came as a pale skeleton crawled out of the tomb of dead bones.


It is quite different from its wild counterparts in the dark Ruins.


There was no disgusting rotting flesh on them, the whole thing was a pale and complete skeleton, and their weapon was a bone knife.




The skeleton soldiers were ordered.


They immediately arranged neatly.


Although it is impossible to do complex work without wisdom.


But the order is followed, will not be afraid, will not be fatigued, and is cheap.


Suitable for battlefield cannon fodder.


Or do some rough work.


The Mound of Dead Bones produces undead energy.


The Tomb of Bone Bones produces undead energy.


On average, 5 coins are consumed every day.


But this cost can maintain a hundred perfect laborers who work hard and don't eat or drink.
It's not too cheap.
It's no different from not having money.


Zhang Mu immediately divided the labor.


In the future, the work of building, gathering, and hunting will be handed over to the draconian drudgery.


As for logging, digging stones, and carrying such unskilled physical work, it is left to skeletons to do.


As such the efficiency increases immediately.


Zhang Mu sold the food he saved.


On the second day, the net income of the territory easily exceeded 300 gold coins.


Even if Zhang Mu does nothing now, he can maintain the current construction speed of the territory, and he can achieve a balance of income and expenditure, obtain a lot of net income, and continue to expand the scale, forming a positive circular development.


Two more days passed.


Zhang Mu sat on the altar.


He patrols his territory.


Hundreds of minions working in full swing.


The desolate ruins have been cleared out of a large area.


At this moment, with the altar as the center, the territory is being rapidly developed, and new areas are being planned.


【Stone Wall】: Within the range of the stone wall, the building strength is +30%.


【Simple warehouse】: With a total area of ​​500 cubic meters, the deterioration rate of ordinary first-order materials is -50%!


This warehouse is worth mentioning, it can not only store food, fruits and vegetables, herbs, but also the function of refrigerator freezer, which can effectively slow down the deterioration.


This is a good thing.


The temperature in the Forest of Chaos is extremely high.


Most foods are difficult to keep for two days.


Having this warehouse can keep it for more than four to five days, which can greatly increase the efficiency of food utilization, thereby creating more value.


More facility buildings are under construction.


For example, Zhang Mu built a mansion for himself.


For example, pens used to keep animals and livestock in captivity, etc.


Zhang Mu currently has 150 draconian drudgery, 15 draconian combat soldiers, and 100 skeleton soldiers.
This is already a force that cannot be underestimated.


This game from the beginning till now.


Just four days have passed in total.


Zhang Mu came up with this scene.


At this rate of expansion, Zhang Mu will soon be able to sweep through the entire Chaos Forest, eventually posing a huge threat to the human world and the human empire.


Just at this moment.


A heavyweight message popped up.


【Game Announcement: The Demon King's Protection Period has ended! 】


Protection period is over!?


Zhang Mu was slightly taken aback when he saw the information.


The Demon King and the Hero are opposing player factions.


Heroes are born with the ability to sense the existence of the Demon King, and only after the protection period ends can the Heroes be able to crusade the Demon Lord.


In other words.


From this moment on.


The battle between the Demon King and the Heroes will officially kick off.


Zhang Mu felt a little pressure.


Only given a few days.


I have to say that the protection period is too short.
However, Zhang Mu didn't panic.


The construction of the territory was going well.


The area he chose to come to is even more divided, and it is purely a place of impossibility.


In such a place, a large-scale crusade is unlikely.


For a Demon King like him, it was a good place for growth.




At the same time.


Beyond the Dark Valley.


In a hidden goblin village.


Several hero players who were reincarnated as goblins were also notified at the same time.


“The protection period is lifted?”


“So we can go kill the Demon King?”


“Hahaha, killing wild monsters in the past few days is too slow to improve, it seems that killing a Demon King is at least several hundred times more rewarding!”

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