Dragon Fear is an ability of high class dragons.

Mid and low class dragons don't have the ability to use Dragon Fear.

Plus, the Dragon Fear that this guy released was so fierce, to the point where it's able to intimidate the undead elves and treant lords who had a small portion of intellect still remaining and make them freeze and take steps back.

That shows that he's definitely not a normal draconian.

Even if you're a high class dragon, you're still merely a level 3.
That's not enough for you to act arrogant before me!”

The fallen chief quickly calmed down, “That said, I've never seen a high class dragon capable of transforming into a draconian either.
It'd be a shame to just kill you!”

“If you kill these elves and present me with the Elf Queen's blood, then I'll accept you as a subordinate and allow you to follow me as I rule over the entire Forest!”

The elves of Giantree City had ugly looks on their faces.

The young city lord's eyes completely dimmed.

She had grown up hearing stories of this chief's accomplishments.

She simply could not believe that the great chief who was willing to sacrifice himself for his people and go willingly to his death would end up being turned so completely into such an evil villain.

“There's no need to feel bad.”

A large hand dropped onto the young city lord's head like it was petting a kitten.

“That isn't your Chief Arvis.
It's merely a zombie mage that stole his body and memories! If you truly have any respect for that chief, then defeat that shameful zombie!”

The Demon King's words reignited the light in the young city lord's eyes.

You're right.
That ugly zombie, how could he possibly be the chief!”

The fallen chief was enraged.

He slammed his staff to the ground.

“You dare to spurn me? Then die with the rest of them!”

An enormous cage sprouted out from the ground to imprison the group.

[You're under the effect of Necromantic Cage.
-60 effectiveness to skills below C Rank.
All stats – 20%!]

What a powerful control skill!

Magical energy erupted again.

The fallen chief directly summoned up a black hole which descended like the night, casting the entire area into darkness!

[You've been attacked by Black Hole of Death.
HP -10!]

[You've been attacked by Black Hole of Death.
HP -10!]

[You've been attacked by Black Hole of Death.
HP -10!]

His HP was being quickly drained away.

What a powerful necromantic attack magic!

Even Zhang Nu felt the effects.

His magical nullification doesn't have much of an effect against this kind of spell.

Although this level of DPS isn't much for him, it's extremely terrifying for the other elves.
This is especially true for those who aren't even Lord level yet, who would end up dying in less than 20 seconds of continuous exposure.

It was merely two moves, and it was already far above what any Lord could possibly match.

Is this the power of an Overlord?

Nancilia launched attacks against the Black Hole, but she was shocked to discover that it's not a physical black hole, so it couldn't be destroyed via attacks!

It has a large area of effect and it doesn't absorb anything physical, only life force.
Plus, it has no effect on undead units, so the undead elves and dark treants present aren't affected at all!

Yet, their group could only stay imprisoned in the cage and do nothing but watch as they're being quickly sucked dry.

“Forest Barrier!”

The Ancient Tree High Priestess released a green pyramid shaped barrier that protected everyone within it.
With the barrier resisting, the drain of HP slowed, but all it did was merely drag the time out longer.


“You really are simply too weak!'

“Is that all you have?”

“The elves of these times are truly disappointing!”

The fallen chief waved a hand an black colored fireballs shot through the cage and blasted the green barrier, causing the barrier to be quickly worn down.

“Oh no!”

“It's necromantic hellfire!”

“Quick, use purification magic to extinguish it!”

It's a kind of magic that uses life force for fuel.
It can't be doused using normal means, and even the slightest touch would cause it to spread and consume anyone unlucky enough to come into contact with it.
Purification magic is the only way to extinguish it.

“Kill every one of them other than the Elf Queen!”

The undeads all around immediately started attacking.

The fallen chief felt like there was no more point in the battle.

He overestimated those guys.

They were even weaker than he had thought.

Yet, just as he was about to relax, suddenly a strange sensation washed over him.
Just as he came back to himself from that moment of blanking out, an unbelievably huge change had happened to the present scene.

“What's going on?”

“What kind of power is this!”

The fallen chief appeared within a deep void.
It was as if he was in the abyss while at the same time floating in the depths of space.

“Could this be…
King's Sanctum!”

“You're a King? No! Impossible! That's impossible!”

The fallen chief felt panicked like he never had before.

Zhang Nu took a step forward.

Abyssal Devour was released and instantly dispelled the Cage and Hellfire.

The black fog continued to envelop the Black Hole of Death up in the air and forcefully devoured the powerful necromantic energy of this powerful spell as well.

“There's nothing impossible about it!”

He flicked a fingle and several dozen bolts of abyssal lightning shot out from all directions to blast the fallen chief before he could react.

The fallen chief had an arm blown off.

After he raised his magic barrier, he attempted to teleport.
However, he found that it couldn't take effect.
The creator of this space had already long since locked down the space-time here.

There's no mistake!

This really is a King's Sanctum!

How else could it seal off space itself?

Zhang Nu flicked a finger again and several dozen blasts of lightning fell and instantly shattered the magic barrier.
The fallen chief was struck by ten bolts of abyssal lightning and was sent flying over a dozen meters.


“Stop attacking me!”

“I surrender and submit!”

The fallen chief couldn't possibly defeat a king in his own Sanctum, not on his own at least.
Therefore, he needed to buy time.

If he were to gather all the power of his minions, then he'd have the confidence to make a fight of it even if it's against a King.

However, Zhang Nu didn't give him the slightest chance.
He simply continued to blast the chief with lightning without stopping while continuously concentrating Dragon Flame in one hand.

“You damned bastard!”

“Did you really think that you've won?”

The fallen chief wasn't an Overlord unit for nothing.
He withstood several dozen bolts of Abyssal Lightning, and although he was heavily injured from it, he still hasn't lost the ability to fight.

Countless amounts of black Hellfire was summoned forth, and finally, the dozens of balls of Hellfire were combined into a huge fireball.

His eyes slowly turned crimson like a beast of the underworld, “It will be either you or me then!”

Zhang Nu shot out the fireball in his palm.
The fireball of Dragon Flame that looked only the size of a person's head clashed with the mountain sized Hellfire fireball in midair and instantly let out a brilliant flash of light as bright as the sun.

The black Hellfire was instantly 99% vaporized.

The heat of the Dragon Flame fell in an enormous wave.

The fallen chief was completely burnt to a crisp and fell from where he was in the air.
There's no way any living person could possibly survive that kind of injuries.

However, Zhang Nu didn't think that his foe was completely dead yet.

The fallen chief had firmly realized by now that there's an enormous difference in power between the two of them.
There was no way that he could possibly win against an opponent like that, so his only option now was to attempt a suicide attack.


The fallen chief gathered up all his power.

Actually, even if he used a self-destruct, he still didn't have the confidence to truly kill a King in his own Sanctum.
However, it should at least cause him no small damage!

Yet, just that moment, an enormous bolt of abyssal lightning fell.

After being enveloped by a bolt as thick as an urn, how could the chief's already burnt black body possibly withstand such violent energy anymore?

When the flash of lightning disappeared, that powerful Overlord leveled being was completely disintegrated without the tiniest scrap remaining!

[You've slain a fallen elf chief.
Gold +200k!]

Is it over now?

Zhang Nu let out a long breath of relief.

He still had quite a bit of hellfire burning on his body.

Those were fragments that accidentally spilled onto him during the face off just then.
He thus casually released a wave of Abyssal Devouring to instantly absorb those bits of Hellfire.

This is his first time fighting an opponent of that level.

He had to admit, an Overlord leveled unit is far stronger than a Lord.
However, it's obvious that it's still no match for this Demon King.

Although it took some effort to beat, Zhang Nu did not think that such an opponent is much of a threat to him.

After the fallen chief was dealt with, the two skeleton mages were each defeated by the young city lord and the Ancient Tree High Priestess.

With that, the undead of the Giantree Forest had no one controlling them anymore.

Be it the undead elves or the dark treants, any that had even the slightest scrap of intellect ran away in every direction depending on their individual abilities.

Zhang Nu didn't get any message about having successfully conquered the zone though.

This means that only when all the monsters living in the zone had been completely wiped out will he have satisfied the condition for conquering Giantree Foret.
This was a bit of a headache for Zhang Nu.

Well, whatever.

It's only at the level of being troublesome after all.

Now that the most difficult enemy has been dealt with, the rest are merely an issue of time!

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