would definitely not be quite that much, but given that it's a continuous damage magic, it could accumulate up to quite a shocking amount of damage over time.

Zhang Nu didn't hurry right back to Darkness Valley.

He still had a few things to do in Giantree City.

Giantree City has completely returned to peace by now.
Although this has already become a Demon King's city, the citizens of the City didn't experience any real changes in their lives.

They still eat when they should, drink when they should, and work and do business when they should.

Zhang Nu felt like the time was about ripe.

He plans to hire a large group of elven citizens and have them plant, make potions, and craft items for him.
Beyond that, he also needs to hire a merchant caravan or two.

Why does he need to hire merchant caravans, one might ask?

It's because Zhang Nu can't just keep his business to just other Demon Kings.

While there might be hundreds of millions of Demon Kings in this world, the problem is that the Demon Kings that Zhang Nu can contact are only the few hundred thousand on his server.
Although Demon Kings have high demand for various resources, the market is still limited in the end.

He has ambitions.

Zhang Nu wants to extend his businesses over the entire Forest and even the empire level factions surrounding the Forest.
That's a super size market of billions or even more.

This world is extremely large, with countless native nations.

That market is what's truly infinite in size.

Although, through that process, he could collect even more information about the outside world.

For the sake of conquering the great Forest in the future and even in preparation for conquering the neighboring nations, a Demon King with ambition must not be simply satisfied with his own backyard.

“Your majesty!”

“Miss Su Yan's here.”

“She says that she wants to introduce a few merchants to you.”

Zhang Nu is currently in the Giantree City's lord's office.
He was constantly reading through a registry of the elven citizens as well as the reports on merchants in the City.
When he heard the young city lord's report, he immediately put down the report in his hands.

“Have her come in!”


The young city lord quickly ran off.

After about five minutes, the Hero girl came in with three other individuals.

When Zhang Nu saw those three people, a cold gleam came over his eyes.


For any other Demon King, unless a Hero pops up and reveals themselves, it's very hard to determine if someone was a native or a Hero.

However, Zhang Nu is different.
No Hero is capable of hiding their identity before him, so he only needs a single glance to identify them.

Actually, Zhang Nu was aware that there were a few Heroes in Giantree City who had slipped the net.

It is, after all, a city with a population of around 200 thousand.
There's no way that he could personally line every single person up to check them over.
However, the scraps left over were of no threat to him.

The three individuals before him might be Heroes, but they're only level 1s.

Their strength is actually not even up to Su Yan's level.

They are a gnome, a lizardman, and a kobold.
Of them, the gnome seems to be the leader of the three.

“Mercy oh lord!”

“We definitely won't dare to act as your enemy!”

“We might be Heroes, but we've never killed Demon Kings before!”

Zhang Nu chuckled, “Obviously.
If you were capable of killing Demon Kings, then there's no way that you'd still be so weak.”

With that, he then turned to Su Yan.

The Hero girl hurriedly introduced them, “The gnome is Rao Sai, the lizardman is Xiao Long, and the kobold is Xia Jun.
While they are Heroes, they've been doing business the entire time and haven't ever gotten involved with the battle against Demon Kings.”

“When they heard that the boss wanted to develop your own merchant company, they had somehow actually gathered information and found me and asked me to introduce them to you!”

Zhang Nu nodded in response.

The three might be utterly weak, the fact that they, being Heroes, tried to contact a Demon King of their own accord means that they have quite the guts.

Zhang Nu had no interest in killing three level 1 n00bs.
He just asked, “Why did you want to collaborate with me?”

The gnome, Rao Sai gave an embarrassed grin, “Oh king, you saw it for yourself that our abilities and racial talents are super weak, so we can only muddle around on the bottom layer of Hero society.
Plus, rather than fighting and killing, we'd rather earn money and live a comfortable life.”

The status of a Hero does have quite a few advantages, so it's something that can be considered.

The Demon King waved them off, “You can leave for now!”

The three timidly got up in a very nervous mood.
If the Demon King decided to not accept them, then they'd be dead for certain.

“Su Yan, what do you think?”

“I think we can give it a try.” Su Yan spoke, “There are just way too many Heroes, and it's not like they're all tightly bound.
Different individuals have different goals, so we can try drawing a portion of them in.”

That's true enough.

People are complicated after all, so it's not like they'd really all die for the sake of a camp that they got randomly slotted into?

Be it Heroes or Demon Kings, in the end, while they're supposed to be on different sides, they're not actually all that different deep down inside.
So long as the pros outweigh the cons, it's worth doing.

Zhang Nu thought for a few seconds, “I'll give you a new job.”

Su Yan immediately perked up, “A new job? Please order me as you like! I'll definitely do my best!”

Zhang Nu spoke, “Go help me find and test some Heroes and draw them to our side secretly.”

Su Yan was shocked, “Boss, do you mean to…”

Zhang Nu nodded, “I plan to create an order of Heroes loyal to me.
Let's name it the Dragon's Shadow Heroes Guild!”

Su Yan was dumbfounded.

Just what's going through the boss's head?

Why is a Demon King trying to build a Hero Guild?

“Well? Is it too hard for you?”

“No, not hard at all.
I'll take a trip to the various Hero guiles around.
I should be able to pick out some suitable people.”

“The members of the Hero guild do not necessarily need to be strong, but it's best if they have some good specialization.
Beyond that, the most important factor is that they must be reliable!”

Zhang Nu paused for a moment, “So long as you properly complete this job, not only will I greatly reward you, the position of the guildmaster of the Dragon's Shadow Heroes Guild will also be yours.”

Su Yan was excited.

Is even a weak and slothful person like her able to be a Heroes guild guildmaster?

Doesn't that mean that her situation is about to turn around?

That's great!

As she thought, following the boss is the path forward!

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