Zhang San and Li Si have returned.

Li Si spoke, “He's confessed everything.”

“He's a highly placed member of Berserk Beast City's Hero Guild.
He was hired by a Hero who is one of the city lord's sons', Tu Xiuming, to come and collect information on us in preparation for an upcoming attack on our territory.”

“Is that so? So it's Berserk Beast City as I thought!”

Berserk Beast City.

This orcish city doesn't have much history behind it.

Unlike the openness and diversity of Giantree City, Berserk Beast City is basically all orcs.
The main reason why they were able to rise up in a few short decades to the point where their power overshadows that of Giantree City is because they're actually basically fully militarized.

Simply put, they basically survive via conquest, sacks, and raiding.

Berserk Beast City has little productivity.
They instead greatly encourage wars and raiding.

They madly attacked the nearby tribes and raided other cities, including Giantree City.
They fuel their wars with conquest.
Their entire population are soldiers and bandits, and all their properties came from taking them from others.

This kind of expansionist policy also has a legendarily famous orc leading it.

This is also why Berserk Beast City was able to get the status it now has.

Berserk Beast City has been looking greedily at Giantree City for a long time now, so how could they possibly be willing to let a Demon King take control over Giantree City? This is on top of the fact that Zhang Nu had killed Berserk Beast City's lord's son, Gaim!

Given Berserk Beast City's way of doing things, there's no way that they can simply let this be.

Berserk Beast City should be coming at him again soon.

Based on the information, Zhang Nu deduced that Berserk Beast City's lord may have reached level 3 Overlord.
He may even be stronger than the Giantree Forest's fallen chief.

That makes him a very strong opponent.

This isn't even mentioning the Hero Tu Xiuming.

His body is that of one of Berserk Beast City's eight Masters of Ten Thousand.
He stared out with the strength of a level 3 Lord.

Currently, having gained the status of a Hero, that guy's also quickly growing stronger, so he may very well be just as strong as Berserk Beast City's lord.

In that case then, Berserk Beast City is not to be underestimated!

Zhang San asked, “How should we deal with this prisoner?”

Zhang Nu thought for a moment before speaking, “Let him escape.”

Zhang San was somewhat uncomprehending, “He had offended my lord though, so why do you permit him to escape? That's letting him off far too easily!”

Zhang Nu answered, “The power you displayed before them is enough to make them think that you're the Demon King.
By letting him return to report, it can work to draw them all out.”

The fact that the Demon King has the power of a King is something that only those who were drawn into the Sanctum before knows of.

Du Mingfeng, Gaim, and the orcs with them had all been wiped out.
There's also no way that Nancilia and the various elven leaders would leak this information either.

In other words, this is currently still a secret.

Although this secret will end up discovered by others sooner or later, Zhang Nu still wants to take advantage of this information disparity while he still can.

If the city lord of Berserk Beast City and the Hero Tu Xiuming knows that the Demon King has the power of a King, then there's no way that they'd dare to lust after Giantree City and Darkness Vally.

In fact, they'd instead do exactly the opposite and stay on the defense in order to keep Zhang Nu from attacking them.

If that happened, then Zhang Nu would have no choice but to attack head on.

Berserk Beast City has a powerful army.
Their entire population is militarized and they're militarily stronger than Giantree City.
Add in the fact that they are far away, even if Zhang Nu personally leads the army to attack, it would still be very costly for him.

In that case then, wouldn't it be better to draw them out to attack instead?

Doesn't Berserk Beast City want to swallow up Giantree City no matter what? Doesn't the Hero Tu Xiuming want to destroy Darkness Valley? In that case, he might as well go along with their plans.
Let them come!

Zhang Nu would welcome them!

The Hero, Fang Hou, wasn't imprisoned in the Dark Prison.

It's because there's no way that he'd be able to escape if he was put in the Dark Prison.

The draconians locked him into a temporary iron cage instead.
There are also eight high soldiers guarding him, making it look like he's under heavy guard.

Zhang Nu knew that, given that guy's capabilities, he'd definitely be able to escape somehow.

Just as expected, Fang Hou was secretly overjoyed.

“Thank goodness!”

“They're overconfident!”

“The Demon King has relaxed his guard against me!”

“Now is my only chance to escape.”

His combat ability isn't on Fang Wan's level, but when it comes to the power to run away, he's definitely super first class with very few Heroes being able to match hiim.

He took a deep breath and activated the “Ground Dive” Talent Skill.

The high soldiers just heard a clanging sound as the cuffs and chains fell to the ground in the cage.
However, the person imprisoned in the cage was nowhere to be seen.

“No no!”

“The war prisoner has escaped!”

“Find and catch him, quickly!”

The draconian high soldiers started yelling.

Fang Hou had already escaped several hundred meters away via Ground Dive though.

He then immediately activated Shadow Sneak.
It's a high leveled stealth ability, strong enough to let him avoid the vast majority of detection skills under C rank.

Finally, several minutes later, Fang Hou finally managed to get away to safety.

He then took out the special whistle and blew into it hard.
A drake beast descended from the sky, grabbed Fang Hou, lifted off, and headed out of the Valley.

“That was way too close!”

“I just managed to get out from the maw of death!”

“Thank goodness I had these escape skills.”

Fang Hou's tensed up heart finally relaxed.

This scout trip can't really be called a success.
He hadn't scouted out the structures of Darkness Valley, and he doesn't know a thing about the military force disposition either.

Thankfully though, he did manage to bump into the Demon King.

Fan Hou's memory crystal has also completely recorded the entire battle.

He has faith that this bit of information was barely good enough as a report.

After all, even the especially strong Fang Wan got taken out.
He really lucked out in being able to get out alive.
He can't get too greedy here.

He took another glance toward the direction of Darkness Valley and shivered in fear again.

That Demon King is just too powerful and vicious!

He just hopes that he won't ever encounter something like this again in his life!**

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