Deep within the barren mountains.

Corpses were littered everywhere.

Among the corpses were orcs and rock golems.

A fierce battle had just ended here, and it was concluded with the hero's demon subjugation army as the victor.

“I did not expect such tenacious resistance!”

“This rock golem demon king was stronger than anticipated!”

The hero Tu Xuming was weary, yet his spirits were extremely high, “Though the battle was tougher than presumed, however, the rewards were also beyond expectations!”

Several hero underlings seized the opportunity to compliment him.

“Congratulations, Boss!”

“Ascend to level 4 in one go!”

“There's no doubt Boss is the number 1 hero of Chaos Forest!”

“Boss, with the current growth rate of your strength, as well as having a powerful force like Berserk Beast City within your grasp, you might even rule over the entire forest in the future!”

Tu Xiuming replied, “There will always be someone better and stronger.
How many places have you been to? Declaring me as the number 1 hero of Chaos Forest was too much of an exaggeration.”

Although his words were modest, his eyes were gleaming with confidence and pride.

The hunt this time has yielded Tu Xiuming a lot more Training Points than he expected.
After pouring all the points into himself, he unexpectedly completed a key breakthrough.

There was no denying it.

Tu Xiuming was very lucky.

The body he reincarnated into was one of the commanders, Master of Ten Thousand of Berserk Beast City, as well as the son of Grey, city lord of the aforementioned city.
From the very beginning, he had already possessed the strength of a level 3 pseudo lord.

After hunting numerous demon kings and obtaining multiple powerful talents, Tu Xiuming has stepped into the rank of a Lord without effort.

Today's battle has allowed him to grow even further and become a level 4 hero.

He is confident that his current strength will not be inferior to that of the old city lord Grey.

“I wonder how Feng Wan and Fang Hou are doing.
With my current strength, I should be able to challenge the Dragon Demon King.”

The hero underlings once again engaged in flattery.

“Don't worry too much, Boss.”

“There's no need for concern.”

“The Dragon Demon King is only level 3 at most.”

“That's right.
Demon Kings are different from Heroes, they can only start from scratch.”

“Boss has the full support of Berserk Beast City, destroying him would be a piece of cake.
Then, Boss's strength will certainly rise to a higher level.”


Tu Xiuming had the same thought.

He was already very powerful.

The growth rate gained from killing ordinary Demon Kings was too slow for him.
Only by hunting the apex Demon Kings can significant growth be achieved.


Within these hundreds of thousands of miles.

The Dragon Demon King was the most valuable target.

His territory was so vast that it even included Giantree City.

This was beyond imagination.

The reward from killing him would exceed all other Demon King kills combined.

With that, there would be a chance to even surpass lord level and become an Overlord!

'By then, what's an old city lord compared to me? The orcs have always obeyed the custom of 'The strong shall rule!' I will become the new lord of Berserk Beast City!

I must kill the Dragon Demon King!

He will be my biggest stepping stone to the highest throne!'

After returning to Wild Beast City.

Feng Wan and Fang Hou have yet to return.

However, there were several uncommon guests who were visiting.

Tu Xiuming entered the castle of the city lord and was stunned at the sight of these visitors.

These were all……humans!

Humans rarely ventured into the Chaos Forest.

This was his first time seeing humans after being transmigrated.

These four humans were clearly not your average joes.

The leader of the group was middle-aged, wearing a silver mail, a dark green cloak, and equipped with a sapphire-embedded sword on his waist.
His presence exuded a sharp and cold atmosphere.

This human's strength could be on par with himself.

This is Tu Xiuming's first impression of this man.

Grey, the old city lord, was surprised.
“Your aura has suddenly strengthened so much! Did you break through to the fourth level ahead of time?”

As these words came out.

The four humans were all astonished.

Tu Xiuming answered proudly, “That's right!”

The old orc roared in laughter, “Hahahaha, as expected from my own blood! You are stronger than your brother Gaim.
Berserk Beast City finally has a successor!”

Tu Xiuming haughtily asked, “And who are these people?”

“Hahhah, please allow me to introduce myself.
I am the chief knight of Count Kolo in the south of the Thunder Empire, as well as the deputy head of the Divine Sword Heroes Guild…
My name is He Tianzong.”

As expected, he was from beyond the Chaos Forest.

But unexpectedly, this human was also a Hero like him.

Judging from his aura, he had similar strength like himself.

'Could it be that he's also a level 4 hero?'

The very thought made Tu Xiuming feel slightly unpleasant.

What was the purpose of these people?

The Chaos Forest was surrounded by three countries.

These countries certainly had the ability and manpower to completely conquer the Chaos Forest.
However, the cost of conquest and governance would be too high, and it was by no means a worthy acquisition.


Three major forces.

A situation of tripartite confrontation.

A balance of power has already been formed.

The Chaos Forest existed as a buffer zone.

Any country involving themselves in the conflicts of Chaos Forest would break the delicate balance formed by tacit agreement.

Tu Xiuming questioned directly, “What are your intentions here?”

He Tianzong replied, “I was ordered to negotiate for cooperation from various forest cities and tribes.”

“What do you want from Berserk Beast City?”

Tu Xiuming was very vigilant.
From his perspective, these were all his personal assets and properties.
It was absolutely impossible for him to give up even the slightest bit of Berserk Beast City.

“There is nothing for you in this city!”

He Tianzong responded calmly,”The resources of Berserk Beast City are indeed scarce and poor.
However, it is in possession of a valuable resource which is currently in surplus, even for you.”


“Warriors! Fighters!”

He Tianzong continued, “The Count plans to invest in a forest city, and for this purpose, he needs to establish a forest coalition army.
We wish the Berserk Beast City can supply us with twenty thousand elites.”

“Of course, in return, the Count will deliver a large number of weapons, equipment, food, medicinal materials, and any supplies you need to help you achieve better development.
There will be more cooperation opportunities in the future.”

Why would an Imperial Count want to invest in a forest city?

Not to mention spending a fortune to recruit warriors from various cities and tribes, just to form a forest coalition army.

It smelled of conspiracy.

Tu Xiuming was highly suspicious of the Count's motives.

The old orc city lord Grey was not a fool as well.

Of course, he would not rashly agree to such a request.

He Tianzong was not discouraged, “Our intentions have been delivered.
I hope the city lord will consider our offers.
Several cities are already interested in it and have joined the negotiation.”

This was a threat!!

The Berserk Beast City may be jointly targeted if they did not accept the proposal.

He Tianzong glanced at Tu Xiuming again and said, “Fellow warrior, you are strong.
You should consider joining the Divine Sword.
With your strength, you can firmly sit  in the top positions!”

After expressing their intention of recruiting.

The four humans hurriedly left the Berserk Beast City.

They seemed to be busy, having many destinations to reach.

The old city lord asked, “What do you think of this?”

Tu Xiuming replied, “They want to build their forces and troops in the forest.
They are definitely scheming something big.
I've heard rumors from traders that the Sunset Empire and the Azure Water Federation are in constant civil strife, and only the Thunder Empire is thriving…”

Just then.

“Fang Hou has returned!”

A subordinate came to report.

Tu Xiuming was overjoyed at the news, “Let him come and meet me!”

The very first thing Fang Hou said as he entered was, “Feng Wan is dead!”

Tu Xiuming frowned.

“What the hell happened? Explain!”

Fang Hou immediately described everything he had encountered in the Darkness Valley in detail and finally took out the memory crystal.

Within the memory crystal was the recording of Feng Wan's death.

Tu Xiuming and the old orc city master watched the recording attentively.

Tu Xiuming commented, “Hm!! As expected of the apex Demon King, it has reached the level of pseudo Overlord.
If there wasn't a fortunate breakthrough this time, I'm not even sure if I can take him on.
Now, it seems that it is the will of Heaven that he shall die by my hands!”

“This is the murderer of Gaim!”

The old city lord's face clouded, his eyes were flickering with murderous intent.

Tu Xiuming immediately pleaded: “Father, I'm requesting to dispatch the Berserker Corps and the Winged Beast Corps.
Give me three days and I shall take down the Darkness Valley and avenge my brother!”


The old orc shook his head.

Tu Xiuming was puzzled.

Grey said indifferently, “The situation in the Darkness Valley is unknown and a rash assault may lead to an ambush.
Instead of attacking the Darkness Valley, it is better to take Giantree City directly.”

“What? Attack the Giantree City!”

Tu Xiuming may not be as scheming as Du Mingfeng.

But he was no fool.

After some careful consideration.

Giantree City has only been captured by the Demon King recently.

It is precisely in a period when the morale of the people is unstable and their forces heavily depleted.

There was no better time than to assault Giantree City right now.
As for the Demon King, he wouldn't be able to sit back and just watch.

This could avoid having to battle within the Darkness Valley.

“I will personally fight in this battle!” Grey's fierce vindictiveness and killing intent surged around him, “Gaim must not die in vain! Giantree City will be ours! And all the elves will die!”

Tu Xiuming rejoiced.

The orc in front of him was not an existence that could be trifled with.

Grey climbed step by step, from a chief of a large orc tribe, to the current city lord of Berserk Beast City.
It was under his leadership that the Berserk Beast City prospered.

This was a legendary figure.

If Grey was joining the battle himself, this could only mean that he intended to go all out.

The military strength of Berserk Beast City had always been superior to that of Giantree City.
Now with the two powerhouses of a level 4 Lord and a level 3 Overlord participating in the assault, there is not a single doubt as to the outcome of the battle against the crumbling Giantree City.

The Dragon Demon King was destined to die.

The Giantree City was bound to fall.

Neither shall survive!

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