“Massive ritual prayers!”

Even during the heyday of the Bright God, only a few archbishops would organize such massive ritual prayers on festive days.

However, the effectiveness of those ritual prayers might not have been as powerful as they are today.

Under the pressure of life and when their emotions reach a breaking point, the shallow believers’ hearts erupted with unprecedented power under the guidance of the saint and senior believers.

This power turned into a continuous flow of faith pouring into the divine realm.

In the divine realm, Wu Hui, who was about to descend but had not yet had the chance to, suddenly felt that powerful faith channel.
This united and powerful faith channel was so strong and firm.

Before this, among the faith channels connected to Wu Hui, the one belonging to Saint Catherine was the strongest and most stable.
But even Catherine’s faith channel was not as strong as this one in a hundred.

Pure faith power flowed through the faith channel into the divine essence.
In Wu Hui’s information panel, the faith power number kept jumping and blinking, quickly rising from the initial 68 points to 100 points, and then continued to climb to 300 points, 600 points…

This was like a night of becoming rich in an instant~

Wu Hui had never seen faith power grow so rapidly and excitedly, his heart almost leaping out of his chest.

Meanwhile, in the Saint Luke Monastery, the praises of the Light still echoed in the sky, and the light rain continued to fall.
The hundreds of believers had united to create an incredibly powerful force of faith, as if they had formed a wall of light.

The soldiers’ steps became slower and slower, their faces full of disbelief.
Could it be true that a miracle had really occurred?

Unlike the believers, the soldiers were only filled with fear as the light rain fell on them.
It was a sign that the enemy they were about to face was likely to be a deity.
A true, living deity!

The soldiers of the third patrol unit in Luke City were the most ordinary soldiers in the empire, with ordinary training, ordinary equipment, and weak willpower.
During the era of the Bright Empire, one out of every ten of these ordinary soldiers were shallow believers, while the rest were either non-believers or pseudo-believers.

They had the courage to slaughter unarmed civilians, but to face a deity, they did not have the guts.

At this moment, most of the patrol soldiers were shaken, some even stopped their steps, and the formation was thrown into chaos.

“Fools! Idiots!”

The captain, Nico, roared angrily, “Don’t be fooled by that fake holy woman.
It’s just a technique of war called ‘Light Praise’.
Kill, everyone follow me!”

He charged towards the crowd first.
Nico was quite knowledgeable and recognized the technique as “Light Praise”.
However, he never imagined that the “Light Praise”, which only the rank of archbishops could barely perform, could be used by the pseudo-holy woman, Catherine, and could suddenly reverse the situation.

But now he couldn’t retreat.
He had to lead the charge and break up the group of bright believers holding hands to turn the situation around.

This was the plan he had presented to the city lord.
If the mission failed, his fate was obvious.

Nicco’s dozen or so personal guards hesitated for a moment but then followed him out.

The sound of a dozen horse hooves pounding on the stone road echoed with a heavy and murderous thunder as they charged towards the group of believers like a storm.

The dozen cavalrymen charged forward with an overwhelming momentum, as if they were breaking through a chaotic group of bandits.
However, in front of Nicco at this moment was a group of believers who were praying on a large scale, and their faith was condensed into a huge rope.

They were also afraid, but in adversity, their hearts became purer and their faith became stronger.

The collective emotion was incredibly powerful, and in this moment, every believer was a resolute martyr!
“Charge, charge!”

Nicco yelled, the double-handed sword in his hand was already covered with fighting spirit, and he firmly believed that he could break through those unarmed believers of the Bright God.
Once the believers scattered, the myth of the Bright God would be shattered, and his soldiers would no longer be afraid.

Four devout believers, including the swordsman Landen, had somehow positioned themselves at the forefront, pointing their swords and spears at the dozen or so cavalry charging towards them.

Four infantry against a dozen cavalry, including Nicco, a 3rd level knight in full-body armor.
There was no doubt that this was a futile effort.

However, their eyes were filled with devoutness, and there was no trace of fear, but rather a fanaticism.
Yes, fanaticism, similar to that of a cult member, was evident in them.

This was a natural change.
The shallow believers, under the influence of collective willpower, had developed the emotional desire to sacrifice themselves.

As devout believers, how could they not undergo any changes? If the four of them were to survive, becoming fanatics was an inevitable result.

However, could they really survive?
The cavalry charge was fast, and in just a few breaths, they were upon them.

Nicco’s mouth curled into a sneer, and his two-handed sword was already poised to strike.
He was confident that with the momentum of the charge, he could send Landon flying with just one strike.

But in this critical moment, something unexpected happened!

The seven to eight meter tall statue of the Bright God, which was in a state of disrepair, suddenly burst forth with a dazzling light.

The light was like a fully armed sun, illuminating the entire St.
Luke’s Abbey as if it were daytime, so bright that it was almost blinding.

Horses and riders were shocked and terrified, their hooves firmly rooted to the ground, refusing to take another step forward.
The riders, seasoned warriors who had seen countless battles, were almost thrown from their mounts due to the immense inertia.

“What’s going on?!” Nicco and the cavalrymen’s faces became ugly, with a hint of fear.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the statue of the Bright God, which had undergone a tremendous transformation.

The changes were still ongoing.
The originally barely standing, cracked and unrepaired statue of the Bright God was not only bursting with unparalleled brilliance, but the cracks and shattered surfaces miraculously healed in the light.
Like white jade, the surface of the statue was filled with flowing colors, exuding vigorous vitality.

In the blink of an eye, the statue had come to life.

Yes, it had come to life.

The statue’s originally slightly drooping eyes, half-closed and full of compassion, slowly opened, its gaze thunderous and high above, staring down at the invading enemy.

The first to bear the brunt were Nicco, the captain of the third patrol of the Lucca City, and his more than ten personal guard cavalry.

Under the majestic gaze of the statue, they instantly felt a sense of impending doom, and the fear in their hearts was almost enough to make them fall off their horses.

The god’s power was like a prison, and they didn’t even dare to think of resistance.

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