The highest pillar in the center of the divine kingdom has now become Wu Hui’s stronghold.
Every day, either he patrols his territory aimlessly in the divine kingdom, or he squats on the top of the pillar to count the number of people, or he floats next to the pillar to record data.

If it weren’t for his lack of divine power, which prevented him from descending, he would have probably gone to the mortal realm to supervise and guide the actions of the Holy Lady of Light himself.

Unconsciously, the days passed one by one.Time flew by, and another month had passed.

Wu Hui’s number of followers had also accumulated over time, increasing by a large amount.

On this day, as usual, he was squatting on the top of the pillar, counting his followers’ numbers out of boredom.
Holy Spirit: 0
Holy Followers: 0
Fanatical Followers: 1
Pious Followers: 4
True Followers: 30
Shallow Followers: 356

He carefully examined the numbers and found that the number of True Disciples, who were the cornerstone of the divine power, had reached 30.
With so many followers, he could now provide him with a stable 2 points of faith power every day.

Up to this day, Wu Hui had accumulated 68 points of faith power, which he had lost due to condensing divine power.
Unfortunately, the number of Pious and Fanatical Disciples had not increased.

Actually, what Wu Hui was most looking forward to was for the Holy Light Maiden to reach the level of a Holy Disciple with absolute sincerity and faith.
Once she reached that level, her faith would be truly indestructible and she could provide him with 10 points of faith power every day.

Moreover, even if a Holy Disciple died, their soul could fly through the Gate of Heaven and ascend to become a Holy Spirit in the Divine Kingdom’s Holy Spirit Hall.

If Wu Hui had divine power, he would not hesitate to immediately transform that Holy Spirit into a warrior angel.
The strength of a warrior angel started at level 7, and their future growth potential was enormous.

On the mortal plane, anyone at level 7 could be considered “saintly” and held an extremely high status.
Even facing an emperor of a country, they would receive respect.
The fighting power of an angel was self-evident.

Of course, Wu Hui was just fantasizing.
It should be noted that every Holy Disciple’s appearance required various opportunities, and it was not something that could be obtained simply by consuming divine power.
Otherwise, warrior angels would have already been rampant.

After counting the number of followers, Wu Hui’s mind wandered and thought about many things.
Soon, he threw away these stray thoughts and continued to ponder his divinity.

However, this day was destined to be extraordinary.

Just as Wu Hui was in the midst of studying his divinity, the faith channel between him and the Holy Light Maiden, Catherine, began to violently shake.

At the same time, the Holy Light Maiden’s prayer voice clearly transmitted: “Great Lord of Light, please bestow a miracle and save those lost lambs~”
Save the lost lambs?
Wu Hui was ecstatic.
As soon as he heard this prayer, he understood that Catherine’s plan had succeeded.
Next, it was time to reap the fruits of victory!

Lu’an Monastery.
This is an ordinary monastery located on the border of the Empire.
Among the more than 100 monasteries in the Empire, it is extremely common and inconspicuous.
It has only produced one saint since its establishment.

However, it is precisely because of its remoteness and insignificance, coupled with the efforts of the fanatic priest Luke, that it has become the last fortress.
The night was bright and the moonlight was shining from the sky.

Bathed in the moonlight, this monastery with a history of several hundred years exuded an indescribable sense of vicissitudes.
The smoke-gray stone walls had collapsed in a battle more than a month ago, leaving only half of the corroded wall roots, which looked dilapidated and desolate from a distance.
Inside the enclosure, the toppled statue of the God of Light on the faith square had been re-erected by someone, even the broken limbs and arms had been glued back in place.

However, time was running out, and the cracks on the statue had not been repaired yet.
At first glance, the statue was full of cracks, adding a touch of sadness.

Under the statue, the newly appointed Light Saint, Catherine, knelt on one knee, her hands covering her heart, chanting the hymn “Light’s Praise” with the most devout posture.

The ethereal singing echoed in the night, and the pure light power continuously emanated from her, swirling and rising around her, looking holy and majestic from afar.

More than a month of training had made her shed her original immaturity.
The clear and firm gaze in her eyes was now accompanied by a touch of gravity and profundity, truly showing the elegance of a saint.

The swordsman, Landon, and three devout soldier believers knelt behind her in turn, bowing their heads with a devout expression.
For this past month and a half, the four of them had been moving around with the Light Saint Catherine, often receiving the blessing of the Light, undergoing many battles and training, and their strength had obviously improved a lot.
The aura of the three soldiers had already reached the peak of level one, and Landon had even reached level two, with a touch of killing intent added to his body, almost unrecognizable from before.

Behind them, more than 300 ordinary believers gathered together, praying quietly.

Most of them were ordinary civilians, men, women, and children of all ages, with only a few dozen strong men.
These people were originally believers of the God of Light, but their faith collapsed due to various reasons when the St.
Lu’an Monastery underwent a huge change.
But with the efforts of the Light Saint Catherine, they regained their faith.

However, they had not truly experienced the descent of divine power, and their inner faith was not strong enough.
Currently, the vast majority of them were shallow believers.

There are only 30 true believers.
Suddenly, a noisy group of footsteps could be heard outside the walls of the monastery.
An imperial army rushed out of the darkness and blocked the entrance and exit of the monastery with lightning speed.

The imperial army then split in the middle, and a group of people on tall horses leisurely strolled out from the middle.

The leader was a middle-aged man with chestnut hair wearing full plate armor, exuding an air of nobility.
However, his expression was very relaxed, as if he didn’t care about the people in front of him at all.

Behind him were a dozen or so knights.
These knights were powerful and robust, exuding a strong killing intent.
Each one of them was at least a level 1 in strength, not weaker than any of the three soldiers behind Landen, clearly.

These people came unannounced and without any concealment.
The praying civilian believers in the monastery were immediately alarmed and began to stir restlessly.

Several older civilians recognized the origin of this army and were frightened, their faces turning pale.
“Patrol, the third patrol! It’s the Imperial Luan area’s third patrol!”

The full name of the third patrol was “The Empire’s Luan area’s third patrol”, with a full strength of 300 people, but actually consisting of 197 people, subordinate to the Holy Luan city and part of the city guard system, controlled by the Lord of Luan city.
Its usual function was to maintain order and fight crime, so its weapons and combat power were very ordinary.

However, even if its combat power was ordinary, an army was still an army, and it was much stronger than unarmed civilian believers.

Some of the believers recognized the leader of this army, the chestnut-haired middle-aged man named Nijico, who was a 3rd level knight, a distinguished knight of the empire and the leader of the third patrol.

Just based on him and his dozen or so knights, they could easily overpower hundreds of unarmed civilians, let alone the entire third patrol who had come out.
With their hundreds of people, there was no hope for the civilians.

Fear spread throughout the courtyard, and the outer circle of believers was so frightened that they didn’t even care to pray.
They crawled and scrambled up from the ground, desperately trying to push into the monastery.

“Hahaha~” Nico couldn’t help but burst into laughter at the scene.
He looked at the slender girl under the statue with a proud gaze and said, “Heretical pseudo-saint Catherine! Did you not expect this? This commander-in-chief of the third patrol had long received intelligence about your heretical gathering.
In order to catch all you annoying rats in one fell swoop, I, the commander-in-chief, secretly provided you with a lot of help.

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