It’s no wonder that Nico is so proud.
The remnants of the Light in the entire empire have almost been completely wiped out, but ironically, the remnants of the Light God have resurfaced in Luke City.
The lord of the city has recently been anxious about this matter, fearing to be held accountable from above.

If it weren’t for his advice to the lord of the city, deliberately relaxing the guard and creating loopholes, using a tactic to lure the snake out of its hole, how could they have coincidentally seized the opportunity to round up all these heretics here?

With the impetus of his strong fighting spirit, Nico’s voice enveloped the entire audience, and his proud laughter made people’s hearts tremble.

The chaos among the shallow believers in the Square of Faith was even worse.
Some showed despair, some hugged each other trembling with fear, and some burst into tears.

They do believe in the Light God, but their weak faith is far from enough to support them to become martyrs for the Light.

The 30 true believers also had pale faces and eyes full of fear.
But they are true believers after all, the cornerstone of the faithful to the divine, and their faith in the Light God is much firmer than that of the shallow believers.

Although they trembled with fear, they still knelt on one knee, closed their eyes, and prayed.

Only the four devout believers, including Landon, did not show any fear on their faces.
Instead, there was a hint of pride.
Since they became devout believers, their faith has been as solid as a rock and cannot be shaken.
At critical moments, they can even sacrifice their lives for their faith.

And now, it is time for them to die for their faith.

“Brothers and sisters,” Landon’s gaze was firm, and he shouted in a deep voice, “The great Light God is everywhere, and everything you do is under His watchful eye.
The dark times will soon pass, and the dawn of light is coming.”

“The dark times will soon pass, and the dawn of light is coming.”

The other three devout soldier believers looked fanatical, and immediately joined in the shouting.

They are all believers who have personally experienced the descent of the Light God, witnessed the great miracles with their own eyes, and their faith will never waver.

With their support, the emotions of the believers at the scene suddenly stabilized.
The 30 true believers were infected by their emotions and began to shout with them: “The dark times will soon pass, and the dawn of light is coming.”

Unconsciously, the faith of those true believers seemed to have become more firm again.

The remaining three devout soldier believers had a fanatical look in their eyes and immediately joined in with a loud shout.

They were all believers who had personally experienced the descent of the god of light and witnessed great miracles.
Their faith would never waver.
With the support of these devout believers, the emotions of the audience stabilized a lot.
The 30 true believers were infected by their emotions and began to shout along, “The dark times are about to pass, and the dawn of light is coming.”

Unconsciously, the faith of those true believers seemed to have become even more firm.

“Nico!” Langdon shouted at the leader of the third patrol, Nico, from a distance.
“You evil heretic, your heinous acts of harming brothers and sisters of the Illuminati will be judged.”

“Nico!” shouted Landon from afar to the leader of the third patrol team.
“You evil heretic, your heinous crimes against the brothers and sisters of the Church of Light will be judged.”

“Judged?” Nico was taken aback for a moment, then burst into maniacal laughter.
“Who dares to judge me? Just because of that dead Light God of yours? I spit on him!”

With that, he spurred his horse and drew his massive sword from his saddle.
“Brothers, today is the day we earn our glory.
Except for the heretic renegade pseudo-Saint Katherine, all others will be killed without mercy!”

“Kill, kill, kill!”

Nearly two hundred soldiers held their spears and shields high, their morale soaring as they pushed forward step by heavy and deadly step towards the Church of Light.

In an instant, the thick atmosphere of killing intent enveloped the entire square of faith.
Even the wind whistling through the air seemed to carry an extra chill.

“Oh, great Light God~” the shallow believers were unarmed and many began to sob and wail.
“Please come to earth and save us!”

“Mom, mom.” A seven or eight-year-old girl looked up at her mother with a naive expression.
“Will God come to save us?”
Her mother, a young peasant woman in her twenties, was on the verge of breaking down herself, but still held her daughter tightly, whispering, “Yes, the great Light God will come and personally judge those evil heretics.”

But she didn’t even believe her own words.

She regretted why she had believed in the Church of Light again under the influence of the Saint, and even more so, why she had brought her child to attend the church gathering to witness the so-called miracle of the Light God’s manifestation.

As the imperial army, armed with spears, approached the faithful, it seemed that with a simple thrust forward, the unarmed civilian believers would be mercilessly slaughtered.

Swordsman Landon suddenly drew his long sword, a slight burst of energy flowing into the blade, causing a faint white light to wrap around it.
He looked at Katherine, his gaze firm.
“Your Highness, please bestow upon me the blessing of Light.”

The other three soldiers also requested the blessing, ready to charge into battle against the enemy.

They had all made up their minds to sacrifice themselves for the cause.
“Calm down!”

The Saint of Light, Katherine, gave a light reprimand, her expression still pious and calm.

She opened her lips slightly, and her dignified voice spread throughout the entire square with the Light’s holy glow.

“The great Light Lord is watching us.
He will use the wings of light to protect every believer, and he will use the sword of Light to judge every heretic.
Believers, calm your fears and cleanse the impurities in your hearts.
As the words fell silent, she clasped a silver cross in her hands and held it to her chest.
With devout sincerity, she began to sing a hymn – “Glorious Praise to the Light.”

The melodious and ethereal singing voice rose in excitement under the night sky.
In an instant, a strong and pure light burst from her body and surged towards the sky, exploding like fireworks in mid-air and turning into countless fine rays of light that scattered down like a dazzling light rain.
The light rain fell on the frightened believers, the imperial soldiers, and the cavalry guards alike.
The light raindrops transformed into a pure and warm sunlight-like power that penetrated into the body of a shallow believer, dispelling the darkness and fear within him.

In that moment, the shallow believer felt as if he was bathed in holy light, feeling comfortable throughout his body and enlightened in his mind.
Even the spears in front of him were no longer as scary.

As more and more light rain fell, the believers seemed to regain their lost courage and see the dawn of light.
30 true believers stood in front of the crowd, holding hands and blocking the imperial army.
Although they were still afraid, their eyes were filled with courage as they sang loudly, “The dark moment will soon pass, and the dawn of light is coming.”

Following the example of the true believers, the shallow believers also stood up, putting the elderly, women, and children behind them.
Strong male believers held hands and shouted with the true believers.

Even the elderly, women, and children did not stand idle.
They held the hands of the nearest believers and sang tremblingly along with them.

At this moment, the Glorious Praise to the Light of the Light Maiden reached its climax, and the bright light exploded like fireworks, illuminating the entire square of faith.
Even the broken statue of the Light shone with a dazzling light.

The believers held hands and stood shoulder to shoulder.
Their minds seemed to unite at this moment, converging together, and their distracting thoughts were being washed away, becoming clear as crystal.

Most of them were shallow believers, with very weak channels of faith, but once they gathered together, they became incredibly strong and sturdy, like a shining sword, soaring to the sky.

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