ation, some could not.
But there were mostly divine-level materials, which seemed useless to him.

 Huh? Is this a fishing rod?

 : Made from Millennium Black Iron and blood spider silk.
It can increase the success rate of fishing.

 Han Fei froze for a moment.
A divine-level, high-quality fishing rod? Now he was still using the fine iron fishing rod, which didn’t even reach the divine level, so he took the Black Iron Rod without hesitation.

 Han Fei rummaged through the gold and various shiny gems and continued to search.

 He threw away these so-called treasures one by one like garbage.

 Huh? Purple Jade?

 Han Fei saw a purple stone and a purple bone and the stone seemed to grow out of the bone.

 : It is made from the bone marrow of Purple Gold Arowana, which can be used to refine treasure-level magic weapons.

 Han Fei’s eyes lit up.
This was the first time he saw materials above the divine level and he decided to keep it.
Then he glanced at the purple bone.

 : Bone of Purple Gold Arowana, which can be used to refine treasure-level magic weapons.

 Oh, two at once.
Not bad!

 Then Han Fei found a small black token under the Bone of Purple Gold Arowana, which was painted in black and had the word “Jail” written on it. Wow, this looks so special.
I’ll keep it. 

The Hexagon Starfish instructed, Human, it’s true that all the good stuff has been taken away.
Can you come out now? I can give you two golden beads.

 Han Fei was speechless and thought to himself, Do you think my head was hit by Iron-Head Fish? What’s the use of golden beads?

 No hurry.
I haven’t finished yet.

 It took half an hour for Han Fei to dig through the gold mountain.
Han Fei’s eyelid twitched.
There was a big tripod hidden inside.

 Han Fei snickered. Nothing can escape my eye, even if you hid it under the gold mountain.
Look, I’ve dug it out!

 This black big tripod was actually not big, less than one meter high, with three feet and three fish-shaped handles.

 To his surprise, however, the Demon Purification Pot didn’t respond to it.

 Whatever, since this sly starfish hid it so secretly, it must be good stuff.

 Han Fei quickly took out the gold, diamonds and colorful gems in the tripod.

 The Hexagon Starfish was anxious. This is just a useless broken jar.
It is useless.
I use it to put shiny things in.

 Han Fei simply replied, It’s okay.
I don’t mind.
I like it because it’s pleasing to my eyes… Huh?…

 When Han Fei took out everything in the tripod, he found that there was a black bead at the bottom.

 Han Fei seemed to realize something and immediately said, This bead is not shining.
I want it.

 The Hexagon Starfish said almost at the same time, That bead was with me when I was born.
I can’t give it to you.

 Han Fei wanted to bargain for it. You told me to pick whatever I liked.
Let me keep this one and I’ll give up the rest, OK?

 This is just a useless bead.

 Han Fei thought to himself, Don’t fool me.
You put it under the gold mountain, hid in the tripod, and covered it with other stuff.
Ren Tianfei must have been too lazy to rummage for it.
Otherwise, he would have taken it.

 Most importantly, in his eyes, the information about this bead showed three question marks.
According to his experience, whenever the question mark appeared, the item must be very precious.

 I’ll keep the black bead anyway.
It’s not shining but like an iron ball.
Why do you want to keep it? And you promised me that I can take ten items.
Now I only took six… I can give up the last four.

 It took a long time for the Hexagon Starfish to respond. I will trade you something else for this!

 No way, this bead is mine.

 OK, to tell you the truth, this is a Black Bead, a mysterious thing.
It has little effect on you humans, but it can increase the mysterious characteristics of our mysterious creatures.

 Han Fei thought, I have Little Black!

 The little black fish has greater talent than me, so this Black Bead is useless to him.
If you don’t believe me, you can call him out and check it out.

 With a flash between Han Fei’s brows, Little Black and Little White swooped out.

 Han Fei put the Black Bead in front of Little Black.
“Do you like it?”

 Little Black went forward, circled about it a few times, spat out a bit of saliva, and then directly ran to play with Little White.

 Disappointed, Han Fei frowned. So what do you want to exchange for this? I don’t want rubbish.

 On his side, a pile of gold and gems shook suddenly, and then a small black seal floated to Han Fei.

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