Chapter 107: I am a Fatty

Han Fei reached out to grab the small black seal.
However, as soon as he grabbed it, he dropped to his knees.
Fortunately, he loosened his hand immediately.
Otherwise, his hands would have been smashed by this thing.

Damn… Master Hexagon, why didn’t you tell me it’s so heavy…

: It is cast of seabed Water-Stirring Iron.
It weighs more than ten thousand pounds, but it is as light as a feather when put away.

: Water-Stirring Seal Technique.

Han Fei wavered.
Compared with the seemingly-useless black beads, he liked this small seal better.
What attracted him most was that after putting it away, it would be as light as a feather.

Han Fei couldn’t imagine how miserable his enemy would be if hit by this seal.
This was simply a perfect hidden weapon.
With it, he would almost be invincible in level-one fisheries.

Master Hexagon, deal! I won’t take away the little black bead!

As for the other things here, nothing caught his eye.
All the good things had been taken away by Ren Tianfei.
What was left was of little value.

The Hexagon Starfish was very happy.
This guy didn’t take away a single piece of his golden treasure.
He felt that Han Fei was a silly cultivator, as silly as the guy 300 years ago who chose some useless things too.
He didn’t even know what the uses of those things were, so he didn’t mind they took them away at all!

Master Hexagon, how can I put away this seal? It’s too heavy for me.

The Hexagon Starfish said simply, Just refine it with a drop of your blood.
Take it away as soon as possible…

As soon as possible? Han Fei was puzzled.

Han Fei seemed to realize something and exclaimed immediately, Master Hexagon, do you think it is too heavy, so you gave it to me?

Getting no response from the Hexagon Starfish, Han Fei was more certain.
Yes! This seal is almost as heavy as 10 tons of gold.
He must have hated the weight of it, but I don’t!

Han Fei quickly dropped a drop of blood on the small seal.
After the blood penetrated it, Han Fei felt his heart suddenly twitch, but what should he do next?

The Hexagon Starfish instructed, Use your own spiritual energy to nurture it.
It won’t take long.
Only as long as two or three minutes.

Once again, Han Fei affirmed that this big starfish disliked this little seal, or else why did he urge him to take it away?

After a few minutes, Han Fei walked out of the treasury, holding the little seal in his hand.
The seal was so light in his hands and he could wield it as easily as his double knives.

Now he could make it smaller and make it bigger.
The little seal became ten meters wide at its maximum.
Han Fei thought that he was not strong enough, so it couldn’t become bigger.

“Be bigger… Now smaller…”

Gee, can I smash this big starfish with it? Perhaps not.
After all, he had been carrying this thing for so many years.
If he can’t bear it, he would have been crushed long ago.


While Han Fei was snickering, Six Gate Starfish asked, Human, can you enter the second gate now?

Han Fei thought about it, Yes, this time if he met those bonefish again, he wouldn’t be afraid of them.
No matter what kind of fish, I’ll just smash them with this seal.

Master Hexagon, will the bonefish become stronger in the second gate? Promise me, if I can’t hold out inside, you must let me out and I can fight again some other day, but don’t leave me there and ignore me.
Otherwise, no one can save you if I die.

Hexagon Starfish assured him again, I can’t see what’s going on inside.

Of course, Han Fei didn’t believe him.
This meant the big starfish must be peeping like watching a show.

Then keep the gate open.
If I’m in danger, I can run out.
Han Fei wanted to try any trick he could.

The Hexagon Starfish replied, Once someone enters the gate, it can’t be opened again, but since you’re the disciple of that person, you’ll be fine! For 300 years, no one could survive the first gate, but you made it!


Han Fei took a deep breath and stood at the second gate.

It’s okay, it’s okay! Now my skin, flesh, viscera, bones, and marrow are all strengthened.
Although I haven’t fully mastered the Indestructible Body Art, I should be fine!


Holding the Water-Stirring Seal, Han Fei bit the bullet and rushed in.

However, the scene in front of him changed, and the whole space turned red.
Not even a single fishbone was seen.
Just when Han Fei was puzzled, the redness in the water began to boil like spiritual energy, and a lot of red gas was drilling into Han Fei’s body.

“Oh… Ouch… It’s hot… My body is itching…”

“Master Hexagon, open the door… Big Brother Hexagon… Brother Hexagon… F*ck you! You damn fish… Help!”

Han Fei almost burst into tears.
Why is there no bonefish here? Shit! He felt as if being steamed in boiling water.
His eyes were burning and he couldn’t open them.

What was worse, Han Fei felt that his body seemed to be swelling internally while being steamed outside.
In just a few minutes, a scorching heat flowed throughout his body, stimulating his blood and flesh.

One hour later, Han Fei felt that his body was no longer his own as the sizzling seawater almost cooked him.
He felt as if he became taller and seemed to be gaining weight while his belly grew bigger.

Two hours later, Han Fei was finally adapted to this damn place, but the kind of torment was still unbearable.
It was like someone cutting his flesh one piece after another, and gradually, he didn’t feel any pain.
Maybe he got used to it or maybe he broke down.

Han Fei felt that he was on the verge of a mental breakdown, but it was not only this torment that caused him to collapse.
He found that he was still gaining weight fast.

One day later.

If anyone was here, he would see there was a ball in the pale red water.
Yes, the kind of ball you could kick.

Han Fei felt like he was going to die.
His body seemed to be close to exploding.
In his body, there was a burst of explosive energy, perhaps not spiritual energy.
He didn’t even know what the hell it was.
It condensed into a red bead of the size of a baby’s fist and settled in his Dantian.

Two days later, the red bead was already about the size of an adult’s fist, and Han Fei almost cried.
I’m so much the same as a pregnant woman.
No, no pregnant woman could be as fat as me! I look like a 999 pound fatty.

The only thing that Han Fei was glad at was that the redness in the water was fading away as it seemed to have turned into the bead in his belly.

Three days later.

Han Fei’s ball-like body gradually became thinner, but in the end, when he was ejected from the gate, he bounced on the ground three times.

Han Fei didn’t get up or say anything as he could just lay on the ground, pinching his stomach with his hands.
Han Fei was a handsome young man before, but now he was an ugly obese patient.
To put it another way, the former Han Fei was a 99 pound thin person, but now he looked like a 999 pound fatty.

Hexagon Starfish remarked, You are fatter than before…

Shut up! I don’t want to talk to you.
I’m helping you out, but you just watched me suffer! Where’s your conscience? Don’t you feel guilty?

Hexagon Starfish: “???”

Your body is stronger, much stronger.

I don’t want it! I want to lose weight!

The Hexagon Starfish noted, You see, you’re the disciple of that person.
You survived, which shows that you are different.

Hoho! Do you know that I almost exploded inside? When I was the fattest, my belly skin was thinner than the shrimp shell of a small White Shrimp.
One poke at me with a needle and I would have exploded…

Han Fei was very aggrieved and had scolded Ren Tianfei more than 10,000 times in his heart.
I just want to hunt treasure! Why did you put a 36-level starfish here? Have you ever considered whether I can handle this big fish or not? If it were anyone else from ordinary fisheries, he would have exploded inside.

Hexagon Starfish asked, Now the third gate?

I’m too fat.

The Hexagon Starfish assured him, In fact, the bigger your size is, the stronger you are.

I’m a fatty…

Do you need to rest for a day?

I’m a fatty.

The Hexagon Starfish was speechless and it thought to itself, Can you stop nagging? What’s wrong with being fat? Did fatties eat your big Yellow Croaker?

Han Fei said slowly, I’m unhappy.
I want to sleep.
Maybe I’ll change back when I wake up.

With that, he straightened his legs, stared into the sky, and muttered, “…I am a fatty…”



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