When Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling recognized the fat man in front of them as Han Fei, their jaws dropped.

 Chen Jia’er questioned, “Are you really Han Fei? Don’t you lie to me.”

 Chen Ling exclaimed, “Wow! Little Brother Han Fei, how heavy are you now? Are you five hundred pounds?”

 Han Fei was distressed.
In fact, he was more than five hundred pounds.
Because the more you cultivated, the heavier you would be.
Even Han Fei, who looked skinny before, actually weighed more than 200 pounds when he became a fishing master.
Now God knew how many pounds he weighed.
He didn’t want to know it anyway.

 “That’s enough! Your women are superficial and always like to laugh at other people’s defects.
You’ll never get married if you keep this way…”


 Chen Jia’er knocked hard on Han Fei’s head.
“Brat, hurry up! Set sail!”

 Fishermen must register before going to the level-one fishery, which was important, because fishing masters were the backbone of the villages.
Even one less would be a huge loss.

 On the way.

 Everyone was looking at Han Fei curiously.
They couldn’t understand why this obese guy had two beautiful women with him! Are women nowadays so superficial?

 “Shit! It’s just like seeing two fresh flowers on a heap of cow dung!”

 “Why didn’t I see this fatty before? Do we have this man in the Heavenly Water Village?”

 “How much did he eat to get so fat?!”

 “I guess at least 20 big Yellow Croakers a day.”

 Han Fei couldn’t bear it anymore as he shouted at the passers-by, “Enough is enough! You damned weaklings! Shut up, or else I’ll throw you down from the floating island.”

 But no one took his words seriously.
Even the Tigers dared not throw people from the Floating Island.
Who did he think he was?!

 Chen Ling comforted him, “Little Brother Han Fei, don’t mind them! You may wear a mask when you go out.”

 “That’s self-deception.”

 Chen Ling giggled.
“It’s okay.
Anyway, you’re still young.
When you grow up, you’ll lose weight.”

 Han Fei: “…”


 The level-one fishery.

 When the fishing boat got onto the sea, it suddenly plunged a bit.
Han Fei’s face went all dark. Don’t remind me I’m heavy all the time, OK?

 “This time we can go fishing carefree.
Uncle Cao contacted the Heavenly Wood Village and Heavenly Rain Village.
Now the three villages are allies, and I think that the level-one fisheries will be safer,” Chen Jia’er filled them in.

 “Little Brother Han Fei, have you practiced the second level of True Spirit Fishing Art? The level-one fishery is not an ordinary one.
It is difficult to catch 500 pounds of Spirit Swallowing Fish with only level-one fishing arts!”

 Han Fei responded, “Yes.
Let me have a try.”

 Han Fei took out the Black Iron Rod.
As for the Fine Iron Fishing Rod, he had thrown it to the warehouse of The Fish Dragons.
Whoever wanted it could take it.
The Black Iron Rod was of mortal level, high quality and was strong enough.

 As for the second level of the so-called True Spirit Fishing Art, Han Fei disdained it. If I have a better one, why should I pay attention to the lower-leveled technique?

 The Hook God was composed of three fishing techniques, which are Thousand Twining, Flash Hook, and Winding snake Technique.

 Thousands Twining could control the fishing line, with which Han Fei could perceive the movements of the fish under the water.
Except for Blade Fish, no other fish could escape once it was bound with Thousand Twining.

 Flash Hook was to catch some sly fish that would eat the bait without being caught.
With this technique, he could catch any fish within a certain range of the fish hook at tremendous speed and no fish could escape.

 Winding Snake Technique was actually a deceptive fishing method.
It could turn the fish hook into a spiritual energy fish and lure the fish to his bait.

 Han Fei had not been fishing for a long time.
He felt he was a born treasure hunter.
He only felt excited when he was hunting treasure.
At the moment, he was a bit bored but still trying these three fishing techniques.

 “Huh? Escaped? Maybe I wasn’t fast enough and scared the fish away.”

 “No, I injected too much spiritual energy, so the fishing line was over-stretched, giving the fish a chance to escape.”

 “Huh? Spirit Swallowing Fish?”


 Han Fei pulled the line and the Spirit Swallowing Fish escaped from the fishing hook.

 Han Fei: “…”

 Chen Jia’er chimed in, “Little Brother, be patient.
This place is different from ordinary fisheries.
Even the most common Spirit Swallowing Fish are very cunning.”

 Han Fei glanced at Chen Jia’er, who had already caught four or five Spirit Swallowing Fish, and curled his lips.
Unfortunately, he now had too much fat on his face, so no one noticed his expression.


 This time, Han Fei moved quickly, and a forearm-long Spirit Swallowing Fish was pulled out of the sea.

 Han Fei beamed with a smile.
“You see how simple it is! I think I can catch 500 pounds today.”

 Chen Ling: “…”

 Chen Jia’er: “…”

 The Spirit Swallowing Fish was not large, but rather very small.
It was too small compared to other fish species, but there were a lot of them! After an hour, Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling both caught dozens of fish that weighed at least seventy or eighty pounds in total, while Han Fei only caught seven or eight fish.

 Chen Jia’er had an idea.
“Little Brother Han Fei, let’s swap places?”

 Chen Ling agreed, “Yes, maybe this place is better.”

 Han Fei said leisurely, “No, I’m just teasing the fish.”

 The two girls thought he said so out of embarrassment.
You know, young men’s self-esteem! But they wouldn’t laugh at him because he was still a newbie.

 In fact, Han Fei was teasing the fishes indeed.

 He was using the Winding Snake Technique now.
In the water, the fishing hook looked just like a spiritual fish, and more than a dozen Spirit Swallowing Fish were chasing behind.
Spirit Swallowing Fish, which were extremely sensitive to spiritual energy, would never let go of anything with sufficient spiritual energy.

 As Han Fei smiled and the fishing rod shook gently in his hand, the spiritual fish immediately swam into the mouths of two Spirit Swallowing Fish.


 Seeing the two Spirit Swallowing Fish hung on Han Fei’s fishing rod, Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling were both surprised.
“One hook but two fish?”

 Han Fei chuckled.
“Haha! By fluke perhaps.”

 “Wow! This is a one in 10,000 chance.
Little Brother, you’re really lucky.”

 Han Fei’s face was dark.
“Can you stop calling me ‘Little Brother’?”

 Chen Jia’er: “???”

 Han Fei tried all the three fishing techniques and found that they were not difficult, but it required proficiency and a lot of spiritual energy.
After trying it, he found that the Winding Snake was not suitable for fishing in the level-one fishery.
A spiritual fish needed at least 30 points of spiritual energy, plus the cost of fishing itself, he could hardly make a profit.

 Another hour later, the girls were depressed because they found that Han Fei caught more and more Spirit Swallowing Fish.
At first, it took him several hours to catch one, but now he only needed a few minutes.
This speed made them feel ashamed.

 Chen Ling whispered to Chen Jia’er, “Does a genius learn everything fast?”

 “It must be!” Chen Jia’er agreed.

 “Huh? Lower your head.”

 Han Fei shouted at Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling and they immediately lowered their heads, only to hear swishes and clangs and saw a string of black stings bounce off his body.

 Chen Ling was shocked.
“Ball Fish?”

 Chen Jia’er asked enviously, “Little Brother, is your body made of fine iron?”

 Han Fei was carrying a Ball Fish with only skin left, and took out a dagger to cut it open.
He pinched out the small piece of white flesh in the middle of the fish and swallowed it.

 Han Fei chewed and mumbled, “I told you not to discriminate against fat people.
Fatties can be very powerful.”

 In the evening, Han Fei had caught as many Spirit Swallowing Fish as the two girls, and also caught a Swordfish.
The Swordfish pricked his hand with its sharp mouth, only to end up with a broken mouth.

 “Boring! Sisters, how about going into the sea?”

 Chen Ling snapped her head to look at him.
“Are you crazy? This is the level-one fishery.”

 “But I think I can go into the sea! Perhaps I can catch two rare fishes.”

 Chen Jia’er mocked him, “We don’t have so much fat to protect ourselves.
If Swordfish attacks us, we are sure to get hurt.”

 Fishermen at the level-one fisheries often spent nights on the sea, so night fishing was common.
But no one would go into the water, because at night, the entire level-one fishery would turn into a bloody hunting ground.

 Suddenly, Chen Ling said seriously, “Han Fei, stop fishing.
Some boats are coming.”

 There were three boats coming, as well as seven fishing masters.

 Chen Jia’er was nervous.
“Damn, I thought the place we chose was already remote.
How were we still found?”

 “Haha! Those from the Heavenly Water Village, hand over your harvest today and I can spare your life.”

 Han Fei asked Chen Jia’er, “Which village are they from?”

 Chen Jia’er replied, “Look at their boats.
They have a fire sign on the boat, so they are from the Heavenly Fire Village.”

 “Fire and water are incompatible!”

 “Hey! Fatty, we’re talking to you!”

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