e deck, and someone asked, “Huh? Where is that fatty?”

“He seems to have jumped into the sea?”

“Ah? Did he commit suicide?”


Suddenly the water surface exploded, and Han Fei landed on the deck of the ship with a thud.

Han Fei’s face was all black.
“I’ll give you one more chance to reorganize your language.
Who the f*ck is ‘Fatty’?”


“Brother, it’s our fault.
Elder Brother…”


With a boom, they saw the fatty smash the deck and fall into the cabin.

Han Fei asked, “Who is your elder brother? I’m only 12 years old, and I don’t have so old a brother like you.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.
A 12-year-old? Seriously? Then how fat will you be when you are 22?

But they certainly dared not speak it out.

Someone finally stood up.
“It’s just a misunderstanding.
Little brother, this is completely a misunderstanding.”

“OK, then tell me, am I fat?”

“No, of course you are not fat.
If anyone dares to say you are fat, I’ll cut his tongue off! You look perfectly fit in our village.
I must say you’re slim!”

Everyone: “???”

Everyone thought to themselves, Aren’t you ashamed saying this crap? The guy is literally a meatball! Perfectly fit? Slim? How did you have the cheek to say this?

Han Fei took a look at the speaker and it was a boy about his age.

Han Fei was satisfied.
“You are very discerning.
Ok, give us all your Spirit Swallowing Fish and you can go.”

The other ship wanted to run away but five fishing masters of their village were in Han Fei’s hands.
If they ran away, how would they explain to other villagers when they went back?

The boy from the Heavenly Fire Village heaved a long breath of relief.
“Sure, sure.
Let me move them to your ship…”

Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling were stunned.
This is only your second visit to the level-one fishery! The first time, you stayed for only an hour and the second time, you smashed two fishing boats and snatched so many Spirit Swallowing Fish.

Everyone from the Heavenly Fire Village shut up, and no one dared mention the word ‘fat’.

Something suddenly occurred to Han Fei and he asked the boy, “What’s your name?”

The boy froze for a moment and answered, “Ding Yu.”

“Okay! Now I’ve decided to give you a chance.
Do you want to be allies with our Heavenly Water Village?”

Everyone: “???”

The people from the Heavenly Fire Village thought they heard him wrong! Just now you killed one of our fishing masters and badly injured three.
Now you say you want to be allies with us?

Han Fei said this for a reason.
It was common to ally with others in the level-one fishery.
If he coerced the people of the Heavenly Fire Village to smash the boats of the Heavenly Sun Village or Heavenly Moon Village, they would have no choice but to take sides with the Heavenly Water Village!

Chen Jia’er interjected, “Han Fei, we have fished too much fish.
Shall we go back first?”

Chen Ling agreed, “Yeah, Yeah! We have 3,000 pounds of Spirit Swallowing Fish in our boat, and I’m afraid our boat won’t be able to contain more.”

“We’ve been here for only a day.
Why do we leave so early? OK, let’s requisition a fishing boat from the Heavenly Fire Village.”

The people from the Heavenly Fire Village wanted to vomit blood.
They had never encountered such a situation in the first-level fishery for so many years: one man held them under such control.

But under the eaves, people had to bow their heads.
The existence of Han Fei seemed to be a bug in the level-one fishery.
They couldn’t beat him, so they could only surrender to him.

On the fishing boat.

Chen Jia’er looked at Han Fei.
“Little Brother Han Fei, the Heavenly Fire Village is not credible.
We have too few people and fishing boats.
We’d better go back first and come again with reinforcements.”

Chen Ling’er agreed, “Yeah! Although you are very strong now, if you were besieged by several peak-level fishing masters, it is still dangerous.

Han Fei thought for a moment.
“How about you guys go back first? I want to look for rare fish.”

The two girls were speechless.
Chen Ling finally said, “It’s not that easy to find rare fish.
Even if there is, people won’t tell you.”

Han Fei complained in his heart, If I knew the two of them were so weak, I would have come alone.
With the two of them here, I can’t even go into the sea to find fish.

“Wait a minute…”

Chen Ling suddenly pointed to the distant sea.
“Look, what is it?”

They looked at the direction she pointed to, only to see a big golden fish, with a big bump on his head, hopping on the sea.

Before Chen Jia’er said anything, someone from the Heavenly Fire Village shouted, “God, it’s a Treasure Digging Fish.”




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