>A soul warrior will never flinch in combat.
Even in the face of death, he will never take a step back.
If my spiritual energy is sufficient, I can keep fighting like this.
And if there is a spirit gatherer helping me, I will fight ceaselessly unless I am killed by the enemy.”


Han Fei could imagine that picture, a terrifying soul warrior like Jiang Qin, with a constant supply of spiritual energy.
Did he have any chance to win in that case? He might as well admit defeat in the very beginning.

Jiang Qin looked at Han Fei and said solemnly, “Although I don’t know where my senior brother went, he once said that he was going to a forbidden place left by a soul warrior.
If so, only soul warriors and armorists can enter that forbidden place.
That’s why I want to make you a soul warrior.”

Han Fei asked, “Do I have to learn a dozen combat skills first?”

“Don’t be greedy.
I know you didn’t exert your full strength just now.
Tomorrow, I will take you to the seabed for training, but then I will use the strength of a great fishing master.”

Jiang Qin went to bed, and Han Fei was still standing on the training ground scratching his belly from time to time.
He was defeated although Jiang Qin decreased her strength to the same level as him.
If it weren’t for his sturdy body, he would have been killed! This fact was a big blow to him.

The moonlight poured down like water and the cool breeze blew past.

Old Jiang came up to him slowly holding a wine bottle, and sneered, “Now you know your distance? This is not an easy choice.
Do you know that every soul warrior is a lunatic who is not afraid to die?”

Han Fei scratched his belly and complained, “I thought to be a soul warrior would be as simple as being a soul gatherer, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.”


Old Jiang laughed.
“As simple as being a soul gatherer? Would you please ask the people you meet when you go to the town in the future… Uh, is becoming a soul warrior as easy as being a spirit gatherer? You simply know nothing…”

Old Jiang taunted Han Fei mercilessly, then threw a jade slip to Han Fei before walking away.

Han Fei looked at the jade slip in his hand and glanced inside.

“Spirit Gathering Array, Water Gathering Technique, Water Control Technique, and Water Spirit Array?”

There were four techniques in this jade slip.
Han Fei took a deep breath.
Were these the secret of Old Jiang’s water control skill? He had wanted this for a long time, and he didn’t expect the old man to give him this today.
What a surprise!

The next day.

The village leader led a middle-aged man to the plantation.

Han Fei was preparing breakfast.
When he saw the village leader, he said, “Grandpa Leader, what a coincidence.
I just made this breakfast.
Let’s eat together?”

The village leader replied, “No, no… Han Fei! I came to you specifically today!”

Han Fei scratched his belly and asked in surprise, “What’s the matter?”

“This is Mr.
Shi Shan, a teacher from the Combat Department of the Third Academy in the town.
He is a peak-level great fishing master, and now he personally invites you to formally enroll in his school.”

Shi Shan was looking at Han Fei up and down and his fat body seemed to attract his attention.

Shi Shan asked, “I heard that you defeated five students from our Third Academy by yourself, and then you still fought Ye Nanfei?”

Shi Shan’s eyes were shining.
He could tell that Han Fei was already an intermediate fishing master.
So he said to the village leader, “Old Zhao, why didn’t you send such an outstanding student in your village to the town? It’s a waste of his talent!”

“Hoho! Let’s see if you can persuade him!”

Shi Shan looked back at Han Fei.
“You’re called Han Fei, right? Are you willing to follow me to study in the town? I can assure you that you will be one of the top 100 Heavenly Talents in the town for at least the next three years.”

Han Fei blinked.


Shi Shan was dumbfounded as he thought, Don’t refuse so quickly.
I haven’t told you what benefits you can get!

Shi Shan continued, “Student Han Fei, you’ve gotta know that you have no future in the village, but the town is different.
The town has the most comprehensive combat skills, various advanced fishing skills, and experienced teachers who can give you guidance.
You won’t be able to get these in the village…”

“I said No.
Why are you talking so much nonsense?”

Old Jiang came out with a black face, pointing at Shi Shan’s nose and said, “Go away! Don’t you see it’s my breakfast time?”

Shi Shan was stunned.
Who is this arrogant old man?!

The village leader asked nicely, “Old Jiang, mind your tongue.”

“I’ve already shown patience by not kicking you out.
You’re just a teacher from the Third Academy.
What makes you think you can snatch my disciple? Who do you think you are?”




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