“During this period of time, did anyone make trouble?”

 Li Gan stumbled with his words, “Young… Master… Please… Rest assured, no… No…”

 “Okay, okay, I know what you mean.
A-Gang, how is our business doing recently?”

 Li Gang was no longer that gangster in the past.
He was a bit like Han Fei now and his stomach was bigger than before.

 Master, in the past half a year, we made a fortune! We have opened hot pot restaurants in the east, west, north, and south fairs.
The number of Fish Dragon Card Rooms has doubled with the stable daily income of about 200 mid-quality pearls, and at the peak, they have even earned 500 pearls a day.”

 Han Fei was surprised.
This fatty was a commercial genius!

 “Can you handle so many shops?”

 Li Gang was flattered.
“Master, we have more than 800 members now and they are all carefully selected, including three fishing masters.
Our strength is increasing day by day.”

 Han Fei waved his hand.
“How much do we have now?”

 “We had already had 50,000 mid-quality pearls half a month ago.”

 Hearing this number, Han Fei was shocked, 50,000 mid-quality pearls! He never expected himself to be so rich? He remembered he only had 20 sea coins in the beginning!

 Han Fei smiled.
“A-Gang, distribute 10,000 pearls to our members as a bonus.
No embezzlement is allowed.
Even the lowest-level member shall get at least 5 pearls.
It’s up to you to distribute them.
I’ll take 30,000 pearls away.
Will it affect the normal development of The Fish Dragons?”

 Everyone was shocked.
To distribute 10,000 pearls as a bonus?! Young Master, you’re our god!

 Li Gang immediately patted his chest.
“No, Young Master, you are so kind, but will 10,000 pearls be too much?”

 “A generous boss makes a perfect employee.
Keep this in mind.”

 “Yes, Yes…”

 Today’s Yulong Gang was more like a corporation.
Han Fei felt that if the plantation resources weren’t so limited, he could have even expanded the business to the town or the city and made himself a billionaire.

 After dealing with the business of The Fish Dragons, Han Fei went to the village leader’s home.
Perhaps affected by Jiang Qin, now he didn’t have the slightest dislike of a fight but was quite excited about it.
Eight villages! Those who came to participate couldn’t be simple!

 At the villager leader’s home.

 When Han Fei arrived, he found that there were more than 50 fishing masters at the village leader’s home.

 “Wow! Little Brother Han Fei, your cultivation is over?”

 Chen Jia’er greeted him first, patting Han Fei’s chest hard and smiling very happily.

 Han Fei’s face changed.
“Stop it, how can you touch a man’s chest?”


 Chen Jia’er blushed.
” You’re still a kid.
Why can’t I touch your chest?”

 “Han Fei…”

 Han Fei was taken back for a moment and asked, “He Xiaoyu? When did you come back?”

 “Hahaha… Han Fei, you really turned into a big fatty! Hahaha… That’s so funny!”

 Han Fei’s face turned black.
He knew she would laugh at him! What’s wrong with being fat? Did fatties eat your big Yellow Croakers?

 Han Fei snapped, “He Xiaoyu, shut up! You little dwarf, where are your manners?”

 “Who are you calling a dwarf?! Who?! You big fatty…”

 While Han Fei was bickering with Xiao Yu, he glimpsed at several other acquaintances.

 Wang Baiyu nodded to Han Fei.
Hu Kun glanced at Han Fei coldly and was still not so friendly.
Although Xia Wushuang didn’t participate in the Spirit Awakening, he had a high-level spiritual heritage! Enrolled in a school in the town, he was already a fishing master.
As for Xiang Nan and others, Han Fei wasn’t familiar with them, so he didn’t greet them.

 He Xiaoyu capered cheerfully.
“Han Fei, we’ve just got home today.
I heard that you opened a hot pot restaurant.
It is said to be delicious.
Let’s go have a taste, OK?”

 “Be careful or you’ll become a fatty.”

 “I will never be as fat as you.
My father told me that you became a big fatty.
I almost couldn’t recognize you just now.”

 “Don’t call me fat!”

 “Cough, cough… Well, stop it.
Let’s get to the point.”

 The village leader looked at Han Fei and asked quietly, “Is it over?”

 Han Fei scratched his belly.


“OK, since it’s over, you’ll lead the juvenile team this time.”

 Han Fei was stunned.
“Juvenile team?”

 “Why is he? Is he qualified?”

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