Chapter 129: Poison Man

Han Fei waved his hand, and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp stood in front of Xia Wushuang and the others.

“Don’t move.
I’ll only kill the prime culprit, but if you move, I’ll kill you too.”

The only remaining two looked frightened.
This Mantis Shrimp didn’t look like an ordinary contractual spiritual beast.
Even for ordinary Mantis Shrimp, they might not be able to beat it.

Han Fei took a look at them.

With that, Han Fei’s feet suddenly flashed with spiritual energy, and he stepped hard on Hu Kun’s stomach.


Han Fei squatted down and patted Hu Kun’s face.
“Do you have a problem with me? How dare you kill the fishing masters from the same village as you? I won’t kill you.
I will take you back to Heavenly Water Village… Think about the scene where you are scolded by hundreds of thousands of people.”

Everyone was shocked.
Hu Kun’s spiritual heritage was destroyed by Han Fei.
He wouldn’t be able to cultivate again.
This was even crueler than killing him!

Hu Kun’s eyes turned bloodshot and he screamed hatefully, “Han Fe… Kill me…”


“You want to die? Too late!”

Hu Kun slapped him unconscious.
“You’re too noisy.”

Han Fei looked back at Xia Wushuang whose face was black and blue.
“Why don’t you eat the fruit?”

Xia Wushuang muttered, “We… We didn’t know what it was!”

Han Fei hurriedly took the Exotic Poisonous Fruit and gave each of them the fruit.
“This is called Exotic Poisonous Fruit.
After taking it, theoretically, you’ll be immune to all mortal-level poisons.”

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The others’ eyes lit up.

Jia Tong struggled to open his eyes.
“Come on, save Xiang Nan first.”

Han Fei’s face changed slightly, and he found that Xiang Nan was drenched with blood.

At that moment, Han Fei really wanted to kill Hu Kun, but then he thought it would be too easy for him to die this way.

Han Fei injected spiritual energy into Xiang Nan’s body, but he only opened his eyes slightly and smiled at him with difficulty, but his breathing became weaker and weaker.

Han Fei sighed and took out the Mutant Purple-Tailed Scorpion Egg.
Let Xiang Nan sign a contract with it.
It was said that a contractual spiritual beast could share life with its master.

But many contract spirit beasts die even when their masters are still alive.
He was not quite sure.

Han Fei said seriously, “Xiang Nan, this is a Mutant Purple-Tailed Scorpion Egg.
Sign a contract with it, be quick.”

Han Fei grabbed Xiang Nan’s hand and placed it on the Mutant Purple-Tailed Scorpion Egg.
“It’s up to you whether you can live or not.”

Xiang Nan’s mouth was full of blood foam.
He struggled and muttered something that no one could hear clearly.
But they could see the blood on the ground and on his hand seeping into the scorpion egg.

After a while, a sharp sting pierced out of the scorpion egg, and a small purple scorpion was hatched out.
Seeing this scene, Xiang Nan smiled a little and then passed out.

Xia Wushuang said under his breath, “Xiang Nan.”

Jia Tong exclaimed, “Hey, you have signed a contract with the scorpion.
Don’t die!”

Han Fei quickly said, “He is not dead.
He just passed out… His wound is recovering.”

After about fifteen minutes, the wounds on Xiang Nan’s body gradually healed.
Han Fei slightly shook his head.
“The contractual spiritual beast can indeed provide some vitality and even recovery ability, but not much.
He only recovered from the trauma, but the internal injuries are still very serious.”

Xia Wushuang remembered something.
“I still have some healing pills on me.
Let me feed them to him.”

Making sure Xiang Nan was fine, Han Fei turned his eyes to others.

Han Fei squatted beside He Xiaoyu, looked at the wound on He Xiaoyu’s body with a frown, and whispered to her, “I’ll find someone to heal your wounds after we go back to the village.
There won’t be any scars!”

He Xiaoyu suddenly hugged Han Fei and sobbed.
“Boohoo… I thought you were dead… Boohoo…”

Han Fei smiled.
“Nothing in the first-class fishery can kill me.”

Then he transmitted some spiritual energy into He Xiaoyu’s body.
She shook a little and looked much better.

After injecting everyone with spiritual energy, Han Fei looked at Wang Baiyu.
“Was he badly hurt?”

Xia Wushuang explained, “He took a blow from that big scorpion and his shield was shattered.
He may have to recuperate for at least a month.”

Han Fei nodded seriously.
“OK! I owe him a favor.”

“You also owe me one.”

Han Fei nodded again.
“Yes, I also owe you one too.”

Xia Wushuang chuckled.
“It was worth it.”

Han Fei scratched his belly, got up, and turned to look at the two people who took sides with Hu Kun just now.
“You attacked your companions in the Resource Competition.
I can kill you at any time.
But I’d like to give you a chance.
If each of you can kill an enemy in the third round, I can spare your lives.
If not, you’ll end up the same as him!”

Han Fei pointed to Hu Kun on the deck.

It was not that Han Fei didn’t want to punish them, but his companions were all seriously injured.
If he killed the two of them, he would have to face up to the enemies alone in the third round!

Chen Qing got up with difficulty.
“Damn, they got away too easily.”

“Humph, you should have killed them all.”


At this time, Wang Baiyu opened his eyes.
“Cough… You, you’re back.”

“…It’s alright.
Continue to sleep.”

Wang Baiyu felt as if his bones were about to fall apart.
He closed his eyes and fell asleep immediately, and his soft snores sounded.

Everyone: “…”

Han Fei looked at the crowd and shook his head slightly.
Although there was still a lot of time, it was impossible for this team to hunt treasure anymore.

After half an hour, they finally recovered a bit.
Jia Tong got up and kicked at Hu Kun.
“Asshole! How can there be such an asshole in our village?!”

Chen Qing put up his hand.
“He’ll be killed if you keep hitting him.
Forget it, he won’t be able to cultivate anymore.
That’s the greatest punishment for him.”

Han Fei scratched his belly and said, “Okay, cool down.
Now let’s distribute the Exotic Poisonous Fruit.”

“No, it’s you who got them.
We have all eaten one just now…”

Jia Tong agreed.
“Yeah, we just fought the small scorpions.
The big scorpion was killed by you…”

Everyone was still a bit scared.
Wang Baiyu, as an armorist, had the strongest defense power among them! But he was almost killed by a single blow of that scorpion.

“Why do I need so many fruits? Although they are Spiritual Fruits, they’re not the kind of fruit that can enhance strength.
Let’s divide them up.
Anyway, everyone just needs to eat one.
It’s no use eating too much.”

The others’ faces changed, but in the end, no one objected.
These were Spiritual Fruits! They couldn’t resist the temptation.

He Xiaoyu’s tummy grumbled.
“I want to eat hot pot.”

Everyone: “…”

“I’m not happy.
I want to eat hot pot.”

Han Fei was speechless.
“Okay! I’ll give you a VIP card when I go back to the village.
You can eat it every day.”

He Xiaoyu was overjoyed.

Han Fei said helplessly, “Every time you come to my restaurants to eat hot pot, you can eat for free, OK? Forget it, you can come to eat when you get better.”

Suddenly, He Xiaoyu pointed at Xiang Nan and said, “He is waking up.
Xiang Nan is up.”

Han Fei quickly turned around.
“How do you feel?”

Xiang Nan said with difficulty, “Sh… Shit… What… Contractual spiritual beast is this?”

Han Fei said casually, “Oh! It is a Mutant Purple-Tailed Scorpion Egg and should be more advanced than ordinary rare creatures…”

Hearing this, the others were all stunned.

Xia Wushuang was dumbfounded.
“Gosh, Han Fei… What did you say it was?”

“Mutant Purple-Tailed Scorpion Egg.”

The others all gaped and looked at Xiang Nan.
“Not a rare creature?”

“I think not.
This little guy is no longer a Purple-Tailed Scorpion.
It’s all purple, so it should be higher-leveled.”

Xiang Nan was stunned himself.
“Han Fei, why… Why didn’t you keep it yourself?”

Han Fei pointed at the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp with a smile and said, “I’ve already got one.
What do I need it for?”

That being said, Han Fei whined in his heart.
That scorpion was an exotic creature! It was like looking for a needle in a haystack to find an exotic creature in the first-class fishing ground.
I was really reluctant to give it away! But I couldn’t just sit by and watch Xiang Nan die!


Everyone didn’t notice the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp until now, who was still watching the other two fishing masters.

Xia Wushuang asked, “Why does your Mantis Shrimp have tails? Is he also a mutant?”


Xia Wushuang swallowed.
“Did you get it from the Mantis Shrimp cave?”

Han Fei thought for a while.
“Well, you can say so.”

Xia Wushuang took a deep breath.
“Shit, the more dangerous the place is, the better stuff there is.
They said no one had ever found anything in the Scorpion Cave.
That’s bullshit!”

Two hours later, Wang Baiyu woke up and heard the news.

“It’s an exotic creature.”

“What is an exotic creature?”

Wang Baiyu said enviously, “I heard that exotic creatures are all very strong, much stronger than rare species.”

He Xiaoyu widened her eyes.
“Why did we not know that?”

Wang Baiyu rolled his eyes.
“You should read more books.
On top of exotic creatures, there are also legendary creatures.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but wonder.
“Legendary? Do they really exist?”

Wang Baiyu wanted to grin but frowned in pain.
“Sure, they do.”

Han Fei nodded.
So there are also legendary creatures above exotic ones…

Everyone looked at Xiang Nan enviously.
How lucky he is!

Xiang Nan smiled with difficulty and summoned the Mutant Purple-Tailed Scorpion.
“Han Fei, I owe you big time.”

Han Fei shook his head slightly.
“It’s not a big deal.
Just an exotic creature.
I’ll meet more in the future.”

He Xiaoyu was excited.
“Let me touch it.”

Han Fei’s face changed.
“Stop! I forget to tell you guys that this thing is poisonous, very poisonous.”


Han Fei explained, “Not only that, but Xiang Nan is also poisonous.
That is, unless Xiang Nan takes it back, he will be a poisonous man all the time.”

Xiang Nan: “???”




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