Chapter 151: The First Brocade Sachet

Xiao Zhan’s words shocked the five people present.
They were only great fishing masters and one was not yet a great fishing master, how could they win against a Dangling Fisher?

But Luo Xiaobai said without hesitation, “OK.”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes lit up.
“Great, I happen to want a try.”

Han Fei was also looking forward to it.
He wanted to know what the strength of a Dangling Fisher was like.

Only Le Renkuang muttered, “I am just an armorist.
It’s up to you to fight.”

Wenren Yu looked at Old Bai.
“After reaching a certain level of strength, the number won’t make any difference, right?”

Old Bai replied, “You haven’t experienced the battles we used to experience.
The level gap is not a big deal! Having the whole set of the five major professions, they should be able to kill a Dangling Fisher, not to mention hold on for ten minutes under his attack.”

Wenren Yu frowned.
“No, I haven’t, but I have never seen any junior great fishing master defeating a Dangling Fisher.”

In the field, the five of them were ready for the fight.

Luo Xiaobai announced the beginning of the battle, “Start!”

As Luo Xiaobai shouted, the battle began.

Everyone yelled in unison, “Fuse.”

Han Fei muttered, “Attach.”

Although Han Fei now had some control over his fusion with the Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish, it was not enough, so he didn’t fuse with them from the very beginning.

Luo Xiaobai began the attack.

Countless flower vines shot out from all directions, binding Xiao Zhan’s limbs, waist, and neck.

Luo Xiaobai added,.
“Spirit Devouring.”

Xia Xiaochan was next, “Shadow Kill…”

Then Le Renkuang.
“Blade Storm.”

Zhang Xuanyu said at the same time, “Seven-Layered Waves in Furious Sea”

Han Fei made the final move.
“Seven Star Chain…”

In an instant, the five of them attacked Xiao Zhan at the same time.
Luo Xiaobai’s vines, Han Fei’s chains, and the swords and knives shot out of Le Renkuang’s weapon box all darted at Xiao Zhan.
Xia Xiaochan had appeared behind Xiao Zhan and thrust two daggers at Xiao Zhan’s neck.
Zhang Xuanyu also attacked him head-on.

In the blink of an eye, Xiao Zhan was surrounded by different combat skills.



Xiao Zhan suddenly burst out a wave of strong spiritual energy, which suddenly exploded with him at the center.

Zhang Xuanyu and Xia Xiaochan were immediately sent flying.
Le Renkuang’s swords and knives kept clanking, but none of them could break through Xiao Zhan’s spiritual-energy protective cover.

Han Fei and Le Ren exchanged a glance.

This was a combined combat skill created by Han Fei and Le Renkuang.
Both of them were of the power type, and when they bumped someone with all their strength, it was like a mountain falling down on him.


Xiao Zhan’s fists were wrapped with spiritual energy and he punched at the two of them.
Le Renkuang flew backward seven or eight meters before being caught by a vine.
But Han Fei protected his own body with a spiritual-energy protective cover in an instant.
At the moment when he was about to be hit flying, the Purple Bamboo Rod hit Xiao Zhan’s knee.

Xiao Zhan slightly bent his left leg and crushed his protective cover.
Han Fei took the chance to draw the double knives at his waist and thrust them at his chest, shouting, “Spiral Strike!”

Xia Xiaochan took advantage of the moment when Xiao Zhan’s protective cover disappeared, detoured to the left side of Xiao Zhan like a shadow, and stabbed Xiao Zhan’s armpit.

Zhang Xuanyu chanted, “Blood and Qi Burn.”

Luo Xiaobai said at the same time, “Spectral Lash…”

As soon as they were repelled for the first time, they immediately began the second round of bombardment.

Xiao Zhan roared, “Armor.”

A shadow armor wrapped his body, and then he punched Xia Xiaochan’s dagger away and waved his fist horizontally to block Han Fei’s two daggers.

But Han Fei had arrived, and his Spiral Strike hit right in the middle of Xiao Zhan’s ribs.

At the same time, a huge vine slammed on Xiao Zhan’s left leg and they shouted, “Fatty, give him a fatal blow.”

As Le Renkuang patted his box, a strange knife shot out and punctured Xiao Zhan’s abdomen.


The shadow armor was broken and his protective cover was also crushed.

Xiao Zhan stumbled but his hands didn’t stop.
He grabbed Han Fei’s rod in one hand and Xia Xiaochan’s hand in the other, and threw the two away at the same time.

The only thing that Xiao Zhan found hard to resist was Zhang Xuanyu’s mental attack.
He could cope with attacks from all directions but not soul attacks.

After six or seven minutes, Le Renkuang was the first to quit.
His combat skills consumed too much spiritual energy.
Although Han Fei provided him with enough spiritual energy, he had turned ghastly pale.

Xiao Zhan took a chance to slap Zhang Xuanyu away and the latter simply lay on the ground motionless.

Han Fei mocked them, “You two are cowards.
Xia Xiaochan, Blade Storm.”

With double knives in hand, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan pounced at Xiao Zhan at the same time.
The sky was full of glints of knives and clanking sounds were ceaseless.

As a hunter, Xia Xiaochan’ attacks were more violent, leaving a lot of white marks on Xiao Zhan’s body and even cutting his skin.
Han Fei assisted her on the side.
Although he also hacked Xiao Zhan many times, he failed to cut his skin.

Xiao Zhan grew impatient.
“Have you finished? It’s my turn.”

Xiao Zhan suddenly roared, and not far away, his own armor box opened.
Swords and knives were immediately all over the sky.
No one could resist his attacks.
Luo Xiaobai’s vines were smashed and she couldn’t even get close to him.

This state lasted for nearly three minutes, and Han Fei found helplessly that his clothes were torn.
Xia Xiaochan vomited blood and retreated.
She didn’t have Han Fei’s abnormal defense power.

Luo Xiaobai begged, “Han Fei, it’s time.”

Not paying attention, Han Fei shouted, “Fuse.”

When he activated the Yin-Yang Divine Eyes, Han Fei immediately turned fierce and grinned ferociously.

Han Fei and Xiao Zhan were slashing at each other head-on, and they both attacked very quickly.
But then to their shock, Xiao Zhan’s knife could not reach Han Fei at all, who dodged it at a strange angle every time.

In the distance, Old Bai narrowed his eyes.
“Forbid him to use Yin-Yang Divine Eyes in the future.”

Wenren Yu nodded.
“It’s too powerful.
Someone may covet it.”

“Yes, keep it a secret for now.
He is still too weak.”

Wenren Yu nodded.
“They’ve passed the test, haven’t they?”

Old Bai wasn’t impressed.
“They scraped through the test! They cooperated well in combat.
However, their wielding of their spiritual beasts and contractual spiritual beasts is extremely poor.”

“Hey, Han Fei, time is up,” Le Renkuang shouted.

Xia Xiaochan smoothed her hair back and said, “It’s useless to stop him now.
You have to wait for him to have enough fun.”

Zhang Xuanyu got up from the ground and exclaimed, “The Yin-Yang Divine Eyes are awesome! Mr.
Han seems unable to resist his attack.”

“Leave it to me.”

Then dozens of vines shot at Han Fei.
However, he just twisted his body a little, and with a few cold flashes, the vines all dropped to the ground.

Zhang Xuanyu shouted, “Just like I said, you won’t be able to touch him!”

Xia Xiaochan put away her daggers and stopped paying attention.
“Alright! What shall we eat today? How about hot pot?”

Le Renkuang nodded.
“I agree.
And barbecue.”

Zhang Xuanyu chuckled.
“Don’t you eat this every day?”

Xia Xiaochan had had enough.
“I’m going to the plantation to pick some spiritual fruits.”

Le Renkuang quickly followed her up.
“I’m going too.”

Half an hour later, Xia Xiaochan and Le Renkuang came back carrying a large package and found Han Fei lying on the ground looking at them.

“You brutes, I’m still fighting here but you two went to pick vegetables?”

Xia Xiaochan said indifferently, “No one asked you to continue fighting.
Look, you can’t even control your own spiritual beast.
How can you blame us?”

Han Fei: “…”

“Where is the brocade sachet?”

Luo Xiaobai raised her hand.

Xia Xiaochan quickly ran over to grab the brocade sachet and it read, “A Hundred-Game Winning Streak in the Blue Sea Arena.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “I heard that since the Blue Sea Arena has existed, only two teams have had a hundred-game winning streak.
The last time was 30 years ago, and the winner was our Thug Academy.”

Zhang Xuanyu, sitting on the trunk, sighed.
“The teacher said that this is the simplest of the six brocade sachets.
If we want to go to the fisheries, we shall complete this first.”






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