s and hidden weapons.

“Spirit Explosion Technique, explodes qi, blood, and spiritual energy to double one’s combat power for about fifteen minutes.”

“Demon-level high-quality combat skill Thousand Stars Slash, a combat skill for spirit gatherers, draws spiritual energy from between the earth and sky to inject into a knife.
Once you master this combat skill, you can split mountains and wipe out a whole city.”

“Heaven-level combat skill Deicide Fist…”

The team had read through dozens of books when Xia Xiaochan shouted, “Wait!”

Le Renkuang immediately stepped back.
“Oh my gosh! I want to choose all of them! Every book is so great.”

Zhang Xuanyu echoed, “Me too.”

Han Fei nodded.
“Yes, I don’t know which one to pick either.”

Luo Xiaobai suggested, “Choose carefully.
Every combat skill is very attractive.
But we are choosing our ‘trump card’ combat skill, so we must choose the most suitable one for ourselves.”

The others nodded and continued to check the books.

One, two… Ten…

Every book was attractive to Han Fei, but he suppressed his desire to choose them all.

“Huh? Heaven-level combat skill War God Bow is an eight-bow combat skill.
Once all the eight arrows were shot out, the enemy would die.
It’s said that it also has a ninth arrow, which can destroy the enemy’s soul.”

Han Fei’s eyes were immediately glued to this combat skill.
He always wanted to cultivate a bow technique but hadn’t had the chance.
What attracted him most was that this War God Bow can crush the soul of the enemy.
This was special! Zhang Xuanyu stood out from countless geniuses because of his soul attack.

“Good.” Han Fei began to read it.

A string of data appeared in front of his eyes.

War God Bow (Heaven-Level, Mid-Quality)

The first bow combat skill in the Thousand Star City 3000 years ago.
Once its ninth arrow is shot out, no one can resist it.
This combat skill is infinitely close to high quality.

War Soul Art


Han Fei was relieved to see this number, which was unexpectedly low.
However, unlike before, the deduced result was directly shown.

Xia Xiaochan tilted her head.
“Han Fei, have you chosen yours?”

“Oh, not yet.”

With that said, Han Fei put down the War God Bow and continued to search.

Suddenly, Le Renkuang shouted, “I found mine! Armor Art.
It’s so powerful.”

Zhang Xuanyu chimed in, “I also found mine.
Mystic Fatal Rod is very suitable for me.”

The remaining three were still rummaging, and after a while, Xia Xiaochan suddenly said, “I found one, but it’s not enough.
I need to find another one.”

“Don’t be greedy.”

Xia Xiaochan looked down.
“I know.”

Han Fei checked all the books, and in the end, stopped at a knife combat skill.
The demon-level combat skill Million Knife Art.
This was a knife-control technique.
In theory, you could control as many knives as you had.

Perhaps for others, it was difficult.
Who had the time to collect so many knives? Besides, different knives had different qualities.
In the face of powerful enemies, this combat skill might not work, for example, someone like Han Fei who had a strong defense power.

But Han Fei was different.
He had the skill of refining.
All he needed was spiritual energy and materials.
Although neither the War God Bow nor Million Knife Art could be considered a ‘trump card’ combat skill, he had the Demon Purification Pot! Who could kill him if he hid in the Demon Purification Pot?

“I’ve found mine too.
Million Knife Art is suitable for me.”

Xia Xiaochan was surprised.
“Huh? I have read it, but the demand is too high.
It needs lots of, lots of knives that must be of magic-weapon quality at least.
Otherwise, it’ll be useless to Dangling Fishers.”

Han Fei retorted, “But I’m rich!”

Everyone: “…”

“Oh, I forgot this guy was rich.”

Xia Xiaochan pouted.
Is it a big deal to be rich?! But… It seems… A big deal indeed.

Han Fei was about to leave when suddenly he caught a glimpse of a spirit-level combat skill called War Body Technique beside Million Knife Art.

Han Fei shouldn’t have noticed this book that was only of spirit level.
The others paid the most attention to heaven-level combat skills, but Han Fei thought of Mystic Body Technique.
He vaguely remembered that Mystic Body Technique was just a mortal-level, high-quality cultivation art, but it turned into Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing after being deduced.

“What a coincidence!”

Han Fei took the War Body Technique and opened it.
As soon as he looked at it, his eyes lit up.

War Body Technique, a technique of body tempering, tempers all the acupoints in one’s body with pure spiritual energy, and can gather spiritual energy from the void in combat.

“Great! This is what I’m looking for.”






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