Chapter 168 The Real Thugs


This time, the audience was surprised to find that the Thug Legend did not take the initiative to launch an attack, but stood still.

Someone said, “They are all geniuses.
This game will be wonderful!”

Someone echoed, “Yes, the other team is definitely not weak either.”

Someone said, “I have betted on the Thug Eliminator Team to win.
Since they dare to come, they must be prepared.
Have you heard of Yang Xiao? His spiritual beast is an exotic Electric Spirit Jellyfish! It is said that he will enter the top 100 list.”

“I’ve also heard of Hu Keren, her spiritual beast, Ice Flame Turtle, can breathe ice flames to freeze people into ice cubes in combat.”

From the teams of the three academies.

Next to the teacher of the First Academy, there was only a boy with an indifferent look.

The teacher asked, “What do you think of them?”

The boy replied, “Nothing.
If the Fourth Academy can’t beat Yang Xiao, they aren’t qualified to rise.”

Among the crowd, He Xiaoyu and the others were also there.

He Xiaoyu was worried.
“Can they win? Yang Xiao is very strong.”

Wang Baiyu said solemnly, “Yang Xiao is ranked 907th in the three academies.
He is very strong.”

He Xiaoyu swallowed.
“Hu Keren is my schoolmate.
I have watched her fight and she froze people into ice cubes.”

On the field.

Lin Miao took the lead to attack.
He pressed on the ground with one hand, and the ground burst.
Cyan vines wriggled around like spiritual snakes and thousands of them broke out of the ground in the blink of an eye.
Han Fei and the other four were entangled in vines and couldn’t escape.

Liu Abai cried, “Flying Fish! Dagger…”

The dagger in the hunter’s hand shot like lightning and darted at Xia Xiaochan, but the latter just leaned her head and dodged it.

Xia Xiaochan snorted.
“How dare you provoke us? Giggle…”

“Shadow Kill…”

Xia Xiaochan suddenly disappeared and a silver ray appeared in front of Sun Feiyu in an instant.

Sun Feiyu’s face changed greatly.
“She’s so fast.”


Liu Abai responded quickly, and a shield appeared immediately in front of Sun Feiyu.


The shield was punctured with a hole.
Sun Feiyu blocked with two daggers and slid back four or five meters on the ground.

But Xia Xiaochan disappeared in the vines, and Lin Miao’s face changed slightly.
“Not right! Shadow.”

Yes, Xia Xiaochan had completely turned into a shadow and appeared in front of Sun Feiyu.

“Shadow Blade…”

Shadows were everywhere and Sun Feiyu’s body was penetrated.


“So strong…”

“Sun Feiyu really shouldn’t have provoked her just now!”

Han Fei instructed, “Pull her back.
Kuangkuang, someone is showing off his armor box in front of you.”

In the midair, a fine vine gave a sharp pull and Xia Xiaochan appeared again.
Sun Feiyu, who had just been pierced, reappeared in midair and looked distressed.
He underestimated the strength of Xia Xiaochan.

Han Fei stomped, a spirit gathering circle appeared on the ground, and then a column of spiritual energy entered into Zhang Xuanyu’s body.

Zhang Xuanyu grinned.
“Wave, wave…”


Suddenly, a phantom of surging waves appeared in the air of the arena and the surging waves rushed towards the First Academy team.

The audience all held their breath.
Wow, this was the first time they saw the Thug Legend showed this ability!

Zhang Xuanyu stood at the top of the waves, piercing the void with the rod in his hand.
The sonic boom produced crashed across the entire arena.

Hu Keren’s face was solemn and she shouted, “Ice Flame Torrent.”

Next to her, Liu Abai patted his armor box and dozens of strange scales suddenly appeared in the air and he seemed to be going to help Hu Keren.

Le Renkuang shouted, “Hey, do you think I don’t exist? Let me show you what an armorist should be…..”


The armor box in Le Renkuang’s hand broke open the ground and a broadsword flew out.
In a blink of an eye, the broadsword was only about ten meters away from Liu Abai.
As the broadsword flew over, the ground was torn apart and gravels followed the broadsword and swirled.

However, in the audience’s eyes, the speed of the knife was very slow and it seemed that it would take a second to fly one meter in mid-air.

Lin Miao controlled the vines to attack the broadsword.
However, the vines were shattered before even reaching this broadsword.

The teacher from the First Academy was shocked.
“Bloodthirsty Broadsword?”

The boy beside the teacher wondered, “What is that?”

The teacher gasped.
“A born combat skill of armorists.
It appears along with the spiritual beast.
Once the broadsword comes out, it won’t return unless it drinks blood.
And it’s almost invincible before drinking blood.”

At this moment, on the waves, Zhang Xuanyu was fighting Hu Keren.
To everyone’s horror, Hu Keren’s ice flame that was said to be able to freeze people was cut in half by Zhang Xuanyu, and Hu Keren couldn’t even get close to Zhang Xuanyu.

Sun Feiyu’s face was very gloomy.
“Phantom! Doppelganger…”

Xia Xiaochan giggled.
“Doppelganger? Ok, show me! Shadowless Blade…”

In the next second, the dozens of Sun Feiyu doppelgangers were cut into pieces by the blades before they even had the time to help their companions.

The teacher from the First Academy lunged to his feet in shock.
“Shadowless blade? The blade that can split space?”

The Thug Eliminator Team was stunned.
What kind of magical combat skills are these? We’ve never seen them!

At this time, Luo Xiaobai raised her left hand and pointed at Lin Miao.
“Blue Cannibal Flower…”

The ground was shaking, petals fluttered from the sky, and a strange huge blue flower appeared on the ground like a huge lotus, which opened its mouth and swallowed Lin Miao.

Yang Xiao’s eyes turned red.
“Thunder Chain.”

As soon as he roared, a semi-curved water wall with a width of several meters curved around Yang Xiao ten meters away.

At this moment, the water wall flashed with electric currents.

Han Fei walked forward and stepped into the water wall, letting the electric currents flash on him.
Then he strode out of the water wall and the electric currents flashed between his fingers.

“Funny! Is the Electric Spirit Jellyfish comparable to the real Ninth Heaven Thunder?”

Now Yang Xiao was nothing but a spirit gatherer without any protection.
Han Fei didn’t even need to use any combat skill but just hacked at him with his double knives.


Hu Keren vomited blood but wasn’t sent flying because she was nailed to the ground by a rod piercing her belly.


In the shocked gaze of everyone, all of Liu Abai’s weapons were completely vulnerable to the Bloodthirsty Broadsword.
As fragile as paper, they were shattered and in the end, even Liu Abai’s armor box was smashed.

Liu Abai was penetrated and got on his knees.
It was unimaginable how strong this force was to have such a horrible destructive power!

No matter how many doppelgangers Sun Feiyu released, they were shattered at the very moment they appeared.
Just after several seconds, he was already covered with blood.

Yang Xiao had two knives inserted into his shoulders at the moment and Han Fei stood in front of him with a smile.
He thought that Yang Xiao, as the captain, must have special abilities, but he didn’t.
Han Fei’s fighting passion disappeared instantly.

The Blue Sea Arena, which could accommodate 50,000 people, was silent at the moment.

Xia Xiaochan withdrew her knives.
Sun Feiyu fell from the sky but no one was catching him on the ground, so he fell heavily on the ground, dripping with blood.

Hu Keren was nailed to the ground.

Liu Abai knelt on the ground, clutching his wounds and gasping for breath.

Lin Miao had passed out.

Yang Xiao lay on the ground facing up.
Electric arcs flashed in Han Fei’s hand but didn’t affect his movements at all.
He easily pulled out his double knives and wiped the blood off the knives.

At this moment, the five members of the Thug Legend looked around at the audience in the arena.



“Thugs… Thugs… Thugs…”

“Legend… Legend… Legend…”

“Invincible… Invincible…”

The whole arena went into a frenzy and countless people yelled in utter excitement.

All teachers and students from the three academies stood up.

Especially the Third Academy, the teacher who decided not to fight the Thug Legend burst into a cold sweat.
Fortunately, he made the right decision! What kind of monsters are they? Are they f*cking peak-level great anglers?

People from the Second Academy swallowed but then looked at the First Academy gloatingly.

The teacher from the First Academy clenched his fists.
Too strong! They can definitely enter the top 100 list! Is the Fourth Academy actually so strong?

The cold-looking boy said solemnly, “The second rank could not resist them.
On the 100th game, I’ll fight them in person.
And my teammates must be selected from the top 100, preferably the top 50.”

He Xiaoyu and the others were completely stunned.

They kept swallowing nervously.
Now they remembered what Luo Xiaobai said to Xia Xiaochan, “Ordinary people can’t get into our school!”




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