Rock Holding Turtle appeared under the cover of brilliant colors, Wenren Yu appeared before Han Fei and his teammates.
For some reason, the picture behind the seal became clear now.

Wenren Yu saw that Han Fei was seated on the top of a gigantic turtle, and his teammates were all looking at him dizzily.
Wenren Yu called out, “Han Fei…”

While calling him, she attacked the seal with thousands of sword grasses.

Wenren Yu was shocked.
A tablet on its back? Was it the legendary Rock Holding Turtle?

The Rock Holding Turtle, however, slowly raised its head.
“You can’t come in.
You have to wait a moment.”

Wenren Yu furrowed her brow.
A turtle that could talk must be of a high level… As she expected, her sword grasses were all blocked by the seal and couldn’t breach it.

Wenren Yu said, “Senior Rock Holder, please don’t hurt my disciples.”

The Rock Holding Turtle did not respond, only because Wenren Yu’s voice did not pass through the seal.

The Rock Holding Turtle looked at Han Fei’s team and sighed.
“I don’t know if it will be good or a curse for you, but since you set me free, you can watch the tablet on my back for an hour before you leave.”

Everybody was greatly surprised.
They had seen the huge tablet on the Rock Holding Turtle’s back, and Han Fei seemed to be reading it in fascination.
The rest of them looked at each other and immediately joined him, not caring whether or not the Rock Holding Turtle was malicious, because it could’ve killed them easily if it wanted to.

Han Fei was reading the tablet, but thanks to the Demon Purification Pot’s reminder that it must be read with the mind instead of the eyes, he simply focused his eyes on the center of the talent after discovering that the tablet was empty at the beginning.

As he concentrated on the tablet, the tablet became a black brick in his eyes.
It was like one couldn’t see anything except white if they stared at a white wall for a long time.

Han Fei vaguely sensed something different.
He saw something moving fuzzily on the tablet.
The more concentrated he was, the more fuzzy it became.
After a long time, the fuzzy picture in Han Fei’s eyes suddenly became clearer, and Han Fei found himself in the middle of a chaotic ocean instead of the back of the Rock Holding Turtle.
He saw the most dreadful tide that must’ve been hundreds of thousands of meters high.
It was the only thing that he could see.

There seemed to be a person on the top of the tide, but Han Fei couldn’t tell clearly.
The person was obscure among the tides.
Han Fei was not even sure that it was a human.
However, he saw another person who was stabbing a rod into the tides from the high sky.

Han Fei saw that the rod fell like a meteorite and it created dazzling sparks as it rubbed against the atmosphere, leading to an intimidating fiery wave.

The moment the rod touched the water, Han Fei’s heart was pounding and he could barely breathe.
A hemispherical pit was left on the shocking side by the rod, and turbulence was rising in the pit.
Even the air between the sky and the earth seemed to be shaking.

Han Fei’s head was stinging.
He felt that it was falling apart.

At this point, Han Fei’s eyes changed.
One of them was black and the other white, and they seemed to be resisting the infinite pressure.

It was at that moment that Han Fei was woken up.
He was sweating hard even though he was in water.

Han Fei felt the thirst for blood, as he had been fused with Little Black and Little White without him knowing it.
If there were enemies nearby, he would’ve gone on a killing spree.

Han Fei laid his eyes on the enormous tablet.
In his Yin-Yang Divine Eyes, patterns were surfacing on the tablet and there turned out to be a strange painting.
Han Fei didn’t know what the painting was exactly, but the painting was etched in his head.

“Huh? Yin-Yang Divine Eyes?”

The Rock Holding Turtle remarked in slight surprise.

At this point, data popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

God Scaring Painting (Venerable Level, Peerless Quality)

Note: This painting depicts the creation of the universe.
Your soul will be fortified if you meditate with it.

Drawback: None

Deduced Art: N/A

Deduction Cost: 100,000,000 Points





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