Chapter 208 Troublemaker

Xia Xiaochan and the rest of them trembled and woke up.
They were all at a loss.

Han Fei even saw devastation on their faces.
He wondered if they had also witnessed the horrifying attack with the rod from the tablet.
Han Fei had never seen such an eye-opening attack before.

The Rock Holding Turtle said grimly, “Off you go! This place will collapse, and you might be hurt.”

Han Fei and his teammates got off from the Rock Holding Turtle, and the water trembled again.
Spiritual energy was gathering, triggering some sort of tide that pushed Han Fei’s team out.

The stone walls were all cracking as if they would collapse at any point.

Luo Xiaobai’s face slightly changed.
“An energy outburst.
Let’s go!”

Zhang Xuanyu was dumbfounded.
“Where to? We’re in a maze!”

Han Fei had already started running.
“To Mr.
Turtle! It’s probably too lazy to move.
We can take shelter below it if we can’t find a way out.”

Everybody looked at Han Fei and agreed that it was a good plan.

So, they all ran crazily.
Behind them, some stone walls were cracking and some were collapsing.
Many of the poor Stone Spirit Crabs that pretended to be stones were killed before they realized what was going on.

When everybody ran to the Stone Spirit Turtle, they found that the turtle had fallen asleep again.

Le Renkuang looked perplexed.
“I… He’s sleeping again? Isn’t he too carefree?” Han Fei was about to step forward, when Luo Xiaobai said, “Wait, spiritual energy is gathering in here too.”

Everybody realized that it was true.
Just now, the spiritual energy on the Rock Holding Turtle was so intense that they didn’t notice it here.
But right now, they detected that spiritual energy was concentrating on the Stone Spirit Turtle.

A moment later, Han Fei saw sword grasses above his head.
He asked in surprise, “Master?”

The seal was declining.
Although Wenren Yu couldn’t arrive in person, her sword grasses had entered the area.

Wenren Yu said telepathically, “Get out of there.
The seal here is about to be broken.
It’s dangerous.”

While Wenren Yu was speaking, the stones on the Stone Spirit Turtle were falling, and it was covered with spiritual energy.
Zhang Xuanyu exclaimed, “It’s making a breakthrough?”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The stone walls were cracking on a large scale.
Some were even exploding, adding to the chaos of spiritual energy.
From up above, Wenren Yu said telepathically, “Find shelter.”

Han Fei said, “Let’s just hide below Mr.
Turtle’s shell.”

Right after everybody hid in the shelter, the spiritual energy completely burst out, and Han Fei absorbed the rampant spiritual energy with his Demon Purification Pot crazily.

Very soon, a shocking wave of water blasted them and turned the place upside down.
All kinds of bubbles, mud, bones, and pieces of the Stone Spirit Crabs were popping up.

Everybody clung to the Stone Spirit Turtle.
Despite its enormous size, the Stone Spirit Turtle was also slowly slipping under the blast.


Han Fei and his teammates almost vomited blood because of the deafening explosion.

“Huh? What’s going on? Why am I woken up again?”

Han Fei was speechless.
Turtle, the seal is broken.
Please protect us for a while.”

The Stone Spirit Turtle said unhurriedly, “Oh? Did you pull the rod out?”

Han Fei didn’t know what to say.
Sir, our life is at risk here, and all that you care about is that rod?

“Huh? Why have I made a breakthrough?”

The Stone Spirit Turtle was rather stunned, which made Han Fei even more speechless.
Do you really not know how much spiritual energy you’ve just absorbed?

Zhang Xuanyu said, “Han Fei, enough of the crap and absorb the spiritual energy now.
It’s the best time for cultivation.”

Han Fei asked in shock, “You’re in the mood for cultivation?”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “The more I absorb, the better.
I feel that a moment here is worth months of hard training for me.”

Luo Xiaobai scolded him, “Shut up and focus on absorbing spiritual energy and polishing your body.”

Han Fei secretly said that he had to resort to lightning strikes if he wanted to polish his body.
He’d better focus on absorbing spiritual energy for now.
After a few minutes, the waves of spiritual energy were finally gone.
When everybody opened their eyes, they found that the stone walls had collapsed to the ground, and that the Stone Forest had been reduced to rubble.

Xia Xiaochan pointed far away.
“Look, is that the Rock Holding Turtle?”

Everybody looked over and saw a gold point.
It was too far away for them to see clearly, but it was likely to be the Rock Holding Turtle.

An enormous vortex emerged before the gold light, and before everybody had a closer look, the Rock Holding Turtle dove into the vortex and disappeared.
Then, the Stone Forest was back to peace.
Everybody looked at each other in bewilderment.
What had happened? They wandered for such a long time in the maze, only to destroy the Stone Forest in the end?

At this point, the Stone Spirit Turtle said slowly, “My home is gone.”

Han Fei said guiltily, “Mr.
Turtle, I’ll lead you to your new home.”

When Han Fei was talking, Wenren Yu arrived before them.
She exclaimed when she saw the Stone Spirit Turtle, but seeing that Han Fei and his teammates were all clinging to the turtle, she knew that it must be a docile creature.

The Stone Spirit Turtle said, “Another human being?”

Wenren Yu asked, “What happened? What have you done exactly?”

Han Fei replied, “Well, we didn’t really do anything.
We simply promised Mr.
Turtle that we would find him a new home in the coral reefs.”

Wenren Yu: “???”

Wenren Yu felt like beating them up.
She thought that the trip would be a good way to teach them a lesson, but they had destroyed the Stone Forest within a day.

Furthermore, Wenren Yu had never seen a Rock Holding Turtle before either.
Amazed by the formidableness of the turtle, she wondered what Han Fei did to get such a legendary creature out.

Wenren Yu said, “Now is not the best time to talk.
Tides are raging on the surface thousands of meters high, and I’ve collected your boats.
Since you’re going to the coral reefs, you’d better go underwater.”

The Stone Spirit Turtle nudged Han Fei with its tail.
“Can you carry me there?”


Han Fei was lost for words.
Are you kidding me? Don’t you see how big you are and how small I am? Even laziness should have limits!

Wenren Yu didn’t know what to say either, and Han Fei’s teammates simply looked at him sympathetically.
This turtle is your responsibility, and nobody is helping you.

Han Fei said, “Sir, it’s just a short swim away.
More importantly, I can’t carry you!”

The Stone Spirit Turtle said, “I’m sure you can!”

Han Fei shook his head.
“No, I can’t.”

As they spoke, everybody saw that the Water Arrow Turtle swam by a thousand meters away and even glanced at them when it was close.

Han Fei said, “Sir, that’s your girlfriend that I’ve found for you.
Go chase her…”

Everyone: “???”

The Stone Spirit Turtle: “???”

The Stone Spirit Turtle was slightly tempted, but the Water Arrow Turtle had already been gone when it was dawdling.
Eventually, under Han Fei’s fancy persuasion, it finally swam to the coral reefs unhurriedly.

On the way, Wenren Yu asked, “Where did you find this turtle? Why is it so lazy?”

Everybody looked at Han Fei, and Han Fei could only manage a smile.
“We couldn’t have survived without Mr.
We should find a nest for him as our thanks.”

Wenren Yu asked, “Is it a level-forty Stone Spirit Turtle? Fine.
You can do whatever you want, but go back to the town after!”

Immediately, they were all upset.

Han Fei said earnestly, “Master, we were planning to go to the Deep-Sea Jungle!” Zhang Xuanyu seconded him.
“That’s right.
We’re looking for a second contractual spiritual beast for Xiaobai.”

Le Renkuang didn’t really care.
“I don’t think going back is the worst idea.”

Xia Xiaochan glared at him.
“Just shut up!”

Luo Xiaobai asked, “Why don’t you come with us, Master?”

Wenren Yu snapped, “Shut up, all of you! Look at all the trouble you’ve caused in the past few days! Did I send you down here for treasure hunting? Le Renkuang and Luo Xiaobai, you aren’t even capable of spiritual senses yet, and you’re following them in treasure hunting? They’re gifted, but you’re not.
Isn’t it embarrassing if they’re capable of something that you’re not?”

Luo Xiaobai blushed.
For the first time in her time, she felt that she had been left behind in cultivation.

Luo Xiaobai declared solemnly, “Master, I will not go to the ocean again until I grasp my spiritual senses.”

Wenren Yu asked, “What about you, little fatty?”

Le Renkuang looked around and said gloomily, “Me… Me neither.”





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