er tidying up the messy table, Han Fei inspected the plantation again.
He found that the wheat he planted was half missing, so were the various kinds of spiritual plants.

Han Fei shook his head with a smile.
This old guy was really a foodie! Could he plant these things in the Unknown Place? Wait! Yes, when I go to the Unknown place in the future, I can look for a plantation first.
Maybe I can find him there.

Then, Han Fei called Li Qing and Li Gan over.

The two of them were now more respectful to Han Fei.
In the past few days, they both upgraded.
Li Qing, who was originally a level-nine fisher, had become a fishing master now.
And Li Gan had upgraded from an intermediate fishing master to an advanced one.

Han Fei was lying on the recliner basking in the sun and then saw the two come in.
“Phew, you both made a breakthrough!”

Li Qing nodded.
“Thank you for your reward, Young Master.” Li Gan stuttered, “Th… Th… Tha…” Han Fei cut him off, “OK, OK, stop it…”

Han Fei said casually, “From now on, the plantation will be protected by The Fish Dragons.
Old Jiang and Jiang Qin have left the village.
This plantation is now mine.
This is now the most important place of The Fish Dragons.
If anyone dares to mess around here, go to the Blue Sea Town to tell me.
And I will come back to deal with him personally.”

Li Qing and Li Gan both looked at Han Fei in amazement.
“What? Is the plantation yours now, Young Master?”

Han Fei patted the recliner.
“Hey, hey! What is this look? Did you hear me? Here will be the most important place of The Fish Dragons.” Li Qing immediately shouted, “Yes, Young Master, no one can step in the plantation in the future.” Han Fei nodded.
“Um! Good, guard this place after I leave! I will stay here for a few days.
You can go now…” After sending away Li Qing and Han Fei, Han Fei got up from the recliner, stuck his head out of the plantation, and looked around.
When he made sure there was nobody here, he ran to the training ground in the plantation.
It was time for Nine Tails to become a real Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp.


This level-44 Spirit Absorbing Centipede’s destiny was thus decided by Han Fei.

Half an hour later.

On the training ground, Nine Tails wagged his nine tails excitedly and the tails hit the ground like iron chains.

Han Fei came up to kick him.
“Behave yourself! What, are you showing off? Did the ground do anything wrong?”

Nine tails looked at him aggrievedly, slouching its tails and lying prostrate on the ground listlessly, but his tails still hit the ground from time to time.

Han Fei was shocked.
Nine Tails’ data changed a lot.

Contractual Spiritual Beast:

Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp

A mutant Mantis Shrimp, with quick speed and strong attacking power, good at hiding itself and attacking prey.
When it has grown into its complete form, its nine tails will turn into nine divine chains, which are extremely powerful.


Legendary 1,872 Points

Omnivorous, prefers shrimp

The current state, nine tails

Han Fei was thinking about some questions.
Could his contractual spiritual beast exceed his own level? But his spiritual beast seemed not to be.

When Little Gold was created, he was still a level-26 intermediate great fishing master, but Little Gold was level-28.
Han Fei was not sure by how many levels his contractual spiritual beast could exceed him.

Han Fei found that Nine Tails’ defense power had become stronger.
His shell became shiny, like polished armor.
When Nine Tails attached to him, his strength also increased a lot, which made him only a bit weaker than that of a Dangling Fisher.
Not only that, he felt his fists became exceptionally powerful.
When he tried punching, a big hole appeared in the ground.
“Wow! My fists became as powerful as Nine Tails’ pincers!”

Han Fei blinked.
When he fought Jiang Qin before, Jiang Qin’s fists were as hard as iron and almost bulletproof.
Now his fists became similarly strong! Han Fei thought maybe he should return to school now.
He had better learn some boxing techniques, which could also become his trump card combat skills.
No one would expect a spirit gatherer to fight like a soul warrior and no one would expect a soul warrior’s best weapon was his fists!

“Han Fei…”

At this moment, Han Fei heard someone calling him.
He quickly took back Nine Tails and ran out of the plantation.





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