Chapter 269 Star Fire Pavilion

“Supreme Stab!”


A layer of spiritual crystal armor suddenly appeared on Su Yebai’s body.
With a clang, Su Yebai was sent flying backwards as he rolled on the ground more than a dozen times, and vomited a mouthful of blood.

Su Yebai was helpless! F*ck, I am just a manipulator.
How can I resist a hunter, a hunter like… Xia Xiaochan?!

Not only Su Yebai, but also Lin Shengmu, the spirit gatherer in Li Hanyi’s team, suddenly spouted blood at the same time.


“Sea Gate.”

Just when Xia Xiaochan was about to attack again, Li Hanyi suddenly roared.
A mystic light fell and changed into a gate, blocking Xia Xiaochan’s offensive attack.

“Thousand Silk Technique!”

Su Yebai took the opportunity to use his skills, and countless spider silks shot out in all directions.
The spider silks were fluorescent and full of venom.

Xia Xiaochan flashed and appeared outside of the reach of the spider silk, but also lost the last chance to hit her opponent.

At this time, Li Hanyi finally arrived.
As soon as he fell to the ground, he patted his armor box and a spear shot out through the air.

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Unfortunately, Li Hanyi was not the kind of armorist like Le Renkuang who was oriented on attacking.
He attached equal importance to offense and defense, so although the spear was very powerful, it couldn’t even touch Xia Xiaochan.

“Humph! You can dodge my attack, but what about them?”

Then, the spear, like a dragon, darted at Han Fei, who was running wildly.


The shadow of a great seal appeared, and Han Fei, who was still running, hit the spear with the Water Stirring Seal.
The spear was hit down by the huge force and fell into the lava.

Li Hanyi frowned.
Han Fei was really strong!

Less than 100 meters away, Han Fei suddenly accelerated.
At the same time, he had Nine Tails attach to him and nailed the nine chains to the steps not far away.
Han Fei jumped into the air and 20 Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers appeared beside him that cut through the sky like rain.

Li Hanyi sneered and a turtle shell appeared in front of him.
In his opinion, Han Fei’s attack was meaningless.
Serving as the captain of the team despite the fact that he was only an armorist, he was very confident about his strength.

However, Han Fei sneered in midair.
As soon as the blade turned, the spider web over the sky was cut to pieces in an instant, and Xia Xiaochan had already disappeared.

Li Hanyi yelled, “Watch out.”

Su Yebai cursed in his heart.
Damn! Why do we have to fight these people? Especially Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan.
They are simply too strong!

Three turtle shells suddenly appeared in front of Su Yebai with a thud.
At the same time, spiritual energy flashed and spiritual energy armor appeared on Su Yebai.

However, these turtle shells certainly couldn’t protect Su Yebai.
With a loud bang, a dark-green poisonous smoke emerged from the gaps of the turtle shells.

At this time, Xia Xiaochan had appeared dozens of meters away, her face pale.

Li Hanyi withdrew the turtle shells and Su Yebai, kneeling on the ground, covered his abdomen with one hand.
His spiritual energy protective cover and spiritual energy armor were both shattered, and he was drenched with blood.

And the spirit gatherer Lin Shengmu on the iron chain spouted blood again, staggering.
The spiritual energy armor on Su Yebai was his! Being repeatedly attacked, Lin Shengmu was mad.

Han Fei chuckled.
“Oh, what’s wrong with you guys? Is this all you’ve got? Why do you think you can block me just with a few turtle shells?”

Han Fei grabbed the Water Stirring Seal and rushed up.
Li Hanyi was enraged and madly threw spears at him.

But Han Fei didn’t even bother to block the spears.
Although he hadn’t recovered his former appearance yet, he was no longer a fatty now.
He jumped lightly and twisted his body into unimaginable postures.
Seeing this scene, the others on the chain were dumbfounded.

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

A spear flashed past Han Fei’s body.
When Han Fei got close, Li Hanyi had been covered with a round turtle shell shield.

Clang! Han Fei hit the shield with the Water Stirring Seal with all his strength and the sound resounded through the entire space.

But soon, Han Fei felt a huge counterforce, which bounced him away abruptly.

Li Hanyi sneered.
“Under the strongest defense, what can you do even if you double your strength?”

Han Fei squinted slightly and then shifted his gaze, only to see Su Yebai scurrying fleetingly with his six spider feet while casting countless spider threads in all directions.

Han Fei: “…”

Xia Xiaochan: “…”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Han Fei took a deep breath.
I don’t care about the counterforce! Let me try smashing it again.

Li Hanyi was stunned.
Why do you still hit my shield knowing the existence of the counterforce? Are you out of your mind?!

Li Hanyi didn’t understand that Han Fei was also outrageously sturdy in addition to his strength.
Han Fei sneered.
The counterforce is a piece of cake for me! Let’s see who will die first…


Thus, a magical scene appeared.
Han Fei hit the shield with the big seal so hard that the entire space was humming and rumbling.
In the end, Han Fei’s arm was numb and Li Hanyi who hid in the turtle shell finally broke and vomited blood.

At this time, the soul warrior, Xiang Zuozuo approached and shouted at Han Fei, “Han Fei, let’s fight.”

Han Fei grinned and said, “Li Hanyi, hand over all the Fiery Mountain Tokens you’ve got.
Otherwise, none of them will get through.”

Li Hanyi frowned and threw out a large shield, trying to block Han Fei’s path.
However, Han Fei turned and dodged it.
Holding the Water Stirring Seal, he smashed it at Xiang Zuozuo.

“Peerless Hammer!”

In the sky, the shadow of a sledgehammer tens of meters in size hit at the Water Stirring Seal.


With a muffled groan, Xiang Zuozuo was sent flying for dozens of meters, and blood oozed from her nostrils.
Han Fei also took five or six steps back, his arms numb.
He swung his hand hard.
This girl was not simple! She was so powerful that she was evenly matched with him!

Xia Xiaochan disappeared and Su Yebai’s spider threads, like winding snakes, shot out.
Each of them was full of venom.
When they got closer to Han Fei, the venom gasified.

Han Fei shouted, “Xia Xiaochan, retreat…”

By Han Fei’s side, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers danced wildly.
Carrying the regret watermark, he looked at Li Hanyi, then turned to Xiang Zuozuo, and shouted again, “I’ll go if you give me your Fiery Mountain Tokens.
Otherwise, your companions won’t make it over but my people are coming soon.”

Li Hanyi glanced at Zhang Xuanyu who was about to come over, his face all dark.
Although he was very strong, he was not able to attack like Le Renkuang.
And his means of attack were almost ineffective against Han Fei, which was the crux of the problem.
If Zhang Xuanyu and the other three had come, he would be in serious trouble.

Immediately, Li Hanyi threw dozens of Fiery Mountain Tokens towards the cliff in the middle, and threatened, “If Xia Xiaochan grabs them, I won’t let you off!”

Han Fei grinned and flew out immediately.
How is it possible for me to stop Xiang Zuozuo and the other? When the next member arrives I won’t be able to do anything!

Fortunately, Li Hanyi believed him.
Han Fei reached out and took all the 13 Fiery Mountain Tokens.
His team now had 97 Fiery Mountain Tokens.
If nothing else, they had firmly occupied the first place.

After Han Fei put away the Fiery Mountain Tokens, Xiang Zuozuo rushed to the cliff, and Zhang Xuanyu had also come over.

They did not continue to fight because the masked man who had got here while they were still fighting was watching the battle on one side.

Some people, including Kong Yunfei, also arrived and the others were on their way.
If they continued to fight, it was likely to cause a melee and they would be distracted from snatching the treasure.

When Zhang Xuanyu went ashore, he picked up his rod and looked as if ready to fight at any time.
“Damn, they’ve finally all come over.
Shall we fight them or not?”

Han Fei called out, “It’s all over.
If you had come here earlier, I wouldn’t have only snatched a dozen Fiery Mountain Tokens!”

Zhang Xuanyu was helpless.
I wanted to come earlier too! But my ability was limited, OK? I think I was fast enough.
Don’t you see that Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang are still 200 meters away?

After a while, everyone arrived.
The 12-people team only had seven people left.
Among them, one seemed to have been seriously injured.
His skin and flesh were all burnt and he looked like a piece of barbecue.
The spirit gatherer among these people was healing him.

On the other side, Lin Shengmu was also healing Su Yebai and the others.

Now they had figured out each other’s strength.
Kong Yunfei seemed to form a team with the masked man.
Anyway, the situation was deadlocked and no one moved.
Therefore, everyone turned their eyes to the front of the palace.

At the entrance to the palace, a red and gold inlaid plaque had three words: “Star Fire Pavilion”.

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