Chapter 272.
Fish Fire

They quickly went to the other palace.
Li Hanyi and his team members all frowned, having no intention to fight them.

Lin Shengmu suggested, “Something must have happened in it.
There may have been a death… The masked man and Kong Yunfei disappeared.”

Han Fei and the others were taken back and quickly looked around.
Sure enough, those two people disappeared.
Han Fei had seen the two of them when he was wandering around just now… How did they suddenly disappear?

“Did they enter the palace?”

“Were they attacked in it?”

The 12-member team, after passing the chain, only had 7 members left.
Now, there were only 5 of them.
The number of their members was decreasing sharply, so was their strength.
Now, they were already unable to compete with Han Fei’s team or Li Hanyi’s.

However, Lin Shengmu in Li Hanyi’s team said calmly, “Now is not the time for us to fight each other.
We don’t know what awaits us!”

Han Fei felt what he said sounded a bit weird.
Lin Shengmu seemed to be saying that we don’t know what dangers we will face! Let these people carve out a way for us…

Luo Xiaobai also said, “Yes, I agree.”

Li Hanyi nodded.
“Okay, let’s not fight here! If necessary, we can even work together.”

Han Fei smiled.
“No problem.
Let’s go together.
Oh, no, let them go first!”

Han Fei was even more straightforward than Lin Musheng! Li Hanyi and the others also nodded.
Isn’t it a matter of course? Sacrificial lambs should know their place!

In this world, since the Fishing Trial, the fishers were allowed to fight each other.
In the face of benefits, friendship was nothing but a joke.

The five people all turned green and looked at Han Fei angrily.

Han Fei shrugged.
“Don’t stare at me.
If you don’t show us your value, we would have already killed you now.
Even if we don’t kill you, but just grab your tokens, could you get out?”

Among the five, one took a breath.
“Okay! We’ll go in first.”

After the five people entered, Han Fei asked with a smile, “Hey! Kong Yunfei is ranked sixth, so where are the first place and the fifth? Don’t you know these two people? And what about the ninth and the tenth? Have you ever met them?”

The 4 of the top 10 students of the three major academies were not here.
There must be a problem! Were they so weak as to not even be able to get here? He didn’t believe it!

Xiang Zuozuo said disdainfully, “The tenth, Zhang Yue was killed by me.”

Lin Shengmu smiled.
“I saw Cao Yuan, the ninth one, in the periphery.
However, he belongs to the Third Academy and does not have a suitable team.
I don’t think he can survive the whitebait school.
Therefore, it makes sense that he is absent.”

Han Fei nodded.
So there was only the first place and the fifth left.
Han Fei suspected that the masked man was the first place student.

At this time, Li Hanyi said, “The fifth place, Qin Wuyin, is very strong.
He is a powerful hunter but not from our First Academy.
I’ve never seen him before.
If I’ve guessed right, he should be among the five people just now.”

They weren’t in a hurry to get in as they chatted casually.
Han Fei knew too little about the other three academies, and these people were the best students in them who certainly knew a lot about their schools.

Han Fei asked, “Have you ever been in the level-three fishery?”

“How big is the level-three fishery?”

“Which creatures are there in the sea there?”

“Do you know anything about the Unknown Place?”

“You all seem to have spiritual weapons.
Where did you get them? Did you buy them?”

Han Fei blasted out a bunch of questions like a machine gun.
Xiang Zuozuo finally couldn’t help but ask, “Hey! Do we know you? We’ll still be enemies when we get out of here!”

Han Fei smiled.
“Why are you so angry? I just asked you guys a few questions, okay?”

Le Renkuang nodded.
“Yes, yes.”

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “Hey! Xiang Zuozuo, do you like hot pot? May I invite you to hot pot?”


Zhang Xuanyu suddenly stumbled.
Someone kicked his butt.
He looked back, only to see Xia Xiaochan squinting at him.
“Don’t disgrace us.”

Xiang Zuozuo felt as though her brain was about to explode.
Are none of these guys normal? Yes, only Luo Xiaobai is normal.
Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu are really annoying!

At this moment, a column of spiritual energy suddenly shot up into the sky from the palace.
They exchanged a glance.
“Let’s get in.”

With a twinkle, spiritual energy burst out of the palace.
They rushed in immediately.


But as soon as Han Fei stepped into the palace, darkness came over his eyes and he seemed to step into another space, and the people around him were gone.

“Shit… Not again!”

Han Fei was helpless.
When they just entered the Fiery Mountain, he was transferred to some unknown place alone.
Now, it was happening again.

Han Fei looked around the interior of the palace.
It was dim and a crocodile-like big fish was lying on all fours in the middle of the palace, facing the door… Oh no, there is no door here.
It was facing him.

In the palace, there were also seaweed carving decorations all over, and eight stone pillars extended to the domed ceiling.
But when Han Fei looked up, he found that it was not a ceiling but a starry sky.
What? Starry sky?! How can there be a starry sky on the seabed?

So the flashing things above his head were definitely not stars.
But the point was, where did these stone pillars lead?

Han Fei turned around and slashed at the carved wooden board behind him.
However, the air rippled and his knife was bounced back.

“Huh? Strange.”

He stepped forward and got close to the big crocodile.

However, Han Fei immediately discovered that this was not a crocodile but a stone sculpture with six feet, raised barbs on its back, and bright red scales.

“There is only one fish in such a big room? It’s weird…”

Han Fei took out the Water Stirring Seal and knocked it on the stone fish with a clang.
However, a terrifying force immediately burst out from the stone fish, and he saw a tail sweeping over.


Han Fei was hit flying by the tail and he slammed heavily against the wall.

“F*ck… Is it alive?”

Han Fei widened his eyes, only to see that the fish cracked all over, then its body glowed with red light and its eyes were filled with flames.
The flame spread from its eyes to its body and burned all over its body.

“Huh? No data.
Is this thing still a stone?” Han Fei swung the big seal at it again.
The shadow tens of meters high almost covered this big fish.
However, when the seal pressed down, it began to burn too.
“What’s this?”

Han Fei quickly took back the Water Stirring Seal.
But then, the flame had spread from the seal to him and his body started to burn.
The high temperature of thousands of degrees celsius burned him badly


Han Fei hurriedly covered his body with a spiritual energy protective cover, but the big fish that was thrown out still rushed over.
However, what surprised Han Fei was that this big fish was one third smaller.

When Han Fei wanted to attack again, the big fish turned into a flame and pounced on him.

Han Fei was stunned.
If this was a real fish, even if its level was high, he wouldn’t be afraid to fight it.
But, it was a stone fish that turned into a flame and attached to him!

Although the temperature of the fire seemed only thousands of degrees celsius just now, now he felt as if he were in volcanic magma.

His spiritual energy protective cover was burnt out in less than a minute.
Han Fei hurriedly used the Water Control Technique, trying to grab some water from the air.
But to his surprise, he only grabbed less than a basin of water from such a large space.
More frustratingly, the water immediately evaporated as soon as he condensed it.

Han Fei tried to condense water again, but the temperature was too high, and he had to cover his body with a spiritual energy protective cover again.








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