Chapter 294 Map of the Level- Three Fishery

When Han Fei returned to the Thug Academy, he found that the plantation was quite lively.

When he was still far away, he heard Zhang Xuanyu shouting, “Bomb!”

Then, Le Renkuang shouted too, “Jokers!”

Han Fei and his teammates: “???” They entered the plantation, only to see Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang playing poker with two girls.
Han Fei recognized one of the girls to be Hu Keren, whom Zhang Xuanyu had taken away earlier.

At this point, their faces were covered with tree leaves.
There was nothing but two eyeballs left on Le Renkuang’s face.

Han Fei coughed and said, “Zhang Xuanyu, what are you doing here?” The players turned around and were surprised to see Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan.
They immediately rose.

Zhang Xuanyu hurried to greet them.
“Han Fei, you’re back.
How was your trip?”

While speaking, Zhang Xuanyu observed Han Fei up and down.
He was truly surprised.

Near the table, Hu Keren and the other girl blushed.
“We should go back for training.” Then, both girls ran past Han Fei and slipped off.

Zhang Xuanyu asked with a big smile, “You’re both Dangling Fishers now? Tsk, tsk… Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan are great fishing masters too… It seems that the Thug Academy is even more powerful now.”

Le Renkuang snorted and cleaned the leaves on his face.
“You’re finally back.
I don’t want to play poker ever again.” Xia Xiaochan asked, “Who are the two girls?”

Zhang Xuanyu waved his hand quickly and said, “They’re just poker friends…”

Han Fei whispered to him telepathically, Poker friends? Is the other girl also your…

Zhang Xuanyu immediately replied, “What are you talking about? Do I look like an uncommitted man? We’re just poker friends…”

Gloomily, Han Fei ignored Zhang Xuanyu and looked at Le Renkuang.
“Have you made breakthroughs too? Why are you both playing poker here?”

Le Renkuang mumbled, “We were just waiting for you… We had a breakthrough three days ago.
After I just stabilized myself yesterday, this jerk asked me to play poker with him.”

Zhang Xuanyu laid his hands on Le Renkuang’s shoulder and said, “This is just a recreation, okay? You can’t spend all your time in training, or you’ll go crazy.” Han Fei turned around and said, “Okay! Just keep playing your poker.
I’m heading back.”

Xia Xiaochan glared at Zhang Xuanyu, who became a Dangling Fisher earlier than she did despite his laziness.
She didn’t know what to say.
Le Renkuang shouted behind them, “Hey, I’m coming! Han Fei, did you catch any fresh seafood? I’ll give you a hand tonight.
Let’s make a decent meal.”

In the evening, everybody was gathered at the dinner table.

Observing Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan, Wenren Yu asked, “Qu Jinnan, is your body hard enough?”

Qu Jinnan replied respectfully, “Madam, Senior Brother Han Fei says that it’s acceptable now.”

Han Fei raised his head.
“He’s stronger than general peak fishing masters, but he’s not as good as the experts who focus on body hardness.”

Xiao Zhan hummed and said, “Jinnan’s foundation is too weak.
He can only make up for it slowly and have more exercises as a great fishing master.
It won’t be a problem later.
On the other hand, when are you going to the level-three fishery?”

Han Fei blinked his eyes.
“Sir, can you help fix my boat? My boat is almost falling apart after being smashed last time…” At this point, Old Bai sneered and said, “Go buy what you need in the Linglong Tower.
Don’t let the money that The Fish Dragons earn rot.”

Han Fei shrugged.
What good stuff could he possibly buy from the Linglong Tower?

Le Renkuang asked, “Mr.
President, are we going to stay in the level-three fishery for a whole year? Will there be any holiday?”


Old Bai nearly choked himself.
He said angrily, “Holiday? You’re not allowed to return in the next year.”

Han Fei asked further, “But can you tell us more details about the level-three fishery, Mr.

Old Bai grimaced.
“You can consult Xiao Zhan for the details.
The level-three fishery is a good place to grow up.
No teachers will protect you there.
If you can survive it, you will be basically qualified to graduate, but if you can’t, hehe…”

Everybody was grave.
Each of the first three brocade sachets was more difficult than the last.

As for this one, although they had been asked to spend one year farming, it was actually meant for them to consolidate themselves.
As a result, they were in their best state after they became Dangling Fishers.

The key of the fourth brocade sachet, or the so-called “level-three fishery”, was a nightmare for regular great fishing masters! The level-three fishery couldn’t be simple.
At first, everybody thought that they could traverse the level-two fishery easily, but it was much more dangerous than they expected.

Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan listened in silence, unable to say anything.
But they were secretly shocked.
Ever since they were admitted, they had found that the higher level one was, the more difficult it would be to improve, and the higher the demand on spiritual energy would be…

They looked at each other in shock.
At this point, they could only fight the common or rare creatures in the level-two fishery together.
But what about Han Fei’s team? They only came here a year earlier, but they were already going to explore the level-three fishery…


Their progress was astonishingly fast!

At night, Han Fei didn’t discuss the plan in the level-three fishery with his teammates.
He was in need of the fourth level of the True Spirit Fishing Art.
Having failed to find it in the library, he could only ask for it from the president.

But when he was some distance from the library, Han Fei saw Old Bai, Xiao Zhan and Wenren Yu entering the library together.
“Huh? Why are these three together?” Han Fei was slightly surprised.
Generally speaking, Old Bai would sleep in the library, Xiao Zhan would be in his cabin, and Wenren Yu was usually nowhere to be seen.
It was rare that they had a meeting like this late at night.
Did they have a secret?

Immediately, Han Fei cast a Breath Concealing Array on himself.
It was the first time that he had used it, but he was not worried that he might be seen through.
After all, the worst he could expect was to be thrown out.

Han Fei quietly followed them and hid in a corner of the library like a thief.

Voices were spreading out of the library.

Xiao Zhan said, “Old Bai, those students are going to the level-three fishery.
Are we giving them the map or not?”

Wenren Yu immediately gave a negative answer.
The level-three fishery is much more vast and dangerous than the level-two fishery, and our map has marked all the possible treasure troves on the map.
If we really give them the map, what if they explore the treasure troves without any consideration for their own safety?”

Xiao Zhan disagreed with her.
“However, no cultivator can make a name without the treasures they find by luck.
We’re no exceptions, are we? We can’t be as strong as we are if we hadn’t explored the dangerous places.”

Wenren Yu said, “But some of the places on the map are too dangerous for them.
It’s downright stupid if you try something that you can’t accomplish! Do you not know that all of them, including Luo Xiaobai, can be very hotheaded and reckless?”

Han Fei secretly mumbled to himself, Are you implying that we’re stupid, Mrs.
Wenren? That’s unfair!

Old Bai, however, interrupted them.
“Stop fighting.
The level-three fishery is a place where all the young geniuses of the 36 towns and even the Thousand Star City gain experience.
Too many Dangling Fishers are out there.
Let’s not give them the map and ask them to fight the Heavenly Talents of other towns first.
Besides, there are too many dangerous places.
Do you really think they wouldn’t encounter any?”

Han Fei swallowed hard in the dark.
Earlier, Ren Tianfei had left him a map, but the map was very complicated and only had one mark where he had hidden his treasures.
There were no other marks at all…

If he could acquire Old Bai’s map and check it against the map he had, wouldn’t it be easy for him to find the place where Ren Tianfei hid the treasures?

Han Fei was overjoyed by the thought of that.
He was determined to get the map.

He was not scared of the dangers in the level-three fishery, not when Ren Tianfei’s treasures were waiting for him to unearth.

Of the thousands of treasure troves, one solely belonged to Han Fei.
He smiled so hard that he wondered if he could fall asleep tonight…

Han Fei immediately set Little Black and Little White free.

Han Fei said, “Little Black, see where the map is kept… Don’t make any mistakes!”

At this point, Xiao Zhan and Wenren Yu had agreed with Old Bai that they would not give Han Fei the map.
Both of them left the library.

None of them seemed to have noticed Han Fei, which made Han Fei rather proud of the array that he had learned.

A moment later, Old Bai left the library too, and Han Fei’s eyes glittered, knowing that it was his time.

Wasting no time, Han Fei immediately stole the map.

Little did he know that Old Bai, Xiao Zhan and Wenren Yu were standing on a tree a thousand meters away facing the library.
Xiao Zhan asked, “Old Bai, did you hide it too well? Let’s hope that the boy doesn’t miss it!”

Wenren Yu said, “Han Fei can’t be that stupid.
If he can’t find a map, can we really trust them to explore the level-three fishery?”

old Bai chuckled.
“That boy is rather clever, but his Breath Concealing Array is truly lousy.
It’s not half as intricate as his Spirit Gathering Array.”

Very soon, Han Fei came out with a map.
He even kissed it.
There was no telling how he would react when he learned that he was actually tricked.

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