Chapter 300 Be Tricked

On the sea, the atmosphere between the two fishing boats was a bit strange.
As the breeze blew gently across the sea, the two sides stood facing each other.

Being outnumbered, Han Fei was not afraid at all.
He wanted to get some information about the level-three fishery from the other side.

The four on the ghost boat were hesitating.
By right, they should retreat immediately if their attack failed.
This was the iron law of the level-three fishery.

However, Han Fei was alone but had dozens of spiritual weapons, which they really coveted.
Since they had an advantage in numbers, they were reluctant to give up their prey.

Seeing that the other party didn’t speak, Han Fei asked again, “Why don’t you speak?”

There was a moment of silence on the other side, and the spear-bearing man said, “Brat, you are very strong, but unfortunately, you are alone.
We can let you go but you’ve gotta hand over 10 spiritual weapons.”


Han Fei laughed out loud.
“Haha… Sorry, I can’t hold back… Did you ask me to hand over 10 spiritual weapons to you?”

The man frowned.
This boy is too arrogant! Does he have some sort of trump card or what?

The burly man with the hammer snorted.
“You are only one person.
Once your spiritual energy is exhausted, how can you survive the level-three fishery? Be smart! Hand them over.”

Han Fei grinned.
“Do you really run a ghost boat? Did I come to the wrong place? It’s said that people who run a ghost boat are extremely dangerous but why are you so goofy?” The faces of all four of them changed slightly.
How dare this brat!

The hunter said to his teammates via voice transmission, Don’t underestimate him.
This guy is very strong.
He must be a strong soul warrior from some town.

The female manipulator behind also transmitted her voice, His contractual spiritual beast is also very powerful, with strong combat and control powers.

The spear-bearing man said expressionlessly, Let’s retreat.
Wait for another chance.

The four of them chose to leave temporarily.
In a place like the level-three fishery, what mattered most was not age but strength.

Many people didn’t understand this rule, so they died here.

There was even a law here, which was that the younger a fisher was, the stronger they were.
Those who could come to the level-three fishery at a young age must be exceptionally strong.
Once confronted by such a character, the consequences would be terrible.


Han Fei had prepared to confront them a bit longer, but their fishing boat disappeared instantly.
The four of them plunged into the sea almost at the same time and ran away.

“Shit, cowards!”

Han Fei certainly wouldn’t just let them go.
How could he let them come and go so freely? So he also put away the fishing boat and plunged directly into the sea.

These people were only Dangling Fishers.
If these people could jump into the water of the level-three fishery, so could he.

Under the sea, Han Fei was surprised.
He was only a second behind them, but they had already swam away hundreds of meters.


Han Fei activated the Shadow Swimming Art and chased after them.
What makes you think you can just run away after sneak attacking me?

Han Fei’s speed was very fast.
It could be said that even Zhang Xuanyu, who got the Golden Water Silkworm, could only match Han Fei in speed.
Of course, he couldn’t be compared with Xia Xiaochan who was a hunter.

Han Fei didn’t need Little Gold to attach to him.
He swam casually in the sea and even had time to avoid some fishes pouncing on him.

Ahead, the four people were nervous.
How did he catch up? We don’t want to fight you! Come on, give us some face!

Han Fei transmitted his voice to them, Don’t run! I still have a lot of questions to ask you! How can you just leave your customers behind?

The four people were speechless.
Shit, who the f*ck is this guy? We’re really unlucky to have run into him!

Han Fei continued, Hey! I can let you go, but can you answer a few questions for me? Do you know where the Abyssal Chasm is?

Han Fei just wanted to ask them some questions.
After all, these guys were not weak and it would not be easy to kill them.

However, when they heard “Abyssal Chasm”, they suddenly accelerated and started escaping desperately.
Han Fei was stunned.
Did I say something wrong?

To Han Fei’s surprise, he found that the four of them had started running separately.
Was he so scary?

However, without any hesitation, Han Fei began to chase the female manipulator.
The reason was simple.
Manipulators were relatively weak! If he had to choose one to fight from his classmates, he would certainly choose Luo Xiaobai.
So, his choice was simple

After chasing her for dozens of kilometers, Han Fei was about to catch up with her but suddenly found that the manipulator had led him to run into a school of fish.

A string of data flashed in front of Han Fei’s eyes and he was speechless.
Is this woman looking for death?

Spiked Armor Fish A common fish, having hard armor, having three spikes on the back, which can be freely retracted or issued and can be used for refining.


512 Points

Long-term consumption can enhance Qi and blood

Mystic Spike

Han Fei sent her a message through a voice transmission, Hey, don’t court death! I’m not going to kill you, OK? I really just want to ask you a few questions…

But the woman suddenly disappeared with a swish.


Han Fei was speechless.
I’ve been tricked! Bastard! This woman set me a trap! She must have some mysterious way of escape, so this school of fish is prepared for me.


Han Fei bumped into the school of Spiked Armor Fish.

In an instant, thousands of black spikes like steel cones darted at Han Fei.

At that moment, Han Fei felt as if tens of thousands of Iron-Headed Fish were galloping in his mind.
There were so many traps in the level-three fishery!

“Blade Storm.”

Han Fei immediately held two daggers, surrounded by dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers on his side, and he formed a small storm in the Spiked Armor Fish school, drilling a channel out forcibly.

But even so, there were still countless sharp spikes hitting Han Fei’s body.
Although they couldn’t break his defense, it really hurt!

Half an hour later, Han Fei finally ran out of this school of fish, and his body was all black and blue.

At this moment, the female manipulator had already escaped.

Han Fei gnashed his teeth.
“Good, very good! Don’t let me see you again! Otherwise, I’ll kill you all.”

Han Fei’s body gradually became translucent.
Although the half-stealth effect of the Mist Hidden Grass was not perfect, with it, he could at least avoid nearly half of the fish in the sea.

Han Fei was not in a hurry to return to the sea surface.
Now that he had been here, he would stay here a little longer.
Anyway, this was his first time in the level-three fishery.
He wanted to know more about it.

When Han Fei dove about 500 meters deep, a few black shadows darted at him with a swish in the gloomy water.
Han Fei chopped at them with a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger.
However, with a shrill, muffled collision sound, he was knocked flying.

“Huh? What a strong force!”

Han Fei’s eyes widened when another black shadow pounced at him, which was almost merged with the darkness.

Anti-Heaven Blade

Its whole body is pitch-black with blades on it, which are extremely sharp.
It has a very low sense of presence, with a special skill, Rolling Blade.



1,064 Points Enhance physical fitness and strengthen the hardness of one’s spiritual energy protective cover.

Rolling Blade

Han Fei was shocked.
Could the hardness of a spiritual energy protective cover be strengthened by eating fish?

Looking at the Anti-Heaven Blade Fish that continued to dash at him with rolling blades, Han Fei immediately filled the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger with spiritual energy, which instantly gave a dazzling glow.
Rip… Crack…

With blade breaking sounds, the Anti-Heaven Blade Fish was chopped into two pieces by Han Fei.

Han Fei grabbed it and threw it into Forge the Universe.

Not far away, when the other Anti-Heaven Blades saw this scene, they suddenly turned around and fled.

Han Fei was speechless.
Are the fish here all that smart? Your companion was killed by me! Don’t you have any desire for revenge?

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