Chapter 301 Mess Swallowing Worms

The Anti-Heaven Blade, as a fish, were similar to the Blade Fish in the regular fishery, except that they were more mysterious.
They lived in the water below five hundred meters and preferred darkness.
It was difficult to spot them in the water since they were dark themselves.

Han Fei kept descending.
Up to this point, he had seen a dozen types of creatures, most of which fled the moment they saw Han Fei.
He hadn’t even reached the bottom yet.

In the ocean, the most dangerous place was not the water but the bottom of it, which was full of pebbles and sand, making it hard to tell where enemies were hiding.

On his way down, Han Fei killed another two Anti-Heaven Blade before he landed on the bottom.

When he was only a dozen meters from the bottom, he looked around in shock.

He did not perceive the environment with his mind, which could only cover 250 meters.
His eyes could see much further.

He saw a tremendous reef as well as the debris of a shipwreck not far away.
Apart from that, was that blue coral at the bottom of the sea?

He was certain that it was definitely coral, except that they were dimmer than usual.
Perhaps because the water was too deep, and perhaps for other reasons, the coral was almost a unique color, which felt dim and suffocating overall.

Since there was a huge reef there was naturally a lot of seaweed.
They were somewhat scattered, but they had occupied many corners in clusters.

From the blue glittering sea anemones, countless tentacles were floating in the seawater and capturing the plankton nearby like straws.

Suddenly, Han Fei’s attention was attracted to a long bone that was floating above the sea anemones.

White Bone Fish

This is a transparent fish that feeds on sea anemones.
Its bone can break a magic weapon when it’s under threat.




It can increase one’s health if it’s eaten over a long period of time.

White Bones

Han Fei was not really scared.
He didn’t think that a vegetarian fish would attack him voluntarily.

As he expected, the White Bone Fish slowly backed off into the darkness.

But soon after the White Bone Fish backed off, Han Fei glanced aside at an empty area where countless spots of light were flickering.

“Fallen Leaf Starfish?”

Han Fei was secretly relieved.
They were starfish that could flash like Xia Xiaochan.
It seemed to be their naturally-endowed ability.

The Fallen Leaf Starfish were a type of nomadic starship.
They did not like to stay in one place for long, and their food was mostly plankton, which was the reason why Han Fei was not worried, or it would be quite creepy when so many starfish floated by.

It was because the Fallen Leaf Starfish had a remote relative named Dry Leaf Starfish, which also lived in the level-three fishery.

The Dry Leaf Starfish were the most dreadful creatures in the level-three fishery.
They were small and nonfatal, but when they were stuck to humans, they would absorb the victims’ vitality and make them grow old quickly.

Of course, humans were not the Dry Leaf Starfish’s only victims.
Most creatures in the level-three fishery would rather keep a distance from the Dry Leaf Starfish, except a fish named Scavenger, which was their natural enemy.

In his half-stealth state, Han Fei waited for the Fallen Leaf Starfish to pass.
Now and then, a couple of the fish crashed into him and stuck to him.

Having no choice, Han Fei could only go to the bottom of the ocean, or he would be covered with the Fallen Leaf Starfish soon.


However, when Han Fei was about to approach the bottom of the ocean, a long worm jumped out of the stones, giving Han Fei quite a surprise.


At that moment, Han Fei only had the time to activate his spiritual energy protective cover, but it didn’t seem to be very effective in the level-three fishery.
It fell apart after taking only one attack

Han Fei’s feet were grabbed by the long worm, which dragged him into the soil.
“Damn it.
What’s this thing?”

Darting out the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers and grabbing the Snow Silver Rod, Han Fei stabbed the soil hard.

However, the long worm was still waving and trying to tear apart Han Fei before dragging him into its cave.

Han Fei lowered his head, only to nearly pee his pants when he saw the disgusting creature.

He discovered, to his shock, that this creature did not have a head.
Or rather, this creature’s head was in its stomach, and it did not reveal its head until it attacked him just now.
Han Fei only recognized that it was a head because he saw the circle of wrinkles around the head.

Of course, this worm was dreadful not just for that.
Han Fei’s legs had already been swallowed.
He sensed that many tentacles were trying to penetrate through his skin.

His body that he had always been proud of seemed to be pierced.
He was greatly frightened.

“Damn it.
Is the level-three fishery so dangerous?” He immediately unleashed thirty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers to cut whatever had tied his legs up.
Finally, he plucked his legs out and flew dozens of meters away from the big worm.

It was not until this point that Han Fei finally had time to check this worm’s information.

Mess Swallowing Worm

This is an omnivorous worm that will feed on its own kind when it is lacking food.
It usually hides in the sand and can be thirty meters long when it matures.
There are sharp hooks and circles of blades in its body.
It also has Swallowed Pearls that can increase your speed when eaten.



1,316 Points


Swallowed Pearls

Han Fei’s eyes bulged after he read the introduction.
This worm was thirty meters long?

He immediately summoned the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and dragged the body of the Mess Swallowing Worm out.
The more he dragged, the more shocked he was.
This worm turned out to be more than thirty meters long, which made Han Fei shiver.

“Sweet mother of god…”

Han Fei swallowed and finally had a closer look at the Mess Swallowing Worm.
It was almost thirty meters long and half a meter wide.
Its body was divided into countless sections, and there was a joint after every two centimeters, which made it even more disgusting than centipedes.

Han Fei was reminded of the Bobbits, the weird predators at the bottom of the ocean.

It was said that a guy kept fish in a tank at home, but after a while, he found that the fish and coral in the tank reduced.

Then, after days and nights of observation, he finally caught the lurking Bobbit, which hid itself well and attacked quickly, almost never missing its target.
More importantly, the Bobbits could be two or three meters long.
That was quite a frightening size for a worm.

At this point, this Mess Swallowing Worm was multiple times more ferocious than a Bobbit to Han Fei.
It was almost an enlarged and strengthened version of the Bobbit.

Han Fei cut the armor of the Mess Swallowing Worm and cracked its joints behind its skin.

He did not kick the Mess Swallowing Worm away until he found a black ball.

“You son of a bi*ch, you dare to eat me? You think you’re awesome because you have a big mouth?”

Han Fei cleaned the black ball and swallowed it since it could increase his speed.
If he had a lot of Swallowed Pearls, it was possible that his speed would be further improved.

After almost being dragged into a cave by the Mess Swallowing Worm, Han Fei dare not stay near the bottom anymore but floated dozens of meters above the seabed.

He scanned with his mind and found eight Mess Swallowing Worms lurking within 250 meters.
It was quite a surprise for him.

Apart from the Mess Swallowing Worms, he even found many Fearful Shrimps, Demon Eating Conchs, and other creatures in the sand.

Gloomily, Han Fei said, “Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, go haul those Mess Swallowing Worms out for me.
I’m going to have their pearls today.”

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