Chapter 307 Enchantment

Han Fei weighed the Water Dividing Seal in his hand.
He now had the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers and the Water Dividing Seal.
If he grew stronger, he would probably be able to use that mysterious rod too.

Thinking about that, Han Fei thought that he had reached a new peak in terms of equipment, and he was confident to go to any regular place in the level-three fishery.

He looked at the Demon Purification Pot again, but the words were still vague although they seemed to be popping up.
It was definitely a new function.
Han Fei decided to look for more spiritual fruits.

He had a whole year to explore the dragon boats and the treasure troves.
So, it was more important for him to improve his capabilities comprehensively.
It would be better if he could find another spiritual spring and finish the deduction of the fourth level of Void Fishing.

He searched the place again and found no other treasures.
He finally let go and decided to leave, but then he thought of something and returned to the wall.

With the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, he carved on the wall quickly and soon created the image of a man in a weird posture.

Han Fei looked at his masterpiece in satisfaction.
It was the first treasure trove he explored, so he would leave the first posture of the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies.
It would be his gift for future explorers.
After he explored 108 treasure troves, he would leave the 108 postures in the technique, and someone would collect all of them someday.

By then, he could leave a map on the 108th treasure trove he visited and call himself a master like Ren Tianfei did.

Han Fei had a strong sense of achievement when he thought about that.
He wondered how strong he would be by then.

After that was done, Han Fei finally left the place.
He looked around but didn’t see Yang Ruoyun.
Then, he summoned Little White, Little Gold, and Little Black and continued his search for spiritual fruits.

Seven days passed.

Han Fei did not look for the dangerous places specifically.
Instead, he searched the ordinary places, because he thought that the dangerous places that had spiritual fruits would be too crowded.

During the seven days, Han Fei did not run into any dangerous place, except for a pit of snakes where he found a Hundred Poison Fruit.

As for the Hundred Poison Fruit, it was an antidote spiritual fruit that was much more advanced than the Exotic Poisonous Fruit.
It could resist mystic-level poisons.
It was not exactly a treasure but still better than nothing, as too many creatures in the ocean were poisonous.

He could buy the spiritual fruits that could increase his poison resistance, but they were very expensive.
Now that he encountered one, there was no reason to give it up.

At this moment, after killing a rare Red-Haired Crab protector, Han Fei picked a spiritual fruit and put it in his mouth.

It was the sixteenth spiritual fruit that Han Fei had found during the last seven days.
Nobody else in the level-three fishery was better at looking for spiritual fruits than he was.

The moment he devoured the spiritual fruit, Han Fei sensed excruciating pain on his wrist.
Delighted, he closed his eyes.

As he expected, a big word popped up from the dark chaos.


Han Fei was briefly stunned.
He had seen this word too many times.
It was in the tag of every spiritual weapon he saw.

Something was instilled into his head.
Enchantment was a way to enliven a spiritual weapon, or in other words, it was a way to add spirits to spiritual weapons.

Han Fei was overjoyed.
He had known that the spiritual weapons had spirits, but he never knew how to add spirits to them.

He even looked for the information in the school library, but it contained few books on refining.
Most graduates of the Thug Academy were fans of fighting instead of refining.
It was not unusual that they left few tricks on refining behind.

as a

At this time, Han Fei realized that the Demon Purification Pot could inject the soul of fish into weapons.
A few days earlier, the Wind Sword he drew in the treasure trove was a mid-quality spiritual weapon because the soul of an Anti-Heaven Blade was injected into it.
It was also why the sword appeared intelligent.

At this point, the function of Enchantment was a pleasant surprise.
Han Fei didn’t know that he could unlock such an awesome ability after only a few days.

In the meantime, Han Fei had been notified that it required a million points of spiritual energy to activate the function.


Han Fei was lost for words.
Earlier, it only cost him ten thousand, or maybe five thousand, points of spiritual energy to activate Forge the Universe.
Why did Enchantment require a million? That was a hundred times more!

However, what Han Fei did not know was that, although there were many refiners, few of them could seal spirits into weapons.
Although it seemed natural to endow spirits to spiritual weapons, it was actually not as easy as it looked, and achieving that function demanded a high price.

However, Han Fei did not consider it a big deal anymore after the initial surprise.

He had collected more than a million points of spiritual energy from the spiritual fruits he found in the past days.
So, he had enough spiritual energy to spend.


Han Fei saw that the calabash appeared in his palm, and tremendous spiritual energy was absorbed by the calabash

It was not until an hour later that the calabash was finally back to peace.
Then, it became a tattoo on Han Fei’s wrist again.

Han Fei, on the other hand, cast his fishing pole and captured an Anti-Heaven Blade.

He then threw a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger and an Anti-Heaven Blade into the Demon Purification Pot.


A moment later, Han Fei found that his spiritual energy was reduced by fifty thousand points.

Immediately, his heart became heavy.
It only took him fifty thousand points of spiritual energy to forge a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger, but the Enchantment on a dagger cost the same price?

Naturally, the level of this Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger had changed.

Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger

Made of the bones of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon, this blade is extremely cold and can freeze the enemy if it cuts into the enemy’s body.

Mid-Quality Spiritual Weapon Anti-Heaven Blade (Resettable)

Han Fei realized that it was not a bad deal.
The Water Dividing Seal cost tremendous materials and spiritual energy, but it was still a high-quality spiritual weapon, but the level of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger was increased when an Anti-Heaven Blade was enchanted to it.
That was definitely a bargain.

He instantly threw the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger out at a Mess Swallowing Worm that was hiding in the sand.
To his surprise, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger seemed to be two daggers.

“Huh? It’s indeed much more powerful than before!”

Han Fei did not kill the Mess Swallowing Worm.
He merely weakened it and reset the Enchantment with the worm.

A moment later, he spent another eighty thousand points of spiritual energy on the weapon.
Its quality remained the same, and its Enchantment became the Mess Swallowing Worm.

This time, when Han Fei controlled the dagger, he found that it was no longer in double.
Instead, its explosive power was much higher than before.

If the speed of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger was 100 earlier, it was now 200 at this point.
That growth was horrifying.

Greatly shocked, Han Fei had new conclusions.

Firstly, the spiritual energy required for Enchantment was different when different creatures were enchanted.

Secondly, the weapon would boast part of the features of the creatures that were enchanted to the weapon.

After the experiments, Han Fei had a plan.

The Water Dividing Seal was heavy and ferocious.
Then, theoretically speaking, it could be even heavier if it was enchanted with a gigantic tortoise.

The Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, on the other hand, were cold and fast.
Then, he should find creatures with similar features to build up those weapons.
But Han Fei did not hunt the Mess Swallowing Worms for Enchantment immediately.
Although the Mess Swallowing Worms were quite useful, their consumption was huge too.
His spiritual energy would be used up before he enchanted the hundred daggers.

To increase his combat ability, Han Fei enchanted ten Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers in a row, which cost him 800,000 points of spiritual energy.

He smiled bitterly after the expenditure.
He had thought to save spiritual energy to deduce Void Fishing, but the storage of his spiritual energy had actually been declining.
After only a few days, his stock turned from five million to four million.

This is not going to work out! If I keep looking for spiritual fruits, I can only enchant a few spiritual weapons at best… It’s time for me to explore the real treasure troves.

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