Chapter 312 Kill Himself

Han Fei was overjoyed.
There were a lot of spiritual grasses here.
Although he didn’t take a closer look just now, none of the spiritual fruits he collected seemed to be ordinary.

Han Fei hooked his finger at the shadow contemptuously and started running again.

Half an hour later, he had explored more than half of the mirror of the sky and had dug up no fewer than 30 spiritual plants.

When Han Fei ran back to a pit he had dug up, he realized that he seemed to have finished exploring this place!

He looked back and found that the shadow was still chasing him.
Han Fei was stunned.
Where did this guy come from? What was the power that gave him the ability to resurrect, imitate, and copy others?

Han Fei stopped, preparing to kill this shadow.
No matter what, since it was his own shadow, all the tricks and skills the shadow had acquired should be the same as him.
No Matter how well the shadow imitated him, it would be just as good as him at most, let alone surpass him.

Thinking about it this way, Han Fei felt that this was a good opportunity to challenge himself.
After all, it was the first time for him to fight himself.

In the past, when Han Fei beat others, he couldn’t quite understand the feelings of others.
This time, he was finally able to fight himself and could test out how strong he


Han Fei said, “No matter if you can understand me or not, and no matter what you are… Let’s have a good fight now.
I won’t use any weapons.”

In an instant, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers entered his body, so did the Water Dividing Seal, and Han Fei even removed the spiritual energy protective cover on his body.

The shadow on the opposite side didn’t seem to understand what Han Fei was talking about and it pounced on him.
The fake daggers cut through the clean water, like sharp arrows traveling through the water.

Han Fei grinned and also ran at him.
Relying entirely on the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies and Water Control Technique, he made complex but not fancy dodging movements.

In front of him, a fake dagger swept across his cheek and Han Fei swung his fist at the shadow.


Clink, Clink…

A fierce battle broke out and Han Fei almost exerted all his strength.
After about thirty minutes, Han Fei finally killed the shadow who had only 70% of his strength.

Han Fei had never experienced how strong he was.
However, when a copy of himself stood opposite him and fought against him, he realized how strong he was.
Almost all the combat skills he had used would be reproduced by the shadow.

And the shadow was even more proficient and flexible than him.

As he expected, a new shadow of 80% of his strength appeared.

Another fierce battle began.

This time, it took Han Fei more than half an hour and 5,000 points of spiritual energy to kill this shadow.

Han Fei pondered, There seems to be a lot of room for improvement in his combat skills and combat consumption.

When his copy with 90% of his strength appeared, Han Fei found that the battle was getting even harder, so he had to wield a mid-quality magic sword and fight the shadow.

But he was beaten up by his copy and sometimes he was not even able to fight back.

The battle lasted for a whole hour.
But this time, Han Fei strictly controlled the consumption of spiritual energy.
After all, if he didn’t use the reserve of spiritual energy, he would have been beaten by the shadow that had 80% of his strength.

At this moment, Han Fei relied on his strong physique to fight against the shadow who possessed 90% of his strength.

He had no other choice.
If he did not rely on his physical strength, Han Fei would have lost early on.
Now, he was using the shadow to continuously temper his fighting ability.

Three hours later, Han Fei was battered countless times and finally managed to tie with the shadow with 90% of his strength.

Six hours later, Han Fei could already resist the shadow despite its strong defense and extremely fast speed.
To put it bluntly, the shadow opposite him was actually himself.
The shadow with 90% of his strength was theoretically much weaker than him and it was natural for him to defeat the opponent.
One day later, the shadow with 90% of his strength turned into a pile of salt crystals.
Han Fei panted hard for quite a while and then stood quietly on the mirror of the sky, waiting for the shadow with 100% of his strength to appear.

But this time, the whole mirror of the sky began to tremble slowly, and a figure on the mirror surface not far away gradually bulged, and some salt crystals gradually changed into his appearance.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes.
“Whew! Is it difficult to simulate the peak-state me?”

Han Fei smiled.
The shadow appeared but the secret of this place had not yet come out!

Before, Han Fei suspected that when the shadow with 100% of his strength appeared, the secrets of this place would be revealed…

However, it wasn’t.
The shadow was still the shadow, the mirror of the sky was still the mirror of the sky, and the ground was still full of big pits that had been dug by him.

There was still a white mist above his head.
However, after he picked all the spiritual grass here, there was no greenness but only pure white mist.

Han Fei glanced at the white mist and wondered, If the secret was not in the mirror of the sky, could it be in the white mist?

Suddenly, Han Fei made a strange move.
He summoned Nine Tails.
Moreover, it was not the attaching kind of summoning but he directly summoned him out.

As soon as Nine Tails came out, he was stunned.
Two masters?

Fortunately, he was clever.
Soon, he perceived that the master opposite was a fake because he didn’t feel connected to him at all.

Han Fei looked at the opposite shadow, thinking to himself, I have a contractual spiritual beast.
What about you?

Sure enough, the salt crystals bulged again and a fake Nine Tails appeared.

Han Fei grinned.
Interesting! It seemed that not only the human body, but any living thing can be copied here.

In the blink of an eye, Han Fei took back Nine Tails.
If what he guessed was right, the mirror of the sky was just a rigid mechanism that could only simulate the form.
As for the ability, the fake Nine Tails must only possess less than half of the real one’s strength.

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Han Fei attacked with all his strength.
It was already difficult enough to beat the shadow with 90% of his strength.
Now, he certainly should take this shadow of all his strength more seriously.

Of course, Han Fei was not worried.
After all, it was only a copy of him and had not surpassed him.
But he was very curious that if he killed this shadow, would a stronger one pop up again? As soon as Han Fei attacked, the shadow on the opposite side moved.

The two figures quickly tumbled and the fake Nine Tails stood aside, at a loss for what to do.

Han Fei smiled.
Sure enough, he couldn’t even use the nine-star chain!

Han Fei took the opportunity to hack at the fake Nine Tails which could dodge but could only use some basic combat skills and attack instinctively.

“Ha, let me solve you first.”

Han Fei activated a spiritual energy protective cover, avoiding the blow of the shadow.
He activated the Million Knife Art and killed the fake Nine Tails in one blow.

The coming battle was crueler.
Han Fei controlled the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers to fight the shadow and both of them used the “108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies”.
In the end, Han Fei used the “Saber Manipulation Art”.
They were locked in this pitched battle!

As for Drawing, Han Fei didn’t want to use it.
He didn’t want to kill such a good training partner so quickly.
Who could be a better training partner than himself?

This battle lasted one day and one night.

This was the longest and most laborious battle that Han Fei had experienced, but it was also the battle that helped him best.
In this battle, he had been bombarded countless times, used the Divine Healing Technique hundreds of times, and consumed nearly 100,000 points of spiritual energy.

When Han Fei felt that his fighting skills had been honed extremely well, a long knife appeared.


As the knife was drawn, the salt crystal body was marked with a huge crack.
Everything happened so fast that the shadow was hacked in half before it could react.

The shadow turned into salt crystals again.

Just when Han Fei thought the truth was about to be revealed, the salt crystals rose again and the shadow appeared again.


Han Fei was angry! Can’t you give me a break?!

Moments later, when the two began to fight, Han Fei found that the shadow’s strength had not improved.
Han Fei secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
That makes sense! If it can become stronger, does that mean that this mirror of the sky possesses consciousness? A consciousness beyond humans? If this is a masterpiece of a strong master, how powerful was he? It’s impossible for such a person to appear in the level-three fishery!

Han Fei had been thinking about it but didn’t want to continue fighting.
Since the shadow would always appear, there must be a reason!

What was the reason? Han Fei had explored almost every inch of the mirror of the sky and even spiritual grass had been dug away by him.
There were no secrets left for him here.

Then, there seemed to be only one reason left…

Han Fei stepped on the ground and condensed a large high-pressure ball with the Water Control Technique once again.
Then he had Nine Tails attach to him.


Han Fei broke through the white mist and smashed the salt layer, and then he was in the white mist again.

With a flash between his eyebrows, Little Black and Little White appeared.
Han Fei asked, “Little White, do you feel anything wrong?”

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