r>Girl, what do you mean? You mean I’m a trouble-maker, right?

Han Fei couldn’t help but mock them, “That’s because they don’t know how to enjoy life! Life is short.
Let’s not fail any delicacy.
Facing the vast sea all day long, can’t you find yourself some pleasure?”

Lin Miaomiao interjected in a low voice, “As long as you aren’t killed, you can live a long time.”

Han Fei was embarrassed.
Girl, why are you always so plain-spoken?

Han Fei had the waiter move the big stove away, took out his big pot, chopped a bunch of fancy low-quality spiritual fruits, and stacked them on the bottom of the pot.
Then, he lit a fire under the pot and picked a Red-Haired Big-Mouthed Crab from Forge the Universe.
Instead of cooking it with the shell on, he cut open the crab shell and took out the meat and roe with a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger… Then, he froze them into cubes before he put them into the pot and cooked them.

This scene amazed many diners…

Except for Yang Ruoyun who had seen it, even Lin Miaomiao was amazed by his cooking method.

Next door, someone asked, “Little brother, your cooking method is very special!”

Han Fei responded, “Eating and sleeping are pleasures of life.
How can I not take them seriously?”

Someone said, “Brother, mind sharing a table with me?”

“No, sorry, we’re talking about something private over here.”

Hearing this, the surrounding diners didn’t speak anymore, and all turned back to their food.

Han Fei was fiddling with the hot pot, dripping chili oil into it, and asked via voice transmission, I don’t want to know what’s in the secret realm now.
Anyway, I didn’t get it.
If you can get it, it’s your chance.
But, my four dead henchmen knew a secret realm.
I think you know of it too, right?

Then, Han Fei stared at Yang Ruoyun coldly.

Yang Ruoyun replied calmly, Do you know what your temporary henchmen did after you entered the White Mist Salt Marsh?

Han Fei paused.
What did they do?

Yang Ruoyun said word by word, They tried to kill me, rob me, and then run away.

Han Fei smiled.
But in the end, they died by your hand, didn’t they? Since we meet again, I think you should tell me about the secret realm, right? The dragon boat will reach the Sea Grassland in a few days.
Will you not disembark then?

Yang Ruoyun unceremoniously picked up a piece of crab roe and dipped it in the vinegar that Han Fei poured out.
I don’t know whether you’re my enemy or not.
I can stay on the boat, but you will definitely not find that secret realm.

If you don’t want to share the information, why did you agree to have this meal with me? Tell me, what’s the purpose?

Yang Ruoyun replied, In fact, there is no real conflict between you and me.
I can give the secret realm to you and even send you there.
But you have to help me with one thing…

Han Fei grinned.
Oh, so generous? It seems that what you want me to help you with is not simple…

Yang Ruoyun shook her head.
Kill two people with me.
Regardless of success or failure, as long as you agree to help with this, I’ll give the secret realm to you.

Han Fei thought to himself, This woman is a bit dangerous! I must be careful.
Otherwise, I’ll be scammed by her again… She was hostile to me from the very beginning.
Otherwise, why did she trick Wang Ye and the others into attacking me back then? Han Fei asked, Who do you want to kill?

Lin Miaomiao couldn’t hear anything on the side.
All she saw was that Han Fei and Yang Ruoyun picked up a piece of crab meat from time to time and occasionally looked at each other, making some expressions on their faces…

So she just picked up a piece of crab meat in boredom and ate it.
Then she froze.
What kind of dishes did Han Fei make? The taste was so peculiar… It’s so damn tasty!

Lin Miaomiao struggled in her heart.
Should I eat more? But isn’t it rude? If I eat too much, will they look down upon me?

While Lin Miaomiao was still struggling in her heart, Han Fei and Yang Ruoyun seemed to have finished talking.

Yang Ruoyun got up and left, leaving only Han Fei and Lin Miaomiao facing a hot pot.

Han Fei glanced at Lin Miaomiao.
“It’s OK.
You can eat it! This Red-Haired Big-Mouthed Crab is a rare creature of level-36.
How much do you think you can eat as an advanced great fishing master?”

In the end, as Han Fei said, only eating for a short while, Lin Miaomiao went red all over.
With her strength, she couldn’t even catch an Anti-Heaven Blade, let alone the Red-Haired Big-Mouthed Crab.
Eating too much of this high-leveled creature, she felt her body was filled with spiritual energy and she was a little drunk…

After finishing the hot pot, Han Fei looked at his room token and saw it was engraved with the words, “Second Floor, 9377”.
Han Fei said casually, “Just come to me tomorrow.
Let’s call it a day.”

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