Chapter 322 Dragon Boat Black Market

After returning to his room, Han Fei did not immediately go to refine the materials, but drew a Spirit Gathering Formation and made a small formation in the room with spiritual energy.

This was a low-level formation called a Fog Formation.
The formation itself had no attack or defense power.
Its only function was to block the sight of others…

Han Fei had tried and found that his spiritual perception could not penetrate the room.
Obviously, the inside of this room had been specially arranged, blocking spiritual power.
The dragon boat claimed that this was to protect the privacy of all residents.
After all, no one wanted to be disturbed in cultivation… However, Han Fei felt that he’d better take some precautions.
What if there was some monitoring mechanism on this dragon boat that he didn’t know of? Then wouldn’t the secret of the Demon Purification Pot be exposed to others’ vision?

When the white mist steamed up in the room and even Han Fei couldn’t see anything clearly, he sat on the ground and took out all the materials he just bought.

Early the next morning.

Han Fei was lying on the ground, practicing the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies.
He felt that his current physique still had a lot of room for improvement.
If he cultivated at the current pace, it would take him three months or so to improve his physique to a higher level.

Han Fei sighed slightly.
Cultivation is difficult! He didn’t know if it was because of the Indestructible Body, but his physique had been so horrifyingly strong even though his upper limit of spiritual energy could still be slowly improved, so were his flesh and bones… There seemed to be an invisible barrier.

Han Fei sighed.
Would he be struck by lightning when he deduced the fourth level of the Void Fishing Technique?

With this in mind, Han Fei burst into a cold sweat.
Why do I have this weird idea? Do I like to be struck by lightning? Knock! Knock!

There was a knock on the door.
Han Fei got up and opened the door.

When Lin Miaomiao saw Han Fei, she said, “Huh? Why are you sweating all over?”

Han Fei answered casually, “Cultivation! Only by practicing hard can you grow quickly.” Lin Miaomiao was speechless.
Cultivation? I thought you only knew how to spend money… Suddenly, Han Fei asked in a low voice, “Well, where did you sell those things?” Lin Miaomiao paused.
“What things?” Han Fei winked at her.
“That trashy stuff… Where did you sell it? Take me there, OK?”

Lin Miaomiao’s little face immediately blackened.
Trash? You call them trash? Come on! I got a 10% commission from selling them, which showed that those things were very valuable, OK?!

However, Lin Miaomiao immediately asked warily, “That is a secret.
Do you have something to sell?”

Han Fei was helpless.
“Secret? Just tell me… We’re on the same boat.
OK, I can give you a 5% commission…”

Lin Miaomiao hesitated for a while, a bit reluctant to tell him.
She still got a 10% commission yesterday but now it turned to 5%.
Yesterday, he was still spending money like dirt but why did he suddenly become stingy now? How could she tell him her own channel just for the 5% commission?

Thinking about it, Lin Miaomiao saw Han Fei pull out a long sword which was a shiny ultra-quality magic-level weapon.
Han Fei said, “I have 30 more weapons like this!”


Lin Miaomiao exclaimed, her eyes widening.

Han Fei frowned.
“Don’t make a fuss.
Keep a low profile.”

Suddenly, Lin Miaomiao looked at Han Fei in shock and asked him via voice transmission, Are you a refiner?

An absurd idea popped up in her heart.
Did Han Fei buy the materials yesterday for refining? However, even if he was a refiner, how could he refine so fast? This was only one day and he had refined 30 ultra-quality magic weapons?!

Han Fei transmitted his voice to her, I can tell you.
Don’t tell others… Yes, I am a refiner! However, the three-level fishery is so dangerous that I can’t expose my identity.
Lin Miaomiao kept nodding.
Then… Follow me.

Lin Miaomiao compromised.
She really couldn’t resist the temptation of fifty or sixty thousand mid-quality pearls.

Yes, if Han Fei really had 30 ultra-quality magic weapons, he could definitely sell them for millions of mid-quality pearls.
Then the commission she could earn would be as much as she had earned on ten trips as a tour guide… Lin Miaomiao whispered, “Put the things away and follow me.”

After a while, Lin Miaomiao took Han Fei all the way to the Negative-Three Floor.

Han Fei asked, “Here? Isn’t the accommodation here for free? Do people here have money to buy things?”

Lin Miaomiao shook her head.
“In addition to the free accommodation, the Negative-Three Floor is also the most chaotic place on the dragon boat.
There are all sorts of people here.
I used to live here when I had no money, so I accidentally discovered that there was a black market here…”

Lin Miaomiao took Han Fei to wind through the crowds and finally came to a dark house.

Someone at the door was dissecting an Anti-Heaven Blade and randomly threw the fish’s internal organs to the ground.

Someone was leaning against the door, cracking sea melon seeds and gazed around stealthily.

Several people were gambling in a circle, carrying wine jars, and making lots of noise.
The atmosphere on the Negative-Three Floor was foul! The air smelled of fish and his eyes could only see scenes of filth.

However, when Lin Miaomiao led Han Fei into the door, two strong men immediately stood up.
One of them glanced at Lin Miaomiao and asked, “Who is he?”

“He came to sell something.”

After that, Lin Miaomiao said to Han Fei, “Show one to them.”

Han Fei nodded slightly and casually showed them two daggers.

The two strong men took a look and then one turned and went into the house.
“Follow me.”

After walking in the dark space for a while, the big man took out two black robes and said, “Come on, put them on.”

Lin Miaomiao transmitted her voice to him, There are many secrets here, so everyone has to wear a black robe and face mask to avoid being recognized.

Han Fei was a little surprised.
Wow, that’s quite mysterious!

Han Fei put on the black robe.
After wearing the face mask, he followed Lin Miaomiao to walk in through a secret door.

After entering, Han Fei found that the space here was very large and stretched for more than several kilometers.
In the darkness, many people squatted on the ground without saying a word.
Therefore, it was extremely quiet.

Lin Miaomiao said via voice transmission, The rule here is that only voice transmission is allowed.
All goods are bought and sold on the spot.
Once you pay, there can be no turning back.

There were quite a few customers walking among the booths and it could even be said to be quite lively here.
Someone was reluctant to leave holding something and talking with the seller.

Someone paid money, then put away the thing he bought, hid his face under the black robe, and walked into the darkness.

Lin Miaomiao said, “Here you don’t need to find buyers, you just have pay to buy a booth.”


Lin Miaomiao took Han Fei to a ship board not far away, tapped it lightly, and then a small window opened on the ship board and a black-robed man glanced at them and stretched out his hand.

After Lin Miaomiao paid the money, the man handed out a piece of paper with the number “63” on it.

“Our position is No.
Just go there and set up a stall.”

This was the first time Han Fei saw such a trading occasion and trading method.
Following Lin Miaomiao to this so-called booth No.
63, he was surprised to see a pile of sea melon shells on the ground…

Lin Miaomiao shrugged.
“Even I don’t mind it.
Why do you care so much?”

Han Fei sighed.
“You don’t mind it, so I can’t mind it?”

Then Lin Miaomiao took out a large fish skin and spread it out, looking at Han Fei.
“Put all the things you want to sell on it, and that’s it.”

Han Fei waved his hand and a bunch of weapons were thrown out.

Lin Miaomiao hurriedly transmitted a message to him, Slow down…

She immediately shook the fish skin, trying not to make a sound, but it was too late.

Clang… Bang… Bang…

Many people immediately looked at this side and Lin Miaomiao reminded him.
No sound can be made here.
You will be fined 100 mid-quality pearls for making a sound.

Han Fei was surprised.
Ah? Seriously? I’m selling weapons.
How can I make no sound at all?

After a few seconds, a man in black robes stood in front of Han Fei’s booth and stretched out his hand.

Lin Miaomiao sent him her voice, Pay the fine.

Han Fei responded, Can you pay for me? I have no money now.

Lin Miaomiao: “…”

Lin Miaomiao gave the money reluctantly.
That’s 100 mid-quality pearls!

However, her eyes changed immediately.
Although Han Fei made a sound just now, it also attracted some people’s attention.
Soon, a few people came over.

When a person saw the pile of ultra-quality magic weapons on the ground, he immediately squatted down, picked up an ax and looked at Han Fei.
How much is the ax?

Han Fei responded, 50,000 mid-quality pearls.

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