Chapter 324 Forge the Universe

The black-robed man stopped for a moment in front of the ruins.
But there was no one within a kilometer of him! Where did Han Fei go?

Soon, guards rushed down from above.
However, when the guards reached the floor, only ruins remained.

In Forge the Universe, Han Fei was vomiting blood.
He knew that it was difficult to take a living creature in, but he didn’t expect it to be so difficult.
After dragging Lin Miaomiao into Forge the Universe, he found that he had consumed 1 million points of spiritual energy, which stunned him!

At this moment, Han Fei was covering his belly with one hand, while watching Lin Miaomiao who was unconscious with a wry smile.

Just now, the last blow from the black-robed man almost killed Han Fei.
He was a peak-level Dangling Fisher and seemed to be using a spiritual weapon with a sealed soul inside.
The Indestructible Body failed to block this violent blow and he was shot through his lower abdomen by the arrow.

Han Fei kept using the Divine Healing Technique on himself, occasionally using it on Lin Miaomiao.

Han Fei was deep in thought.
Although only 18 weapons were sold, he had got more than 840,000 mid-quality pearls, with an average of 45,000 per piece.

If he used all of this money to buy spiritual fruits, he would be able to buy hundreds of spiritual fruits.
Then the products of the spiritual fruit specialty store he visited last time wouldn’t even be enough for him.

But Han Fei then smiled bitterly again.
After leaving Forge the Universe, he would be still in the same spot.
He didn’t know what kind of situation he would encounter after he went out…

If the black-robed man was still there, he might have to use all his strength to escape from the dragon boat.

Of course, it was impossible to go out now.
He had to recover and return to his peak state before he went out.

Thinking it through, Han Fei found a piece of fish skin and blindfolded Lin Miaomiao’s eyes.
Then, he took out a Soul Resistance Pearl and stuffed it into Lin Miaomiao’s mouth.

Han Fei muttered, “I’m not to blame for this! I didn’t expect them to make a sudden attack, but trust me, if you really become a moron, I will definitely come back to avenge you one day.
At that time, I will wipe out the black market.”


On the deck of the top level of the dragon boat, a middle-aged man was fishing but there was no fishing line on the fishing rod.

Behind the middle-aged man, a man in black robes half kneeled on the ground.

“My lord, the bastard must still be hiding on the dragon boat.
I’ve arranged for someone to investigate it.
According to our reports, there are not many people who have seen them.
Within half a day, I can definitely find them


The middle-aged man grunted and said in a calm tone, “Killing is forbidden on the dragon boat.
If you can’t handle this matter well, just hand over the black market to someone else.” The black-robed man quivered, bent lower, and said in a trembling voice, “Yes, my lord.” “OK, go! Don’t disturb my fishing.”

After leaving the deck, the black-robed man just summoned his subordinates and someone hurried over.
“Boss, we found them.”

“Oh! Where?”

The man hurriedly said, “We haven’t found their whereabouts, but we’ve gotten information about them.
The murderer came to the level-three fishery for the first time and his name is Han Fei…”

The black-robed man paused for a moment.
“Huh, Han Fei? This name sounds a bit familiar.

His subordinate said, “Because this was the first time Han Fei boarded the dragon boat, he didn’t know anything about the dragon boat.
So he hired a guide called Lin Miaomiao who is only an advanced great fishing maste who just lives in the free area on the Negative-Three Floor.
In the past two days, she took Han Fei to many places.
They had bought Treasure Hunting Fish, spiritual fruit and Floating Stones… Oh, yesterday they also bought a lot of refining materials.”

The black-robed man’s voice suddenly became cold, “They bought refining materials?”

The subordinate shuddered suddenly and lowered his head, saying, “Yes! After the purchase, Han Fei stayed in his room for a whole day and didn’t come out until this morning.”

The pupils of the black-robed man constricted.
After buying the refining materials yesterday, he went to sell those ultra-quality magic weapons today? Is he actually a refiner?

This news was too important.

Refining was a special profession.
What the brat sold were all ultra-quality magic weapons.
So could he refine spiritual weapons?

Could he also seal a soul into a spiritual weapon?

If he could, it would be even more terrifying!

Even on the dragon boat, a refiner who could seal souls was a superior existence.
But why did he go to the black market to sell things? With his abilities and identity, as long as he opened his mouth, he could easily sell hundreds or thousands of weapons, let alone dozens…

The black-robed man’s eyes narrowed slightly.
“Find them! Secretly! If you find them, tell me.
If anyone dares to attack them without my permission, kill them.”


Half a day later.

Han Fei’s injury healed but he hadn’t returned to his peak state.
After all, his lower abdomen was pierced and his internal organs were hurt.
If it weren’t for his Divine Healing Technique, it would take him at least two days to recover.

Suddenly, Lin Miaomiao coughed and started to move.
It seemed that she had just recovered from her state of mental breakdown.

Han Fei asked, “Oh, you finally woke up! How is your head?”

“Ah! It hurts…”

“Don’t move.
Your soul is damaged and your spiritual power is exhausted, so you feel uncomfortable.
Meditate for a while.”

Lin Miaomiao was dizzy and her mind was still clouded.

After a few full hours, she slowly recovered.
“Ah! What’s wrong with my eyes? I can’t see anymore…”

Seeing Lin Miaomiao was about to take off the fish skin from her eyes, Han Fei quickly grabbed her hand and said, “Don’t move.
Your soul is damaged.
Don’t let your eyes be exposed to light in the next little bit.
Otherwise, you might really go blind!”

Lin Miaomiao was so scared that she almost cried.
“Oh! Is it so serious? Am I going to be blind? I don’t want to be blind.
How can I fish if I am blind…”

Han Fei comforted her, “You won’t be blind.
As long as you listen to me, you will be able to take off the blindfold in one day at most.
But now you must not take it off.”

“OK, I won’t take it off, I won’t, I won’t…”

Lin Miaomiao’s face turned pale with fright, but Han Fei secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
If you really saw my Forge the Universe, I might be forced to kill you.

Suddenly, Lin Miaomiao said in surprise, “The spiritual energy here is so full.
Where are we?”

Han Fei lied, “We are now in a room on the fourth floor of the Dragon Boat.
It’s okay.
The spiritual energy in this room is very sufficient.”

Lin Miaomiao was surprised.
“Fourth floor? Huh… What about the three people just now? They seem to have attacked us.”

Han Fei blinked.
How should I explain it? Tell her that I killed the three people with one cut? Or tell her that we are being chased by a peak-level Dangling Fisher?

Lin Miaomiao probably wouldn’t believe him.
Han Fei had to lie again, “I bribed them into letting us out.
But, we can’t go to the black market anymore.
Also, after all, you were injured because of me.
Now I will give you a 10% commission.
But you can’t go to the black market anymore…”

Lin Miaomiao was silent for a moment.
“I, forget it.
Just give me a 5% commission.
After all, you saved me…”

Han Fei shook his head slightly.
“I don’t have the habit of owing favors to others.
Just keep it.”

As he said, he put a few big boxes in front of Lin Miaomiao.
“Take it! If you can, don’t stay in this dragon boat anymore.
You are only a great fishing master and the level-three fishery is not suitable for you.”

Suddenly Lin Miaomiao realized something and quickly asked, “Something happened, right? If nothing happened, why would you have come to the fourth floor of the dragon boat?”

Han Fei thought for a moment.
“It’s none of your business.
Remember to go to the teleportation formation immediately after you go out.
Go back to your town.
I’ve given you a lot of money, which is enough for you to break through to a Dangling Fisher.”

The next day.

After spending a full day in Forge the Universe, Han Fei came out with Lin Miaomiao.

As soon as he appeared, he found that the ruins were gone and it was turned into a dark house again.

Han Fei let out a long sigh.
This was why he chose here before.
It was the darkest here and most people didn’t want to sleep here.

Lin Miaomiao asked, “What happened just now? It felt so special.”

“Don’t think too much about it.
It’s just a seal on the dragon boat.”

“Can I take off the blindfold?”

Han Fei looked around for a while and nodded slightly.
“Yes! Remember… Go straight to the teleportation formation and leave.
Otherwise, your life will be in danger.”

Lin Miaomiao took off the blindfold, and was then stunned.
“This is not the fourth floor.
This is still the Negative-Three Floor.”

Han Fei grunted.
“Yes, it’s the Negative-Three Floor.
I lied to you.”

Lin Miaomiao was speechless.
Liar! But then she remembered her body seemed to leave some place.
Besides, the enriched spiritual energy she felt just now disappeared suddenly.
What happened? Han Fei knew his words were full of loopholes, but he didn’t care.
It would be fine as long as Lin Miaomiao didn’t know where they had been.

Han Fei explained, “Don’t ask.
I killed those three people in the black market.
Now, I’m afraid there is a peak-level Dangling Fisher looking for us.
So, you must leave.” Lin Miaomiao was startled and gritted her teeth.
“I’m going to buy some training resources before leaving.” Han Fei thought about it for a while.
It seemed to make sense.
Back in town, where could she buy such cheap spiritual fruits and weapons? So he nodded.
“I’ll go with you!”

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