Chapter 328 A Cry From the Seabed

Han Fei had a dream.
In the dream, he had been chased and finally had nowhere to escape.
His body was broken and his head was shot through with an arrow.


Han Fei suddenly opened his eyes, sweating.
So he was just dreaming! He let out a long breath.

Han Fei wanted to move, only to feel that his body tore with every movement.
The severe pain strongly impacted Han Fei’s brain nerves.
Especially his right hand, it felt like it was being pressed by a big mountain and couldn’t even lift up.


Han Fei gritted his teeth and applied the Divine Healing Technique to himself.
As the shower of energy fell, a warm current flowed throughout his body and he felt better.

Han Fei used the Divine Healing Technique on himself every once in a while.
After a full day, he had almost recovered.

Obviously feeling better, Han Fei dragged his exhausted body and slowly got up from the spiritual spring, only to find the water level of the spiritual spring dropped a lot, and he couldn’t help but give a bitter smile.

Go for wool but come home shorn! He lost five or six spiritual weapons and his long knife was broken.
His strength was seriously damaged and now he only had 60% of his full strength left.
He suffered a huge loss from this trip to the dragon boat.

However, Han Fei didn’t feel much regret.
But when he saw Lin Miaomiao who was lying quietly not far away, his heart was filled with guilt.

“Alas, it turns out that the level-three fishery is really dangerous.
The dragon boat belongs to someone else, not me.
For the sake of self-advancement, people can be even more dangerous than the ocean.”

Seven days later.

Han Fei was practicing the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies.
At this moment, his face was flushed and his solid muscles exuded a luster.


Han Fei looked at the data.

Han Fei

33 (Junior Dangling Fisher) 4,202,561 (4,199)

Level-Four, High-Quality

Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallow Fish (Level 25)

Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers

Water Vein Technique, Volume Three of Void Fishing (Spirit-Level, Divine-Quality)

“My upper limit of spiritual energy can’t be improved anymore.
It’s time to go out.”

In the past few days, Han Fei had eaten all the spiritual fruits but only got 4.2 million points of spiritual energy.
Plus the spiritual spring that was almost dried up, now he only had no more than 6 million points of spiritual energy.
Han Fei sighed.
If it weren’t for the accident on the dragon boat, his spiritual energy storage would have reached tens of millions.

However, Han Fei didn’t feel pity.
The dragon boat taught him a lesson.
If you were just an ordinary person, then you would be absolutely safe on the dragon boat.
But if you showed your value, then you would be in danger.

If he chose to compromise on the dragon boat, perhaps the situation now would have been even worse.
If he compromised, this journey would have failed.
Then he probably wouldn’t have had any chance to leave.

Following Han Fei’s thoughts, he appeared in the mud pit on the seabed again.

At this moment, the seabed returned to a state of peace.
Han Fei embedded himself several meters under the soil.

After a while, a looming figure quietly stuck out of the dirt and looked around carefully.

A Black-Moon Sickle Fish suddenly swam away and a school of fish swooshed past not far away, and there seemed to be no threat, so he was relieved.

After all, he had been in Forge the Universe for quite some time and it would have been impossible for the other party to have guarded this place the entire time.
The dragon boat was also not in sight.

He had been worried that if the Sun Family guarded this sea area all the time after he disappeared, then he would be in real danger.

However, now it seemed that the other party thought he had escaped.

Han Fei didn’t know that the counterforce of the mysterious rod shocked his opponent.
The person from the Sun Family was scared away by the rod.

Just having a narrow escape, Han Fei became more careful.
The effect of the Mist Hidden Grass was really poor.
Compared to true stealth, this was simply like a joke and couldn’t escape the eyes of peak-level Dangling Fishers.

But how many peak-level Dangling Fishers could there be? In the level-three fishery, junior Dangling Fishers still accounted for the majority.
Therefore, Han Fei continued to use the Mist Hidden Grass.
After all, he was not a hunter and it was not bad to have a semi-stealth ability.

Han Fei summoned Nine Tails and swam forward on the bottom of the sea.
Target, Sea Grassland.

On the dragon boat, people went up and down every day.
So during this period of time, Han Fei met many people.
Whenever someone showed up, he would ask Nine Tails to dig a hole and then he would hide in the hole.

He was being so careful just to avoid meeting those people.
He guessed the person from the Sun Family didn’t die either.
As long as he was still alive, he could call more people over.
Therefore, along the way, he had to be wary of all treasure hunters.
Even if these treasure hunters had nothing to do with the Sun Family, what if the Sun Family caught them and interrogated them? Then his whereabouts would be exposed! Then probably he would be chased again.

Of course, the level-three fishery was so vast! Along the way, Han Fei met people occasionally, but more often only fish.
Therefore, Han Fei, as always, swam forward and searched for spiritual fruit.

In the following 10 days, Han Fei was sneaking under the sea, the only movement he made was breathing.
In the past few days, he had gotten a lot of spiritual fruits and had also encountered danger.
Regardless of the fact that the level-three fishery was very large, in places like the ocean, changes might be great every thousands of miles.

He had encountered deep sea ravines and cliffs, passed through the spiritual plant area full of seaweed, passed by seemingly mysterious underwater caves, and discovered the wonderful place of thousands of miles of coral bushes.

Along the way, a large number of creatures appeared and Han Fei was too lazy to remember them.
He even encountered a group of Marching Sea Leeches.
At that moment, he directly rushed out of the water and floated in the air.

On the 22nd day, Han Fei estimated that he was less than 20,000 miles away from the Sea Grassland.
Because judging from the area where he was at this moment, there were more and more spiritual plants in the sea.
This was a very important indicator.

At this time, Han Fei was standing on the edge of a sea cliff.

This place looked very beautiful.
Behind Han Fei was a dark green carnivorous vine that towered hundreds of meters high.
In fact, it was a bit similar to the seaweed vine in the Deep-Sea Jungle of the level-two fishery.
Around the carnivorous vine, there were arched rock holes, large transparent sea squirts, and seaweeds that moved with the waves.
Han Fei also saw colorful sea urchins scattered among the seaweed.

However, although Han Fei had explored many places along the way, unfortunately, many places that looked like dangerous places were actually not.

He compared Old Bai’s sea chart and figured out where he was based on the topography, and found that there were as many as a dozen dangerous places nearby.

However, no matter how hard he searched, he couldn’t find one.

Although this cliff crack was not recorded on the chart, Han Fei decided to try it a little bit.

Before exploring this place, Han Fei had one more thing to do.
He took out Lin Miaomiao’s body from Forge the Universe and asked Nine Tails to dig a pit.

After a while, Han Fei buried Lin Miaomiao and said to her, “The scenery here is good, so I chose this place for you to rest in peace! In the future, if I have the opportunity, I will visit your hometown… Bye!”

With that, Han Fei jumped down, letting his body fall into the dark crack.

100 meters.

500 meters.

800 meters.

This time, Han Fei dropped a full 800 meters before he touched the bottom.
He couldn’t help but feel a little shocked.
Plus the 700 or 800 meters between the cliff and the sea surface, it was 1,500 meters deep!

Han Fei knew that a water depth of 1,500 meters was probably nothing to this world.
After all, in the words of Old Bai, in that unknown place, a random dangerous place would extend millions of miles.

The planet was bigger, so the water was deeper, which seemed very logical.

However, Han Fei wasn’t quite used to it.
After all, there was strong water pressure on the seabed, and 1,000 meters deep and 1,500 meters deep were different stories.
At least, Han Fei’s current speed and responsiveness had been suppressed by more than 10%.

However, at this time, he saw spots of light approaching not far away.
There was not one light spot but many.
In addition to the light spots, Han Fei also saw shiny shrimps breaking through the soil.

“It seems that I have reached the deep water zone.”

There were always some weird creatures in the dark seabed.
Their bodies could generate electricity and even illuminate.

Obviously, now he met one of them.
After a while, he saw a group of big fish swimming overhead.

Lantern Fish

Deep-sea fish, have solid physiques with flashing tentacles.
When they attack, they will release the overhead and tail lights.
Good at current shock, mental attack, and its overhead flashing light can be used as bait.

Exotic (Ultra-quality)


1,724 points

Long-term consumption can enhance spiritual energy.

Flashing Light

Han Fei was surprised.
Wow, there really is a “lantern” fish! What is wrong with your head? If there is a horn in your head, you can poke people with it! But why do you grow a lantern on your head? Is it to illuminate yourself? That’s really ingenious!


Before Han Fei swam away, a large piece of electric light, like a small burst of lightning, fell on him instantly.

Han Fei was speechless.
F*ck, I am so far away from you!

Buzz… Buzz…

“Lah… Lah”

“Huh! Who is crying?”

Han Fei was startled.
What made this sound? It wasn’t me crying!

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