3481 River of Eternal Darkness (3)

Han Fei stomped, and ripples spread.
With bangs, explosions sounded one after another.
In the blink of an eye, these skeletons were shattered.

“Not weak, but only about the Carefree Level.”

Being easily shattered by Han Fei, the tower was completely shattered.
In the next moment, Han Fei saw a huge weird skeleton covered in gray skin appear in front of him.

This skeleton only had the upper half of its body, and half of its head was a skeleton, and the other half was full of tentacles.
On its two arms, there were seven or eight pairs of skeleton hands.

He tried to shake it with the power of the Sea Quelling God, but it didn’t shatter, which meant that the other party’s strength was at least at the level of a god.

Han Fei took a closer look.
It was indeed at the god level.
However, this level was just a symbol.
Han Fei didn’t believe that this thing could transcend a divine tribulation.
It should be condensed from some power in the River of Eternal Darkness, giving him the power of a god.

Han Fei slapped back with the power of purification, shattering one of the skeleton’s arms.
The latter roared in pain, and seven or eight pairs of hands on his other hand aimed at Han Fei.
In the next moment, dozens of dark rays stabbed at Han Fei.

Such an attack naturally couldn’t shake Han Fei.
Han Fei didn’t need to do anything.
He just needed to activate the surrounding laws to block it.

However, Han Fei took the initiative to withstand this wave of impact.
He felt the fusion of dozens of laws, so this blow was actually not weak even in the Divine Realm.
However, the other party’s power only had a little power of the Divine Source.
Han Fei confirmed that this power didn’t come from the skeleton itself, but from the River of Eternal Darkness.

Therefore, if this skeleton fought a real godly powerhouse, even the most ordinary god could easily kill it.


Han Fei crushed the huge skeleton into powder.
In the next moment, a large mass of the power of the Origin of the dead and dozens of small masses of the Origin of the dead were absorbed into his body.

This time, perhaps because the power of the source of the dead was a little more, Han Fei felt it more clearly.
He felt that after this power was absorbed by the Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage, the power that escaped from the Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage circulated between the Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage and the Origin Spiritual Heritage, finally gathering in the black hole and turning into origin power.

“Has the Supreme Divine Technique been activated?”

Han Fei was a little happy and a little worried.
He was happy that the subsequent growth of the Supreme Divine Technique was very passive.
Han Fei had eaten the Spirit of Plants and Trees and had thought that the source power contained in the Spirit of Plants and Trees would be quickly absorbed, driving the growth of the Supreme Divine Technique.

Logically speaking, as long as he didn’t encounter a bottleneck, there was still a lot of room for improvement in the Supreme Divine Technique.
However, the power of the Spirit of Plants and Trees was scattered throughout his body as if it had been stored.
Although it did make the passive growth of the Supreme Divine Technique a little faster, in his estimation, it would take hundreds of years to completely digest a Spirit of Plants and Trees.

But now, the source of the dead could actually activate the rapid growth of the Supreme Divine Technique, and it was activated with spiritual heritage.
Could it be that the Supreme Divine Technique was related to spiritual heritage?

Han Fei sensed that this time, his origin power had grown by about 300 points, nearly ten times more than before.

How far had he gone? It was only a million kilometers, but the River of Eternal Darkness already had a God-level Fear Undead.
It might not be a good thing if the Fear Undead appeared too frequently, because it was impossible for him to activate his Original Great Dao all the time.

Besides, now that a god had appeared, would there be any God Slaying-level or even Sea Quelling God-level Fear Undead in the future?

Several hours passed.

Han Fei still returned to the Great Monarch realm.
During this period, he did encounter a lot of Fear Undead, but most of them were below the Great Monarch realm.
The Origin of the dead he could collect was limited.
More than a thousand of them only provided an increase of less than 3,000 points of origin power.
During this period, he only encountered two God-level Fear Undead, but he didn’t see any stronger ones.

However, this was only an improvement for a few hours.
After he rested for a while, he could try to do it again.

About a month passed.

Han Fei would use the Vast Ocean Navigator to fine-tune the direction every day, and in this month, his origin power had increased by more than 100,000 points.

If he had known that the River of Eternal Darkness would increase his strength so much, Han Fei might have come long ago.

After another month and a half, Han Fei found that he had reached a bottleneck.

Information popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

Owner: Han Fei

Level: 119 (Great Monarch)

Bloodline Ranking among the Clans in the Infinite Ocean: the 2nd

Origin Power: 7,999,999

First Spiritual Heritage: Origin Spiritual Heritage

Second Spiritual Heritage: Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage

First spiritual beast: Twin Yin-Yang Sky Swallowing Fish (level 119)

Second spiritual beast: Emperor Sparrow (level 119)

Main Art: Supreme Divine Technique, Godfiend Body

“Is this the limit?”

The breakthrough of the Godfiend Body showed Han Fei a new limit.
However, this new limit was not too high, such as directly giving Han Fei a million combat power.

However, a peak-level Great Monarch with 800,000 combat power might not have existed in the history of the Sea Realm, even if it was the creator of the Supreme Divine Technique.

Han Fei knew that at this point in strength, it probably meant the end of the Great Monarch realm.
If he wanted to improve further, he would probably have to take the rest of the path.
The God of War had stagnated here for millions of years, but he didn’t have millions of years left.
He could only study it with old pedants like Qiu Wanren when he returned.

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