Chapter 352 Master Hexagon… Again

Having figured this out, Han Fei didn’t hit the seal again because no matter how many times it was smashed, it might not work.

“A good formation is invisible and formed naturally by the heavens and the earth.
However, since the formation is formed naturally, there must be a way to break it.”

This was the first sentence in the “Spirit Gathering Scripture” left by Old Jiang, which meant that a good formation was not necessarily made but naturally formed by the heavens and the earth.
Only this way could the formation be invisible.

However, it also explained that any formation had a way to be broken.

Han Fei had studied formations for a year.
Although his knowledge about formations was not profound enough, he knew the basics.

For this kind of formation that was naturally formed, in many cases, the formation eyes were not fixed.
It was possible that an inconspicuous little thing was the formation eye.
This was also the most terrifying part of a naturally formed formation! You couldn’t even find the formation eye at all.
How could you break it?

Han Fei’s feet fell on the ground and began to move forward step by step.
Wherever he went, the starfish ran away.

After walking about 120 meters, Han Fei encountered a barrier.
Han Fei did not stop, but turned sideways and walked to the side.

After a while, Han Fei stood in this small seal and muttered to himself.

“It’s 600 meters wide and 600 meters long.
If a single seal is so small, it’s not so difficult to crack it!”

After pondering for a while, Han Fei swam to a height of about 20 meters and wandered around in this area.
After a while, when he found a stone several meters high, he smiled.

Stones on the bottom of the sea usually have a long history, so they were either covered with seaweed or moss or had shellfish inhabit them… But this stone was so smooth!

Han Fei took out the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow, shot the stone to pieces with an arrow, and swam out quickly.

Sure enough, the limits of the seal were gone, and Han Fei successfully broke through the seal just now.

Of course, every few hundred meters, Han Fei would enter a new sealed area.
But he didn’t panic.
It didn’t take him long to break them.
According to his experience in formations, however, these small formations shouldn’t be underestimated.

The reason that being in the formation could be dangerous was that many small formations were interlocked.
But once the formation eyes of the small formations were destroyed, the large formation would be damaged as well.

Fortunately, the person who arranged this formation was not very clever.
If Han Fei had such a great formation setting ability, he would definitely hide the small formations’ eyes well.
At least, he would bury them under the sand! How could that person just expose the formation eyes on the sand?

At first, Han Fei tried to find the formations’ eyes.
But when he broke through ten or so small formations in a row, he found that the guy who set this formation was lazy, very lazy.

All the small formations’ eyes were relatively new, which either had been moved or conspicuous.

Thus, it was very easy for Han Fei to break the formations! In just one hour, he broke nearly 50 small formations.

Not surprisingly, 50 small formations were nothing but a drop in the bucket in this area.
To Han Fei’s surprise, among the nearly 50 small formations, there were as many as 20 small spirit gathering formations.
Although the spirit gathering formation had a sealing effect, their essence was still gathering spiritual energy.
“Could it be that the guy setting the formation lacks spiritual energy?” Han Fei had guessed why the guy who arranged the formation was so lazy!

Because this area was too big and was probably circular, just like the seaweed city wall, encircling the heartland inside circle by circle.

According to the method of setting this formation, these formations were likely to be made by the same person.
This person must have waved his hand casually and arranged this formation as he swam past this huge area.
He didn’t even bother to think about how to hide the formation eyes.
That would be such a waste of time!

Han Fei grinned because he felt that he had guessed what that guy was thinking.
That guy set up the formation at will, which showed that he was very strong, but the strength of the formation was not enough, so on the whole, he was not unimaginably strong.

And to arrange such a formation, it must have consumed a lot of spiritual energy.
Therefore, the guy who set up the formation also arranged a large number of spirit gathering formations in this formation, which indirectly led to the enriched spiritual energy here.

“Hehe, you can arrange a formation, but I can do it too!”

Han Fei smiled mysteriously.
Instead of breaking the small formations one by one, he might as well break them as a whole.

When Han Fei found a formation eye of a small formation again, he didn’t touch it but moved it.
Then, overlooking from a height, he rearranged many places in the formation.

Repeating this process, Han Fei spent more than three hours transforming seven or eight small formations, which covered several kilometers.

Han Fei threw a piece of white coral under his feet.
Then, he clapped his hands and chuckled.
“It’s done.”

Han Fei suddenly sat on the ground and began to draw a formation under his bum.
In a moment, a small spirit gathering formation appeared.

There was a formation at the place where he sat and he replaced it with a small spirit gathering formation.

When this small spirit gathering formation appeared, in an instant, with Han Fei as the center, nine sealing formations illuminated at the same time, and billowing spiritual energy surged.

Han Fei smiled.
I may not be good at arranging other kinds of formations, but making a spirit gathering formation is too easy for me!

Yes, Han Fei had transformed the nine formations, just like the plantation circle at the entrance of the Thug Academy, Han Fei just reproduced it.

However, unlike the plantation circle, the spiritual energy contained in it was natural spiritual energy, which was much less than in the ocean.
Therefore, it couldn’t set off a spiritual energy storm.

However, it was different here.
The seabed, especially places like the seabed forest, had a lot of spiritual energy.
And in this land of starfish, spiritual energy was more than double that of other places.
At this moment, coupled with this serial spirit gathering formations, almost in the blink of an eye, a spiritual energy storm was set off.

One after another spiritual energy tornadoes formed underwater.
And these spiritual energy tornadoes converged right under Han Fei!

For a time, the billowing spiritual energy was like a raging wave and came straight at Han Fei.

Han Fei was not afraid at all and even began to practice the Void Fishing Art.

At this moment, Han Fei was enjoying a gluttonous feast.
At the right time and place, the massive amount of spiritual energy poured into his body, and it only took half a moment for him to absorb nearly ten thousand points of spiritual energy.
Cultivating here for an hour was equivalent to swallowing a spiritual fruit from the level-three fishery.
Han Fei was overjoyed.

Half an hour later…

Somewhere in the land of the starfish, a voice said depressedly, “Who is snatching my spiritual energy?”

Yang Ruoyun was trapped in another place in the land of starfish.
She was really annoyed.
According to her information, there weren’t so many formations in this place! She suspected if she went the wrong way! However, seeing the starfish all over the ground, she knew she was right.
But, why were there so many sealing formations here?

A large spirit gathering formation could collect spiritual energy in a wide range, so not only in the land of starfish, its existence could also be sensed in many other places.

Above the Worm Fish Abyss, eight Lotus Fish were carrying eight people to the other side of the abyss.

“Young Master, there seems to be a spiritual energy wave.”

A young man with his eyes closed, stroking the Lotus Fish with one hand, lightly said, “In the ocean, a spiritual energy wave is common.
What surprises me is that Han Fei is so fast! How could he surpass us so much?”

Beside the young man, someone said, “Young Master Mu, that guy is so weird, it’s hard to imagine that he can walk through the seaweed wall alone.”

The young man nodded slightly.
If Han Fei has no means, how could he have snatched the Sea Token? Father said he even has a legendary contractual spiritual beast! Anyway, catch up with him first.”

Although the young man called “Young Master Mu” looked calm, he frowned.
There were a lot of dangers along the way.
Especially that seaweed monster even tried to lock him a soul lock.
If they hadn’t fought desperately together, that monster would have succeeded.

However, even so, they had lost 6 peak-level Dangling Fishers along the way.
This cost was not small.
If anything happened again, he was not sure whether he should continue chasing him or not… Of course, they had also gained things too.
The seaweed monster told them that Han Fei had come there.

Han Fei was overjoyed at the moment.

Only an hour later, he had absorbed 80,000 points of spiritual energy.
If he could, he felt that he should cultivate for two months here, and then he would get 100 million points of spiritual energy.
Bam! Bam! Bam!

However, at this time, the spiritual vortex in the sea suddenly collapsed, replaced by purple light beams.

“F*ck… Who is it?”

Han Fei lunged to his feet, only to see a huge starfish.

There was a sudden silence.

He and the starfish stared at each other silently and the anger on their faces was replaced with embarrassment.
Han Fei shouted in surprise, “Master Hexagon?”

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