dozens of meters away before he said anything.

The Hexagon Starfish said, with wariness in his six big eyes, What are you doing?

Han Fei smiled bitterly.
Hexagon Starfish, I’m just catching up on you.
Why are you dodging me?

The Hexagon Starfish revolved and kept a distance from Han Fei.
Just talk from there.
I will not give you any treasure.

Han Fei was lost for words.
Who’s asking for treasures? I guarantee that I won’t ask you for treasures…

Hearing that Han Fei was not here for treasure, the Hexagon Starfish was relaxed.
It stopped revolving and simply waited for Han Fei to talk.

Han Fei said with a smile, Mr.
Hexagon Starfish, there is an area of Big Red Trunk in the depths of the jungle behind you.
Did you know that?

The six eyes of the Hexagon Starfish constricted.
That’s a dangerous place.

Han Fei asked in surprise, So you’ve already been there?

The Hexagon Starfish waved its tentacles and said, I only paid a visit to it.
There are a lot of annoying and bad fish in that place.


Han Fei was briefly stunned.
The Hexagon Starfish described them as “a lot” and “bad”? It meant that the fish near the Big Red Trunk were so tough that even the Hexagon Starfish had to keep a distance.

Han Fei asked again, Do you know what those fish are?

The Hexagon Starfish rolled its eyes and said, No.
I’ve never seen them.
They hid themselves at the center, but can control those trees.

They can control the trees?

Han Fei was rather surprised.
He had seen fish that could control trees before.
The Millennium Snapper, for one, could control all kinds of spiritual plants.

Han Fei asked, Mr.
Hexagon Starfish, do those fish sing?

The Hexagon Starfish was confused.
What is ‘sing’?


Right when Han Fei was about to explain, a blue gigantic electric arc glittered in the water at a distance and broke a hundred arrays in the blink of an eye.

Both Han Fei and the Hexagon Starfish were greatly shocked.

The Hexagon Starfish complained, Why did you bring so many people here?

Han Fei blinked his eyes and said, I didn’t! You can perceive them?

Staring at Han Fei, the Hexagon Starfish said, Those guys have broken into my spiritual energy absorption arrays.
They’re too strong for me… Enough chit-chatting.
I have to run.

The Hexagon Starfish was about to run, when it found that Han Fei had grabbed its tentacles.
He said gloomily, I’m going to squeeze your essence blood if you run! Tell me, how many people have come, and how strong are they?

The Hexagon Starfish was dumbfounded.
Having no choice, it said unhappily, I think there are seven or eight.
All of them seem stronger than you…

Damn it… How can they be so fast?

Han Fei asked, his face changing greatly, Mr.
Hexagon Starfish, are you aware of any fatal arrays?

The Hexagon Starfish replied in a stun, No.
The starfish are not murderers!

Han Fei almost vomited blood.
The starfish are not murderers? You don’t know any fatal arrays when you have established such a huge barrier?

Han Fei was shocked that the guys from the Sun Family had somehow broken hundreds of arrays.
They were much faster than himself.
If they kept blowing through them, the barriers that the Hexagon Starfish set up would be weakened, and there would be no stopping them.

Han Fei gritted his teeth and said, Mr.
Hexagon Starfish, wait a moment while I set up a fatal array.
If you dare to run, I will crumble your essence blood immediately… The Hexagon Starfish rolled its eyes, almost determined to slap Han Fei with its tentacles.
It complained that it was so unlucky as to run into this jerk so often!

With the Spirit Gathering Array before him as the pivot, Han Fei started carving quickly.

As a matter of fact, he didn’t really know any fatal arrays.

Since he received the “Spirit Gathering Scripture”, he had only grasped one array, which was the Spirit Gathering Array.
He learned the other arrays as ways to save his life, and he never really grasped them.
The fatal arrays were much more complicated than the Spirit Gathering Array.
A perfect fatal array would be the most difficult to carve of all arrays.
Han Fei didn’t have the time even if he wanted to learn…

What Han Fei was capable of was the simplest Spirit Explosion Array, which was essentially a huge landmine that would blow up any enemy who accidentally stepped on it.

The problem was that the array was too simple.

The Hexagon Starfish remarked, That won’t do.
You will be discovered very easily.

Han Fei was lost for words.
Why don’t you do it if you think you’re good? I’m going to add a Stealth Array to it.
Do you want to help me?

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