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Han Fei chuckled.
“Okay, I’ll shut up.
Gee… You’ve gotta be quick! Otherwise, another one of you will go crazy soon.
Then we’ll have to die here together.”

With the spiritual fruit Mo Feiyan gave him, Han Fei pretended to hold on for twenty-five minutes more.
At this moment, his skin had cracked all over again but the saw was only 20 meters or so into the trunk.
Han Fei yelled, “Hey! Give me another spiritual fruit.” Mo Feiyan asked suspiciously, “Did you consume the last one so quickly?”

Han Fei said, “Do you think I’m you? I’m only an intermediate Dangling Fisher.
A lot of spiritual energy in the fruit has escaped and I have just been hit hard!” Mo Feiyan didn’t doubt him anymore.
Now everyone was trying their best to cut down the tree… So, spiritual fruits were like Spirit Refilling Pills now.
However, unlike pills, spiritual fruits could provide continuous spiritual energy.
The spiritual energy in the pill couldn’t last so long.
At this time, Hexagon Starfish on his shoulder said again, “There are more and more fish? It seems as though a big fish is here.” Han Fei’s face changed slightly.
A big fish? Just when the saw went to the middle of the trunk of the tree, suddenly those leaves no longer fell and the burning red leaves no longer attached to Han Fei and the others.
Finally, Han Fei vaguely saw Sun Mu and Yang Deyu on the opposite side.
Yang Deyu was looking around.
“What’s the matter? Is this tree scared, or is it too badly damaged?” Han Fei glanced to the side.
As a cloud of soil rose, a white body flashed past.
When Mo Feiyan appeared again, she had already changed her clothes.

Mo Feiyan said helplessly, “Can you guys put on your clothes?”

Han Fei looked down.
Huh? His clothes had long been burned…

Han Fei immediately took out a set of clothes and quickly put it on, so did Sun Mu and Yang Deyu.

Han Fei shouted, “Come on, saw it! Success is at hand.
This is a good chance.”

However, as soon as Han Fei said so, tens of thousands of Millennium Snappers had surrounded this place in all directions.
Everywhere they looked, they could only see fish heads.
People with Trypophobia might probably be scared to death if they saw this scene.

Everyone stopped sawing.
Obviously something big was about to happen.
The Mo Feiyan trio immediately gathered together and Yang Deyu even glanced at Han Fei.
“Han Fei, get your f*cking ass over here.”

Han Fei frowned, glanced at the school of fish, and finally chose to go over.
He never thought that one day he would fight side by side with the enemy.

Among the densely packed Millennium Snappers, there was a giant Millennium Snapper that was ten times the size of other Millennium Snappers.
The big fish didn’t seem to sing but just swam forward a bit.

Yang Deyu said in a low voice, “F*ck, it’s all over now.
Han Fei is to blame! He insisted on sawing the tree! Now the queen Millennium Snapper has come out.” Han Fei’s face was black.
“Shut up, if we don’t saw the tree down, will this big guy not come out and kill us? Now, at least she came out to meet us…”

Han Fei was quarreling with Yang Deyu but his eyes were full of shock.
The data in his eyes showed:

Yang Ruoyun (Sea Demon) A mutated Millennium Snapper.
This demon upgraded across the five realms of Enlightenment, Breaking Away from Mortal Shell, Spirit Guarding, Awakening, and Demon Transforming within one day.
It’s peerlessly talented and invincible.


6621/6621 Level 7, High-Quality




Han Fei swallowed.
He was dumbfounded when he saw the name.
And when he finished reading the introduction, there was a great stir in his heart.
“F*ck, is this… Yang Ruoyun?”

Han Fei was a little skeptical.
He spent a lot of time with Yang Ruoyun! Since he first came to the level-three fishery, he met this woman frequently.

And now, he was suddenly told that Yang Ruoyun had become a fish… Oh no, a sea demon?

And the point was that he saw the realms of Enlightenment, Breaking Away from Mortal Shell, Spirit Guarding, Awakening, and Demon Transforming that he had never heard of before.

He felt that he had seen a shocking secret.
Mo Feiyan looked at him and her eyes were unfathomable.
“Keep your mind sober.
This demonic fish is not simple.” Sun Mu frowned.
“We underestimated this place.”

Han Fei saw that Sun Mu was holding a dark green jade pendant in his hand.
Although he didn’t know what it was, it must be something that Sun Mu thought could use to save his life.

Han Fei looked solemn too.
He had never been kind to Yang Ruoyun.
Would she take revenge on him?

The point was if she could still recognize him.
For a while, Han Fei didn’t know whether he hoped Yang Ruoyun would recognize him or not…

If she could recognize him, what if she took revenge on him?

If she couldn’t, would she directly kill him?

The giant Millennium Snapper in front was gradually glowing red.
Surrounded by countless Millennium Snappers, the red light became brighter.
With every flicker of the red light, the countless Millennium Snappers would sing the “Lala” song.
However, this time, their songs were not bewitching at all.
As the red light grew brighter, Yang Ruoyun was completely enveloped by the red light, and Han Fei and the others did not dare to move.
There was nowhere to run, so they could only wait patiently to see what would happen next.
But the next moment, something unexpected happened.

From the red light, a slender hand stretched out, followed by an arm in red yarn.
Then, a slender, beautiful leg walked out of the red



Not only Han Fei, but Mo Feiyan and the other two also swallowed.
They had never seen such a scene.

A person seemed to be walking out of the red light… Oh no, she had already walked out.
When Yang Ruoyun’s face appeared from the red light, everyone was stunned.
Yang Deyu couldn’t help but take a step back.
Before, he almost strangled Yang Ruoyun, and now he was afraid that Yang Ruoyun would take revenge on him.
Sun Mu’s face was ghastly pale and he sent a message to Han Fei via voice transmission, Who is this woman? She came with you.
Don’t tell me you don’t know! Yang Deyu and Mo Feiyan immediately looked at Han Fei and even subconsciously stepped away from him.
Han Fei was dumbfounded.
“Why the f*ck did me ask me? I don’t know this woman well! I just happened to meet her.” Yang Deyu yelled back, “Liar! The level-three fishery is huge.
How could you happen to run into her?”

Han Fei glared at him.
Didn’t you happen to meet her too?” The moment Yang Ruoyun walked out of the red light, the red light had gradually faded.
Han Fei was the most shocked among all.
The others didn’t read the Fish Avatar Technique, but he did.
So far, except for one person who had successfully turned into an Iron-Headed Fish, everyone else had died in the process of transforming into a fish.

The ultimate goal of the Fish Avatar Technique was to make people become fish and people at any time.
But he hadn’t successfully deduced the technique and didn’t dare to practice it.
However, right in front of his eyes, Yang Ruoyun had accomplished the ultimate goal of the Fish Avatar Technique and could switch between fish and person form at will.
This simply subverted Han Fei’s perception.
Mo Feiyan said coldly, “It’s a sea demon.
No, this is not an ordinary sea demon but from a noble race among the sea demons.
Use all your means when it attacks us later.
Otherwise, we’ll die here.” Han Fei asked in surprise, “What kind of a sea demon is it?”

Mo Feiyan glanced at Han Fei deeply.
“I don’t know, it is said that there will only be sea demons in the unknown place.
We also learned some knowledge about sea demons from ancient books.”

“The unknown place?” Han Fei wondered, Is the unknown place full of these kinds of demons?

That’s not right! Didn’t Old Bai say that Fish Avatar Technique is a taboo technique? Bullshit! If it’s a taboo, then why could Yang Ruoyun transform into a fish?

The four of them were extremely nervous.
At this time, no one cared about the Sea Token! That was not important now.
Nothing was more important than their lives.
Yang Ruoyun was completely different from before.
At this moment, she was wearing a sexy red gauze dress, through which her body could be vaguely seen through.
Han Fei found that her hair had turned red and became so long that it hung down to her calf.
At this moment, her hair was moving with the waves.

Han Fei couldn’t help asking, “Hey! Are you… A human or a fish?”

Yang Ruoyun turned her head slightly and a faint smile appeared on her delicate face.
“I, am a demon now!”

Han Fei felt a chill down his spine.
Yang Ruoyun actually responded to him, indicating that she still had memories.
In addition, he was surprised to find that Yang Ruoyun was speaking with her mouth instead of voice transmission.

Yang Deyu was a little dazed, asking the other three, “What, what’s this? Has the seal outside been removed?” Sun Mu frowned.
“Obviously not.”

Yang Deyu patted his head.
“F*ck, Mo Feiyan, why did you ask me to come to the Sea Grassland? Now how can we deal with this demon?!”

Mo Feiyan didn’t speak.
What’s the use of talking about this sh*t now? Before coming here, they both thought exploring the Sea Grassland would bring them great chances.
Who would have expected that this place was so dangerous?

Yang Ruoyun tilted her head slightly and looked at Han Fei.
“I think I should thank you.
If it weren’t for you, I might not have been able to come here.
Then I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to find my parents in my life.”

The other three all looked at Han Fei.

Han Fei: “???”

Yang Ruoyun walked on the waves with her bare feet, walking tens of meters forward.
Between her eyebrows, a red light flashed and two Millennium Snappers appeared beside her.

These two Millennium Snappers seemed to be very intimate to Yang Ruoyun, making “Lala” sounds from time to time and swimming around Yang Ruoyun.
Yang Ruoyun stretched out her hand and stroked the two Millennium Snappers.
Then she raised her eyes and said, “I hate this place, and I also hate fisheries.
The strong wielded their power to enclose sea areas as fisheries and made humans kill each other in them.
They just treated us as their pets!” Suddenly, her eyes turned cold.
“If this is the case, I will rebel.
If people don’t treat me fairly, I will become a demon.”

Sun Mu said solemnly, “You can do whatever you want, but why do you give us a hard time?”

Yang Ruoyun smiled and suddenly pointed her finger, and the countless Millennium Snappers screamed at the same time.
Their voices were like invisible energy, gathering at Yang Ruoyun’s fingertips.

Rip… The seawater was divided and a red light shot at Yang Deyu.
Yang Deyu’s face changed drastically.
Then his face suddenly turned black and a huge black scorpion fused into his body.
Immediately afterward, bright spiritual energy appeared on his two giant axes.
“Two-in-One! Wave Slashing Axe!”

Han Fei and the others couldn’t help but retreat to the side.

Han Fei was surprised.
Yang Deyu was quite strong.
The power of this blow was even stronger than the fifth arrow of his War Soul Art, almost comparable to the sixth arrow! Crack! Crack! Crack!

However, the dark light flying out of the giant axes shattered at a speed visible to the naked eye.
The red light fell on the black crystal double axes before he lasted for a minute.


Yang Deyu’s spiritual energy protective cover was broken in an instant.

Then a jade ring Yang Deyu was wearing shattered suddenly and a blue barrier appeared in front of him.
The atmosphere was tense.

Han Fei watched this scene in shock.
After one minute or so, he gaped.


Suddenly, Yang Deyu’s face changed drastically and a crack appeared on the blue barrier.

Crack… Crack… Crack…


After less than five minutes, the blue barrier shattered, and Yang Deyu was sent flying and slammed heavily on the Big Red Trunk, causing the tree to shake.

Han Fei’s eyelids jumped as he watched Yang Deyu keep vomiting blood.
Was Yang Deyu too weak? Of course not.
Han Fei was sure that ordinary peak-leveled Dangling Fishers wouldn’t be able to resist the blow that this guy just made.
However, his blow was easily blocked by Yang Ruoyun who just flicked her finger.
Yang Ruoyun didn’t attack again but looked at them.
“Today, I won’t kill you.
However, I want your memories.” Hearing this, Han Fei was shocked.
Can a demon be so powerful? She can even take people’s memories?! The problem was that I still had a plan! Would my plan be ruined?

At that moment, Han Fei quickly backed away.
He didn’t want to lose his memory, so he would hide in Forge the Universe first.
But before Han Fei jumped into the leaves, he saw a bulk of red leaves rushing towards him.
The moment they touched him, they exploded suddenly.
Han Fei was furious.
“Damn it, Yang Ruoyun, you still owe me a favor.”

Yang Ruoyun smiled.
“I have paid you back by not killing you.” Han Fei was helpless.
I’ll never ever believe women again, especially strange women! Yang Ruoyun, you ungrateful woman! Han Fei secretly said, Master Hexagon, come on, help me.
Let me hide in one of your doors.
However, Han Fei glanced over his shoulder.
Where the hell was that starfish? This guy had run away early.
“Damn you, Hexagon… You’re such a coward…” Han Fei muttered.
However, Hexagon Starfish’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind, This demon is too fierce.
I can’t beat her.
I’ve gotta go.
Han Fei scolded, No, open the door for me.
If you dare to leave, I will pinch you to death.

Master Hexagon sighed.
Human, you can’t be so unreasonable! Although she is a young demon, she is still a demon! I’ll be killed if I dare open the door in front of her.

You have to find a way to save me.
Otherwise, I will be dead.
If I die, you will die too.

Then Han Fei’s eyes suddenly turned cold.
He glanced at the Sun Mu trio and then at Yang Ruoyun, hesitating.
Shall I have a try?

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