Chapter 367 The Taste of a Counterattack

Five hours later, Nine Tails was exhausted.
The roots of the tree were too big, but he finally loosened the soil 100 meters under the tree.

As ordered by Yang Ruoyun, the Millennium Snappers controlled the spiritual plants to pull apart the endless roots underground and then pull them up.

Yang Ruoyun looked at Han Fei.
“Keep sawing.” Han Fei secretly transmitted his voice to Nine Tails, Nine Tails, strike.
Stop sawing.
Roll on the ground…

Nine Tails was stunned, but rolling on the ground sounded quite interesting, so he immediately did it.

Han Fei shrugged.
“Hey, don’t abuse my spiritual beast.
How about letting my Mantis Shrimp take a rest?”

Yang Ruoyun threw the Hexagon Starfish that she held in her hand to him.
“Let this starfish do it.”

A smile appeared at the corner of Han Fei’s mouth.
Yang Ruoyun didn’t know him any more than he knew her.
If he were Yang Ruoyun, he would definitely not have given Master Hexagon to him.

Hexagon Starfish was almost asleep.
Since Han Fei and Yang Ruoyun reached an agreement, he had stopped worrying.
When he saw that the tree core was full of spiritual stones, his six big eyes rolled quickly.
However, he didn’t think he had the ability to snatch the spiritual stones from these two, so he just kept quiet.

Hexagon Starfish said telepathically, I am a starfish! I can’t cut the tree…

Yang Ruoyun replied, “You are full of spiritual energy and you can control it with spiritual energy.” Being stared at by Yang Ruoyun, Hexagon Starfish immediately shut up and began to saw the wood with Han Fei.

Three hours later.

Han Fei’s hands were sore with fatigue.
This damn tree was too hard.
It took him three hours to saw it down with the spiritual-level soft saw.

Of course, the harvest was very gratifying.
The core of the tree was inlaid with hundreds of spiritual stones from top to bottom.

Han Fei felt that his heart was pounding hard as he thought, Wow, I’m rich! I have become rich now! He found no less than 8 extra-quality spiritual stones, 10 high-grade ones, nearly 100 mid-quality ones, and a few hundred low-quality ones.
The root of the tree alone contained no less than 25 million points of spiritual energy.


Han Fei was about to go forward to dig out the spiritual stone when Yang Ruoyun suddenly shouted, “Don’t move.”

Han Fei’s eyes turned cold.
“Why, do you want to back out?”

Yang Ruoyun sneered.
“Do you think I am you? Although I am a demon now, I’ll keep my word.”

Han Fei snorted secretly.
Keep your word? You’re such a good actress…

Yang Ruoyun stepped on the waves and landed on the tree roots in three or two steps, staring at the corner of the tree roots.

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly.
Closer, get closer!

Han Fei followed Yang Ruoyun’s gaze and found that at the bottom of the tree core, there was a scarlet book wrapped in spiritual stones.

“A book?”

Han Fei blinked.
Are you f*cking kidding me? A book grows in the tree roots? Was it left by some strong man?

When Yang Ruoyun saw this book, she couldn’t help but float over.

Suddenly, a cunny gleam flickered across Han Fei’s eyes.
“Master Hexagon, move.”

In the blink of an eye, six purple lights suddenly appeared and the six gate formation was activated instantly to seal Yang Ruoyun inside.

Above the big formation, the Spirit Forbidden Net fell from the sky.

Yang Ruoyun’s face changed drastically.
She didn’t expect Han Fei to even dare attack her.
Her reaction was very quick and she immediately crushed a flash stone, but to her shock, she bumped into the edge of the six-door formation and could not get out.


The nine-star chain immediately darted out, locking Yang Ruoyun’s hands, feet, neck and waist.

Han Fei put a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger to Yang Ruoyun’s neck through the Spirit Forbidden Net.
“Hey, let these Millennium Snappers behave themselves.
Otherwise, I don’t mind killing you.”

Han Fei was just threatening her.
If Yang Ruoyun hadn’t become a sea demon and couldn’t control these Millennium Snappers, he might dare to do so.

However, the Millennium Snappers around had rioted and began to sing again, seeming ready to attack him.

Han Fei suddenly pressed the tip of the dagger into Yang Ruoyun’s neck and blood flowed out.

Han Fei grinned.
“Surprised? If you don’t make them stop, I will kill you now.
Maybe I will be in serious trouble, but you will definitely die.”

Yang Ruoyun glared at Han Fei, but in the end, she still sang a command.

Immediately, the Millennium Snappers that had surrounded them stopped, which Han Fei was relieved to see.
He was afraid that this woman would go crazy and die with him.

Otherwise, facing so many Millennium Snappers, he really didn’t know if he could survive.

Yang Ruoyun’s eyes were cold.
“You have been luring me into this trap, right? If you didn’t have this Spirit Forbidden Net, what would you have done?”

Han Fei smiled.
“Based on what I know about you, you will definitely give me the belongings of Sun Mu and the other two because you won’t let them influence your plan.
So I had no worries about getting the Spirit Forbidden Net.
Even if I couldn’t get the net, I still have Spirit Forbidden Cord!”

Yang Ruoyun scoffed.
“Shouldn’t your attention be put on the three of them? Why


Han Fei sneered.
“In my opinion, you are much more dangerous than them.
If it weren’t for the follow-up development that exceeded my expectations and some changes, you would have been the first one I wanted to catch.”

Han Fei glanced at the book in the tree and said, “Seriously, the fact that you have become a sea demon really shocked me.
I once doubted whether becoming a fish was your ultimate goal.
Well! It turns out that there is a book hidden in this tree.”

Yang Ruoyun seems to have some ability to resist the Spirit Forbidden Net, so she could still speak at this moment.
She looked at Han Fei angrily.
“I never deceived you, and I planned to let you go.
Why did you do this to me?”

Han Fei laughed.
“You’ve never deceived me? You gave me a false map and said that it was a secret realm.
Did you forget that?”

Seeing Yang Ruoyun was about to speak, Han Fei immediately interrupted, “Cut the crap.
I know that map is false.
I knew it at the time.
Even if it is true, it is definitely a garbage secret realm.”

Han Fei sneered.
If that secret realm were true, why wasn’t it marked on Old Bai’s map? It must either be because the secret realm was too rubbish or the map was false.

Especially the person who gave him the fish-skin map was Yang Ruoyun, so when he got the map, he was already sure it was false.

Yang Ruoyun said, “You dare not kill me.”

Han Fei tilted his head.
“Oh? Why?”

Yang Ruoyun seemed to have recovered her calm state.
At this moment, she looked at Han Fei with a relaxed face.
“Because once I die, these Millennium Snappers will go crazy.
I am their queen.”

Han Fei sneered, “Guess if I can escape from them or not!”

Yang Ruoyun raised three fingers calmly.
“Firstly, the seal of the Big Red Trunk; secondly, the price you’ll have to pay for my death; thirdly, guess if you can kill me or not.
Here, my vitality is not what you can imagine.
You don’t know anything about this place, which is why I’m confident.”

Han Fei looked at Yang Ruoyun quietly and it took a long while before he grinned.
“Haha! Look at how nervous you are.
I’m just making a joke with you… Give me a reason to let you go.”

Yang Ruoyun glanced back at the book embedded in the tree.
“Give me the book and I will go.”

Han Fei smirked.
“Where will you go? What if you return?”


Yang Ruoyun shouted at the Millennium Snappers that actually circled up and then began to sing.

Under Han Fei’s gaze, the upper waters were gradually pulled apart by a black vortex.

Yang Ruoyun said to Han Fei, “I was well prepared before I came.
Once I leave here, you don’t have to worry that I will come back.”

Hexagon Starfish shouted in surprise, “Is this a one-way teleportation formation?”

Yang Ruoyun took a deep look at the Hexagon Starfish.
She lost because of this damn starfish! His six-door formation was very powerful and disrupted all her plans.

Yang Ruoyun nodded.
“Yes, this is a one-way portal.
It can only be used once.”

Han Fei pondered.
He didn’t know much about this woman and couldn’t predict the consequences of killing her.
This time, he dared not take the bet.

Han Fei curled his lips.
“Master Hexagon, are you sure she can’t return?”

“It should be so! In my memory, this formation is only one-way.” Han Fei said angrily, “What do you mean by ‘it should be? Are you sure or not?”

Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes kept rolling.
“As far as I know, she can’t come back.”

Han Fei was relieved to hear that and bound up Yang Ruoyun with the Spirit Forbidden Cord too.
Although it might not be able to trap her, he just needed to control her for a while.

Yang Ruoyun suddenly said, “Give me the book and the tree core.”

Han Fei laughed.
“Why, do you still want the book now? Nice try.”

Yang Ruoyun urged him, “It’s useless to you.
It belongs to sea demons.”

Han Fei didn’t believe her at all.
“Any treasure is useful to me, right, Master Hexagon?”

Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes rolled and he pondered for a while.
“That seems to be a divine weapon!”


Han Fei was stunned.
Is that book a divine weapon? Why isn’t its data showing? But Han Fei was overjoyed.
“Master Hexagon, good job! I like an ally like you and I will find you a girlfriend.”

Hexagon Starfish: “…”

Han Fei stared at Yang Ruoyun and didn’t back down.
“Hey! I’m not going to give you the book or the tree core.
You can get out of here.
If you want to grab these things from me, just try it.
Let’s see who will hold on longer!”

Yang Ruoyun’s eyes were unfathomable.
“Fine, send me into the teleportation formation.”

Han Fei sneered.
“You think too much.
Let these Millennium Snappers leave first.”

Yang Ruoyun shot back, “Keep 500 of them and then throw me in.”

“100, my bottom line.” Yang Ruoyun thought for a moment.
“How do I know you won’t kill me?” Han Fei shrugged.
“I can kill you now if you want.” Yang Ruoyun scoffed.
“OK, keep 100.”

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