Chapter 371 Catch the Seaweed Ball

Han Fei did not choose to fuse with Little Black and Little White, mainly because he was afraid of losing control.

This time, the strength of Little Black and Little White had undergone thorough changes.
If Little Black and Little White had a combat power of 5 before, then with this Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel, their combat power had soared to at least 50, which was a change in the order of magnitude.
While waiting for Hexagon Starfish, Han Fei was practicing the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies and studying the speed formations.


The sealing formation shook.
Han Fei couldn’t remember how many times the sealing formation had shaken.
He tilted his head, looking at Hexagon Starfish whose spiritual energy was escaping in large quantities.
It had been a day and a night.
Hasn’t he made it yet?

Little Black and Little White upgraded so easily and quickly! Why did this stupid starfish waste so much spiritual energy to make a breakthrough?

He was too weak, not like a mysterious creature at all.

Little White was frantically devouring the spiritual energy that escaped from Hexagon Starfish.
At this time, Han Fei stopped cultivating.
This was the fifth time someone came here.

Han Fei hung the kitchen knife on his waist, held the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow, and stood there.
In a short while, a young man and a young woman came here.

When the young man saw Han Fei, he frowned slightly, and when he saw Hexagon Starfish, he couldn’t help being vigilant.
The young man asked, “Your contractual spiritual beast?”

Han Fei nodded lightly.
“It’s making a breakthrough.
Don’t disturb it.” The woman beside the young man said, “There are many seals here.
Why is there only such a big spirit gathering formation of yours here?” Han Fei remained indifferent.
“I set it up.
You have a problem with it?”

“You set it up yourself?”

The young man and the young woman glanced at each other, looking surprised.

The young man asked, “Do you know something big has happened in the deepest part of the Grassland? Some people say that there seems to be a big tree missing.” Han Fei faintly smiled.
“Do you mean the Big Red Trunk? I know.
I also got the information and came from outside.
Who would have expected that my contractual spiritual beast would make a breakthrough halfway there…” The woman said, “Since you’re here, why don’t you take your contractual spiritual beast back and go inside to check it out first?” Seeing that the two people looked a bit strange, Han Fei guessed that they were talking in voice transmission.
He smiled.
“What’s going on inside? I don’t know anything about it.
However, I met someone on the road, who said that the inside has been occupied by sea creatures.
If you are not afraid of death, then go inside!” The young man suddenly took out his armor box.
“I advise you to tell the truth.
How do we get through the seal quickly? And what on earth happened to the Big Red Trunk?” Han Fei raised his hand, drew his bow, and shot a series of three arrows.


Each arrow was more powerful than the previous one.
With Han Fei’s peak combat power, even a peak-level Dangling Fisher couldn’t block the three arrows easily.
The young man opened his armor box, shielded himself with armor, and drove his weapons to attack the three arrows.


The arrow shattered but the woman disappeared.

But Han Fei didn’t mean to stop and he shot another arrow that contained 1,600 points of spiritual energy.
The man was startled and quickly shouted to the woman via voice transmission, Come back! At that time, Han Fei threw the Water Dividing Seal at the seawater in the upper left corner.
With a bang, a figure flew out.

At this moment, Han Fei’s fourth arrow hit the man’s armor shield with a boom, blasting him back five or six steps, and the man’s hands were dripping with blood.

Han Fei sneered.
“I don’t want to beat you, but you made me! One more step and you’re dead.”

In fact, it was not that Han Fei didn’t want to get rid of these troublemakers, but he tried it once…

For the first time, three people came and he had wanted to kill those three.
However, they had Flash Stones and at the very last moment, they flashed away.
That was really a waste of his time.
If Han Fei guessed right, these two also had Flash Stones, which seemed to be a must-have for people entering the Sea Grassland.

Since they couldn’t be killed, he just needed to deter them.
Anyway, when Hexagon Starfish finished upgrading, he would leave.
He didn’t have to waste any time on these people.
Sure enough, when the two saw Han Fei’s strength, they immediately retreated.
After two hours, Han Fei could no longer feel the surrounding spiritual energy escaping and immediately looked at Hexagon Starfish.
The latter was slowly opening his eyes.
Hexagon Starfish said proudly, I’m done.
“Then let’s leave! When did I become your guardian angel? See, I’ve driven away five waves of people for you.”

Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes kept rolling.
Thank you?

Han Fei hurriedly jumped on its back.
“Let’s go.
Go to the seaweed city wall first, to see the seaweed monster.”

Hexagon Starfish said, I can set up a hidden formation to deceive it.

Han Fei smiled.
“No, I’m going to meet it.
After all, that bastard still owes me 10 Dry Leaf Worms.”

Han Fei felt that he had been being tricked along the way.
Since he met Yang Ruoyun, he had had no luck.

Fortunately, although the road had its twists and turns, the result was gratifying so far.

Although he couldn’t do anything to that cunny woman, he must take revenge on the damn seaweed monster!

That bastard took advantage of him and put the damn Soul Lock on him.
Would it kill him if he failed to bring it a Red Ball?

When Hexagon Starfish heard that Han Fei was going to take revenge on the seaweed monster, he immediately slowed down, rolling his eyes, and said, No! The starfish won’t fight, and you can’t beat it.

Han Fei sneered.
“Do you mean you can’t beat it? But do you know what level that thing is? It looks quite powerful.” Hexagon Starfish shook its tentacles.
I don’t know! It should not be very powerful.
However, it is very powerful in that place.
It’s full of seaweed that will entangle me.
“Huh! Just like Yang Ruoyun, it’s only powerful in a certain place, right? In other words, as long as it gets out of the seaweed wall, it will be nothing?”


Han Fei waved his hand.
“OK, then do you have a way to lure it out?” Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes rolled.
No idea! Han Fei sighed.
“Okay, can you stop rolling your big eyeballs? It makes me dizzy.
Master Hexagon, is there any high-level hidden formation among the formations you inherited?”

There seems to be!

Passing through the Lotus Fish area and the Worm Fish pit, they rushed through the other places at full speed.
A hundred miles away from the seaweed city wall.

A large starfish surreptitiously burrowed into the mud and slid forward.
Its body exuded a faint red light.

However, its breath was very weak as if it was hidden by something.

When approaching the seaweed city wall, the six big eyes of the big starfish stealthily popped out of the mud, and when he saw the seaweed canopy was not moving, he immediately got into the mud again and seemed ready to go through the seaweed city wall from underground.
Underground, Hexagon Starfish seemed to be talking to himself.
What if it eats me? The starfish can’t fight! You must save me quickly! I have only been out of trouble for two years, and I don’t want to die yet.

“No, your hidden formation is too weak.
I feel that seaweed is coming.” Under the seaweed city wall, a large piece of seaweed was creeping.
These seaweeds were secretly chasing behind Hexagon Starfish and seemed to be waiting for him to go deeper before taking action.

After a while, when Hexagon Starfish went nearly a hundred miles into the seaweed city wall, suddenly, the ground shook and large swaths of seaweed plunged into the mud.

At that moment, Hexagon Starfish immediately turned around and began to run at full speed.

This was a matter of course in the eyes of ordinary people.
After all, the seaweed city wall extended nearly seven or eight hundred miles.
From a common-sense point of view, the starfish’s only chance was to run back!

Therefore, the faster Hexagon Starfish ran, the faster the seaweed pierced the ground.
Although Master Hexagon tried his best to run away and even used seals to protect himself, he was surrounded by seaweed after running less than 50 miles.

I’m just passing by.
Don’t force the starfish to fight.

Then a casual voice sounded, “Do you have a Red Ball on you? Hand it over.” Hexagon Starfish shouted, “I have eaten it! The Big Red Trunk inside is gone.
I only grabbed one.” The seaweed monster froze.
“How is it possible? How could the Big Red Trunk disappear? You lied to me…” Hexagon Starfish suddenly became smaller and jumped out of a pile of seaweed with a swish.
It’s true.
Even the roots of the tree are gone, and they were taken away by a sea demon.

“A sea Demon? How is it possible? How could there be a sea demon?”

With that, the seaweed monster broke out completely and drilled deep into the ground.
One cluster of dirt after another was dug out.
Hexagon Starfish cried, “Help!”

Hexagon Starfish was wrapped by large clumps of seaweed and dragged out of the ground abruptly.

As soon as it was unearthed, its body became large, at least fifty to sixty meters long, and purple light appeared on his six tentacles.
There seemed to be a formation enveloping him.

Hexagon Starfish turned like a spinning top.
Immediately, countless seaweed fell apart as if they were cut by a sharp blade.

“You can’t escape.
If there is no longer a Red Ball, I can eat you.
The effect is the same.” Hexagon Starfish was startled and his six big eyeballs kept rolling.
But facing the overwhelming amount of seaweed together with a lot of vines, Hexagon Starfish finally could no longer spin.
Like a stuck axle, he was rigidly fixed among the seaweed.
Hexagon Starfish secretly said to Han Fei through voice transmission, Help me! If you don’t save me, I will die.

And in one of the doors of Hexagon Starfish, Han Fei said leisurely, “Master Hexagon, didn’t you say that you can’t hear me talking in the door? Why can you hear me now?”

Hexagon Starfish almost burst into tears and hurriedly said, At that time, my doors were sealed! Since you removed the seal, I can communicate with those inside the doors!

“Oh? Really?”

Hexagon Starfish said anxiously, Yes, yes.
Han Fei said, “No rush.
The seaweed monster hasn’t come out yet! If it wants to eat you, it will show its true body, right? Otherwise, aren’t we putting on this show in vain?”

Hexagon Starfish panicked.
If you didn’t threaten me to crush my essence blood, would I have agreed to be the bait?

Shameless… Despicable… Bastard…

Such a gentle starfish was forced to start swearing Han Fei cut him off, “Don’t panic.
Calm down.
Put a sealing formation on yourself first.
Anyway, you can set up formations quickly.
As long as the monster dares to show up and approach, throw me out and I promise it won’t eat you.”

In the outside world.

Needless to say, Hexagon Starfish had been covered with bursts of purple light.
This was the strongest formation Hexagon Starfish had and even Flash Stones wouldn’t work in it.

But if Han Fei did not come out, Hexagon Starfish would certainly die, even if it was a mysterious creature.

The seaweed monster’s voice rang leisurely, “What a strong seal! Unfortunately, this is the world of seagrass, and I am the master here.”

Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes rolled.
Where are you? I’ll spit out the red fruit for you? “The Red Ball has penetrated into your flesh and blood.
How can you spit it out? Don’t worry.
I will be there soon and I will suck you up slowly.”

Is the seaweed monster still far away from here? So, it is not the kind of invincible super creature that can exist in any place with seaweed?

Han Fei couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
He had been worried that he would encounter a kind of weird creature that could walk through spiritual plants like Luo Little White.

He waited for an hour but the seaweed monster hadn’t come yet.
Han Fei was speechless.
How damn far was the seaweed monster from here?! But the question was, since the seaweed monster was so far away, where did its sound come from? Could it transmit its voice from thousands of miles away?

He waited some more.

Finally, a dark green ball appeared.

Yes, it was a ball with a radius of fewer than 10 meters, and its surface was full of sticky moss and was entangled with many circles of vines with vine leaves growing on them.
This ball had no eyes, tentacles, or mouth… It literally had nothing.
When the green ball rolled over and saw Hexagon Starfish, it seemed to tremble for a while.

“Red Ball…”

Hexagon Starfish’s eyes rolled.
We’re both exotic creatures.
Can you let me go? “Let you go? For so many years, I just hoped to get a Red Ball, but I failed! Now, if I eat you, I can have a Red Ball, transform my shape, and awaken my talent.
How could I let you go?” When Han Fei heard this, he was speechless.
Transform its form? Like Yang Ruoyun, are you f*cking kidding me? If Hexagon Starfish didn’t eat a Red Ball, the seaweed monster might let him go.
After all, it would be very troublesome for the seaweed monster to keep Hexagon Starfish here.
But it was a different story since Hexagon Starfish had swallowed a Red Ball! This seaweed monster… No… The seaweed ball seemed to be obsessed with those Red Balls.
It certainly wouldn’t let Hexagon Starfish go now.

Hexagon Starfish said in surprise, That red fruit won’t help you transform your shape! You won’t become a sea demon after eating it.


The green ball hit Hexagon Starfish’s formation with a loud bang and shouted, “I’m different from you! My duty is to guard the Big Red Trunk.
As long as someone can bring me a Red Ball one day, I can transform my shape and become a demon!”

Han Fei felt its thought process to be ridiculous.
Those who come out have no memory.
Who could bring you a Red Ball? Besides, all the guys who have eaten Red Balls have become fish!

Even if there are occasionally one or two people whose memory does not disappear, you may not be able to catch them.
For example, Yang Ruoyun threw the Sun Mu trio out of the Big Red Trunk forest.
Did they come out?

Han Fei felt that they had probably come out.
After all, although he had collected their Sea Swallowing Seashells, weapons, and accessories, their spiritual weapons were still kept in their bodies.

Once they woke up and took out the spiritual weapon in their bodies, as the top powerhouses in the level-three fishery, they would certainly find a way to pass through the seaweed city wall.

Outside, Hexagon Starfish reported in horror, saying that the seaweed ball was summoning countless vines and trying to burst open its six-door formation.

About ten minutes passed.

Hexagon Starfish cried, “No, should I strengthen the formation? Help! A straw reached out from the monster ball and it’s going to suck my blood.”

Han Fei was speechless.
Do you have any f*cking blood?

But then he wondered again, Is the seaweed monster a mosquito? Where did the f*cking straw come from?

In the outside world.

The big green ball excitedly thrust the three-to-four-meter long needle-like straw at Hexagon Starfish.

However, just as the straw was about to pierce Hexagon Starfish, suddenly a figure appeared.

The seaweed ball was shocked and was about to run immediately.
But before it moved, a big golden net had already covered it.

“Humph, where can you run to…” Holding the net tightly and making a knot, Han Fei looked at the ball with contempt.
“Happy? Surprised?” “It’s you? How could it be… Where did you suddenly pop out from?” With a wave of his hand, Han Fei cut off the vines that were out of control in the blink of an eye with the dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, and rescued Hexagon Starfish.

Hexagon Starfish that broke free of the shackles immediately became palm-sized and squatted on Han Fei’s shoulders.
Don’t let it out.
I was almost sucked up by it just now.

The ball rammed left and right in the Spirit Forbidden Net, panicking.

“What is this?! Let me out!”

“Where is my spiritual energy? Where is my spiritual energy?” “Please, let me go.
I can give you Dry Leaf Worms.
I can give you 10 more… No, I can give you 100.” Han Fei disdainfully said, “Haha! Do you think I’m stupid? There are so many treasures in the world.
Am I unable to cultivate without Dry Leaf Worms? It’s not worth my risk to let you go just for a few blades of grasses.”

Seaweed Ball panicked.
“How can you let me go? I don’t want the Red Ball.
I won’t come out anymore.”

Han Fei sneered.
“What does it have to do with me if you come out or not? If you didn’t put the Soul Lock on me, maybe I would cooperate with you.
But you did! So who can you blame now?”

The seaweed ball begged, “I still have spiritual energy.
I have endless spiritual energy.”

Bang… Han Fei kicked the ball and sneered.
“When I was still a fisher, I knew that no one could have endless spiritual energy.
Now you’ve been caught by me.
How can you still have endless spiritual energy? Come on, throw some spiritual energy out! Let me peel your shell and see how much spiritual energy you have…”

Suddenly, the seaweed ball trembled and did not speak.

Han Fei smiled.
“Why, you don’t want to be peeled? Do you want me to pull you out of this ball? Do you think you’re really a ball by hiding in a ball?”

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