Chapter 385 Shopping Mania

The hall immediately fell quiet as everybody noticed that the spiritual fruits on the trading wall were all gone.

Someone had bought dozens or hundreds of spiritual fruits at one time before, but none had ever purchased all of the spiritual fruits on the market.

Someone was lost for words.
“Which fool has bought all the spiritual fruits?”.

A faceless man rolled his eyes.
“That’s too crazy, however rich they are!”

When Han Fei made the payment, everybody looked at him, wondering if they should rob him.

Han Fei didn’t bother them at all.
He wouldn’t miss the spiritual fruits here for the world.

Of course, that was only his opinion.
After all, nobody else could take spiritual fruits like candies like him without leaking any of the spiritual energy in them.

Han Fei clicked his tongue.
The five hundred spiritual fruits cost him nearly three million mid-quality pearls, which was a high price.
It must be noted that the regular spiritual fruits were only eight hundred on the dragon boat, but the price had been more than doubled here.
However, Han Fei was still happy, because if he had bought so many spiritual fruits on the dragon boat, he would’ve been hunted by too many people after he left the boat.

Taking over the spiritual fruits, Han Fei asked the staff, “How many exchanges are there on this ship?”

The trader was stunned and thought, Have you not bought enough? Do you want more?

But he was always happy to serve clients who were in need.
He immediately replied, “There are twelve exchanges.
You can visit all of them if you circle this floor.”

Han Fei nodded.
“What about the two floors up above?”

The trader didn’t keep it a secret.
“There’s only one floor up above.
The top floor is not open.”

“Okay, what’s the upper floor for?”

The trader introduced, “The place of intelligence.
You can buy any intelligence you want in there.
The intelligence might not be complete, but definitely more complete than that on the dragon boat.”

Han Fei slightly nodded in surprise.
The Specter was in the intelligence business too? How did it collect intelligence when it was alone? Even if it had sent spies to the dragon boats, how could it have gathered the information the spies sent? After all, any intelligence would expire after a certain amount of time.

In any case, Han Fei decided to visit the other eleven exchanges first.

But he paused after he left this exchange.
Considering the number of spiritual fruits sold in this change, he would run out of money before he could buy out all the spiritual fruits in the eleven exchanges!

Han Fei was lost for words.
The Specter was even more costly than the dragon boat! He had more than twenty million mid-quality pearls, but it was not even enough for him to do one complete circle of shopping

Calculating the mid-quality pearls he had, Han Fei spent three hours shopping in the other eleven exchanges.
But instead of buying all the spiritual fruits, he only picked half of them.

Even so, Han Fei only had 1,800,000 mid-quality pearls left after the shopping.
He was rendered speechless by how costly shopping could be.

Of course, the result was beyond imagination too.
After the shopping, Han Fei had more than 4,600 spiritual fruits.

During the three hours, everybody in the exchanges went crazy.
They all learned that a magnate was shopping for spiritual fruits.

All of them put their spiritual fruits on sale in the exchanges, hoping that Han Fei would acquire all of the spiritual fruits in one go.

Alas, when the exchanges were laden by spiritual fruits, Han Fei stopped shopping.
Those people were all mad.
Since Han Fei did not intentionally hide himself, someone simply came to him and snapped, “Why do you not buy spiritual fruits anymore?” Han Fei was lost for words.
“Is it your business?”

They trembled in fear under their mask.
Does this jerk not know that a commission is charged if they put an item on sale in the exchange?

Someone threatened him, “Brat, you’d better not let me find out who you are, or I won’t let you go.” Blinking his eyes, Han Fei scratched his mask and tilted his head at them.
“Good thing that you don’t know who I am.”

Everyone: “…”

At this point, the person who sold the Venomous Tulip to Han Fei earlier came to him and spoke telepathically, Do you still want the Venomous Tulip?

Stunned, Han Fei asked back, You recognized me?

The man chuckled hoarsely.
With the overwhelming saber vibe inside you, I can barely miss you! If you don’t drop that vibe, many people here will be able to distinguish you from others.

Han Fei squinted.
To be honest, your Venomous Tulip is the best in all the twelve exchanges.
But I don’t have money for that now.
You know how many things I’ve bought.
The man said telepathically, A high-quality spiritual saber, a hundred kilograms of spiritual spring energy, and 200,000 mid-quality pearls.

Han Fei was lost for words.
Though I like your spiritual fruit, your offer is only 300,000 mid-quality pearls lower than before.
It’s not much of a difference…

The faceless man didn’t know what to say as he thought to himself, I’ve lowered my price by 300,000 mid-quality pearls, and that’s still no different?

Seeing that the man was silent, Han Fei said secretly, You refuse to make deals in the exchange because you know that the Venomous Tulip is not worth that price.
I admit that the Venomous Tulip is great, but normal people do not know that.
Even if they do, they will not know if it’s as valuable as it’s described until they take it! Let’s be honest.
You can only get one mid-quality spiritual weapon and a million mid-quality pearls if you sell the Venomous Tulip in the exchange.
I don’t think you can get any spiritual energy…

Not hasty at all, Han Fei talked while he went to the entrance to the second floor.

The man suddenly shouted, “Wait.
One high-quality spiritual saber and a hundred kilograms of spiritual spring energy.”

Han Fei shook his head.
“I have a high-quality spiritual saber, but I only have fifty kilograms of spiritual spring energy.
If you’re okay with that, let’s make the deal.
If you don’t, let’s just drop it.
I have plenty of spiritual fruits anyway.”

The faceless man said angrily, “But none of them are as good as the Venomous Tulip.”

Han Fei said with a smile, “But I have a lot of them!”

The man was lost for words.
This guy did not seem in need of his spiritual fruit after shopping in twelve exchanges.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Deal.
We’ll split the commission charge.”

A moment later, Han Fei was abjectly poor again after he left the exchange.
This deal was bigger than he thought.
He underestimated the value of a high-quality spiritual weapon in the level-three fishery.

That particular saber was from the armorist who attacked him a couple of days ago, but the spiritual spring and the mid-quality pearls were his own! Ten percent of the commission charge was almost half a million mid-quality pearls, which made him grimace.

But the faceless man couldn’t be feeling any better.
He had asked for a million mid-quality pearls not because he needed the money, but because he wanted the buyer to cover the commission charge.

Of course, Han Fei didn’t really regret it.
Though the Venomous Tulip and the spiritual spring were only worth five million mid-quality pearls in terms of price, they had other value.

Those who knew the value of the Venomous Tulip generally couldn’t afford it, and those who could would rather not pay such a high price just for a possibility.
Han Fei was the only one who paid for such an extravagance because he thought that it was easy to make money in the level-three fishery.
In other people’s eyes, he was just a spendthrift.

Next to every exchange on the Specter were stairs that were connected to the second floor.

After Han Fei got to the second floor, he found that it was quite similar to the first floor, except that the exchanges were replaced by intelligence rooms.

He wondered if there were twelve intelligence rooms here too.
Instead of wandering around, he simply went to the nearest intelligence room.

However, two faceless men blocked his way before he entered.

“To enter the intelligence room, you must pay a hundred thousand mid-quality pearls, or anything of the same worth.”

Han Fei: “???”

He was lost for words.
Why did he have to pay anywhere he went? The Specter was making money much more ruthlessly than the dragon boat did!

Having no choice, Han Fei could only pay a hundred thousand mid-quality pearls.
Considering the ticket fee, he wondered if he had enough money to buy any intelligence…

But after Han Fei paid, a faceless man gave him a fish skin and said, “This is some outdated intelligence.
It’s complimentary.”

Han Fei was surprised.
“That’s so… Nice?”

It was the first benefit that he had since he boarded on the Specter.
Outdated intelligence was still intelligence.
He wouldn’t turn it down.

Entering the intelligence room, Han Fei looked around and found many booths, each of which were guarded by a faceless man at the door.

Han Fei asked someone randomly, “How do you sell intelligence?”

“Please come in.”

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