He Xiaoyu finally agreed.
Han Fei had discovered that the girl’s shortcoming was greediness, which was probably because her father raised her too strictly.
As a result, the girl always craved good things.

At this moment, He Mingtang was teaching a class in school.
The two of them went to He Xiaoyu’s house stealthily and left in a hurry an hour later.

Guiltily, He Xiaoyu presented a small book.
“This is the only one I found.
Go now.
I’ll be screwed if my mother finds out about this.”

Han Fei said with a smile, “Good girl.
I’ll give you more Swallowed Spirit Soup in the future.”

Both of them stopped at the gate of the school.
He Xiaoyu got three Spirit Refilling Pills, and Han Fei got the way to utilize spiritual energy.
Both of them felt that it was a great deal.

“He Xiaoyu!”

Suddenly, someone yelled from behind the gate.

“Ah, Father…”

Enraged, He Mingtang looked at his unworthy daughter and then glared at Han Fei furiously.

Han Fei wasn’t any better.
His smile froze when he saw the unfriendly Wang Jie and the teacher from the southern campus behind him.
He changed his face and shouted at He Xiaoyu, “Run!”

Wang Jie was amused. It’s too late for you to run now! He cast his hook at Han Fei rapidly.

Sensing the attack at his back, Han Fei twisted his body subconsciously and dodged the hook in a weird posture.


The three fishing masters including He Mingtang all exclaimed in shock.
A level-six fisher had avoided Wang Jie’s hook? It must be noted that Wang Jie was appointed as a supervisor of the general fishery for his remarkable capability.
However, his attack had been avoided?

Wang Jie felt embarrassed.
His fishing line glittered, and the hook darted at Han Fei even faster than before.

Han Fei sweated hard. I did nothing more than get a few bowls of soup with trickery.
Do you need to welcome me with this? While thinking about that, he flipped and evaded the hook again narrowly.

Wang Jie immediately blushed.
He was shocked at how swift Han Fei was.


Zhou Ding was surprised.
“Old Wang, your student is interesting.
He may be able to make it to the top hundred in the Fishing Trial, no?”

Wang Jie sniffed, “Him? Top hundred? I just hope that he’s not the last place.”

This time, Wang Jie did not hold himself back.
The speed of the hook was doubled.
Although Han Fei’s one leg dodged the first attack, the hook zigzagged and tied up his other leg.

As the fishing line was retreated, Han Fei was hauled into the campus, catching everyone’s attention.

Wang Jie said, “You think you’re strong enough to do whatever you want now, don’t you?”

He Xiaoyu was rather intimidated to see that, feeling lucky that she did not run.
It would be most embarrassing if she were also dragged like this!

Han Fei, on the other hand, screamed, “Sir, I did nothing wrong! I only went to the southern campus to share knowledge with the students there.”

Wang Jie smiled at Zhou Ding, “Mr.
Zhou Ding, thank you for dropping by.
I’ll teach him a good lesson.”

Zhou Ding laughed.
“I don’t think that’s necessary.
This is a good kid to me.
Do you want to send him to study in the southern campus for a while?”

Wang Jie said, “With the Fishing Trial coming near, we are going to concentrate the students and train them.
I don’t think there’s time for that.”

Zhou Ding smiled and said, “All right, I’ll take my leave.”

Wang Jie said, “See you, Mr.

After Zhou Ding left, Wang Jie changed his face and sneered at Han Fei.
“You’re good.
You show your abilities at the southern campus? You think that you are as invincible as a level-eight fisher?”

Han Fei shouted, “Sir, I didn’t! Nobody knew that the southern campus is so weak!”

Wang Jie said with a cold smile, “Weak? Do you think you were strong in the past? Could you have been as strong if it weren’t for what Tang Ge gave you? Do you know how many people were drawn to you when you showed your abilities?”

Han Fei was stunned.
Who would be interested in a level-six fisher?

He Mingtang went on, “Everybody knows that you improved so fast because Tang Ge gave you a lot of good stuff.
They dare not challenge Tang Ge, but killing you in secret and digging out your secrets is not difficult.”

He Mingtang made up his mind to keep his daughter away from the brat.
God knew what kind of trouble he would cause.

Wang Jie said, “Do you understand now? Nobody dares to touch Tang Ge, but do you think nobody dares to touch you? You will be put in detention for three days.”

Han Fei smiled bitterly.
He forgot that he had been using Tang Ge as an excuse for his rapid improvement.
However, his performance had been too distinguished lately.
People couldn’t help but wonder what Tang Ge had offered to Han Fei.

Han Fei begged, “Sir, I know I was wrong.
I will never fight again.
About the detention…”

Wang Jie sneered.
“Three days, not to be shortened by one second.”

After Han Fei was hauled away by Wang Jie, He Mingtang glared at He Xiaoyu and said, “Go home.
You’re grounded for five days.”

He Xiaoyu said pitifully, “Father, I did not join the fight.”

He Mingtang said, “Go home, and you are not allowed to talk with him again until he becomes a fishing master.”

Pouting, He Xiaoyu said pitifully, “Okay!”

There was only one detention room in the school.
It was mainly used to punish bad students.
Most of them were only detained for one day.
Few were detained for three days in a row like Han Fei.

The detention room was made of hard rock.
It was not an obstacle for fishing masters, but no students who were only fishers could get away from it.

Three days ago, Han Fei was dragged to the detention room like a dead dog.
It was the most heated topic in the past few days.

Someone was angry.
“Han Fei was too cocky.
He was asking to be killed when he blocked the gate of the southern campus.”

Someone made fun of him.
“I’m told that he wouldn’t have made it back if the teacher in the southern campus did not release him.”

Many people peeped into the detention room when they passed by, but it was too dark to see anything.
However, Han Fei could hear the incessant laughter and mockery at the door.

Zhou Xiao, Hu Kun’s best friend, was shouting from a hole in the detention room.
“Hey! Han Fei, you’re not having a meltdown, are you?”

Someone else joined him.
“I don’t think so, but he will certainly be less cocky in the future!”

Han Fei was sitting cross-legged in the detention room.
His clothes were entirely wet, and his spiritual energy was running loose.
He could hardly control the spiritual energy precisely even after three days.

At this moment, Han Fei was trying to gather half of his spiritual energy in his palm.

“No… Half is too much… Not good, it’s getting out of control…”

Zhou Xiao and his pals outside of the detention room discussed.
“Huh? Do you feel that spiritual energy is surging?”

“A little bit.
Is Han Fei cultivating?”

How can such intense spiritual energy not glow?”

“Wait, look, it’s glowing…”

The few people outside of the detention room saw dazzling light bursting before their eyes.


Zhou Xiao did not know what was going on.
He only sensed that he was flying.

The explosion spread throughout the school.
Many people saw Zhou Xiao and his pals fly away and pass out.
As for the detention room, a hole half a man tall was left.

Dozens of teachers of the school arrived almost simultaneously.

They checked Zhou Xiao and his pals first.
Then, they released a long breath of relief and said, “Send them to the medical room.”

After that, they looked at the giant hole in the door of the detention room, from which uncanny noises were coming out.

Then, they saw Han Fei, whose face was covered in dust and whose head was messy peeking out of the hole.

Han Fei underestimated the power of Spiritual Energy Explosion.
Half of his spiritual energy was already so explosive.
If he had unleashed all his spiritual energy, it shouldn’t have been a problem to blow up the whole detention room.

Wang Jie’s eyelids twitched.
The guy was not hurt at all in such a powerful explosion?

Han Fei was stunned to see so many people.
In the end, he waved his hand and said, “Hey, long time no see!”

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