Chapter 398 Two Schemers

The unexpected voice gave Han Fei quite a shock.

He looked around quickly, but this place was a complete mess.
Everybody was either fighting or running.
None of them seemed to be speaking to him.

The voice in Han Fei’s head continued, Stop looking.
We’re both under disguise.
Your disguise is fine, but your behavior has betrayed you.
Han Fei replied, What do you mean? The man sneered.
You were already exposed when you instigated them to ignore the obstacles.
A real explorer in a hundred-person team wouldn’t be as reckless as you.
Nobody has unveiled you yet, but after they get into the inner city, they will immediately talk to you.
Do you believe me?

Han Fei responded, So, are you helping me?

They’re hunting Xia Xiaochan, but I don’t want to.
What I want is their Sea Swallowing Seashells.
I’ll use poisons and you’ll stop the runners.
How does that sound?

Han Fei asked, How are we going to split the loot?

The man said with a smile, It depends on your capabilities.
Be quick.
Things will be tricky if anyone escapes.

Han Fei’s face slightly changed.
He instantly set off and swam back at an unbelievable speed.

Wu Liang and the rest of the squad were fast, but due to the blockage of the undead creatures, they couldn’t swim as freely as in the sea.
While they were slashing their way forward, they saw that Han Fei was crashing into everything on his way on a rampage.
Zhao Wu roared, “Li Hanyi, what’s wrong with you? Stop setting the undead creatures free!”

However, Wu Liang paused and said, “Don’t go to him.”

His face changed as he asked, “Who are you? How are you related to Yang Huan?” The mention of Yang Huan made Zhou Kai, Wang Qingyue, and Zhao Wu greatly shocked.

Not just them, those who were running backwards with them were greatly alarmed too.

Han Fei raised his head and grinned.
“Me and him? It’s just a coincidence.
You can’t get out.
You can either come back or die here.
Make your choice.”

Zhao Wu burst into a rage.
“I didn’t know that it was a treacherous wolf that I picked up! Damn it.
You think you can stop all of us on your own?”


Behind Han Fei, the shadow of a Mantis Shrimp appeared, followed by nine crazily dancing chains.

Staring at them with a smile, Han Fei said, “I really wanted to go in with you, but I didn’t know that Yang Huan was here.
It’s nice to meet you.”


“Han Fei?”

“Damn it! Run…”

Zhao Wu turned around and fled, not intending to fight at all.
Didn’t the intelligence say that the third place on the wanted list was in the Seaborne Prairie? Why had he come to the Undersea City?

Greatly shocked, everybody simply turned around and fled without a fight.

Why would they come to hunt Xia Xiaochan? Because Xia Xiaochan was the 32rd place on the wanted list, and according to sources, she was in a special state.

But as for these two, Yang Huan was the 17th place, famous for killing people with poison without shedding any blood, and Han Fei was even more horrifying.
The man had fought all the way from the 59th place to the 3rd place.
How could the advanced Dangling Fishers not be scared?

They did not care whether he was a peak-level Dangling Fisher or an intermediate Dangling Fisher anymore.
His name was simply too intimidating.

In the crowd, a plain-looking young man felt that an Iron-Head Fish just hit him in the chest when he saw Han Fei’s nine tails, wondering why he had run into this guy.
He knew that Han Fei couldn’t be ordinary.
After all, a regular intermediate Dangling Fisher wouldn’t have kept such a high profile in the Undersea City…

So, he speculated that Han Fei might be under disguise like himself, and that Han Fei was stronger than he seemed.
He didn’t expect that Han Fei was much more.

Seeing that everybody was scared back by Han Fei, and Han Fei was not attacking, he was lost for words.

Yang Huan said, “I’ve heard a lot of things about you.
However, why are you making them go back? You want me to kill all of them?”

Han Fei replied with a smile, “My identity has been exposed, but yours isn’t! You think we can kill all those peak-level Dangling Fishers?”

In the front, the twenty peak-level Dangling Fishers stopped.
Han Fei? They were here to capture Xia Xiaochan, but the man who allegedly was associated with her was here..
Should they attack him or not?

Someone said telepathically, Let’s attack together while we’re all here! Han Fei may be good, but he’s just an intermediate Dangling Fishers.
I’m told that he only killed two peak-level Dangling Fishers in the Seaborne Prairie.
But there are so many of us.
We have a good chance!

Someone hesitated.
“Don’t forget that Yang Huan is also here!”

Someone agreed.
“That’s right.
Han Fei is in the light, but it’s not easy to kill him.
Now that he has joined hands with Yang Huan, it’s not as simple as one plus one.

Someone proposed, “Who knows escape techniques? Summon more reinforcements.
This is a great opportunity.
After what he caused in the Seaborne Prairie, Han Fei must have more treasures than Yang Huan and Xia Xiaochan do.
Are you willing to let him go?”

“I’ll go.”

Instantly, a peak-level Dangling Fisher hunter entered stealth mode and swam hundreds of meters away in dozens of water currents.

Han Fei subconsciously drew his saber and cut the water currents.
But then he frowned.
“I missed him?”

He said telepathically, Hey, one of them escaped.
He was too fast.
I couldn’t take him down.

In the crowd, a golden line was weaving like a lightning bolt, withering whoever it touched.

Yang Huan couldn’t hold it back anymore and simply responded, “Then what are you waiting for? Kill the people here first! If the hundreds of people outside swarm in, what can you do?”

Han Fei thought of something.
“Let’s keep half of them and release the other half.”

Yang Huan said, “No, as long as we’re here, everybody else that’s here will be killed.
Those from the outside will not care who they are but simply kill all the suspects.”

Han Fei secretly cursed and darted out all his Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers.
He charged at the crowd and said, “Cast your poison on me.”


Yang Huan was stunned.
Cast poison on you? He had never heard of such a request in all the years he traveled the level-three fishery.

Actually, Han Fei had examined Yang Huan’s poison when the poisonous mist burst out.
It didn’t scare him, and he was not panicked at all when Zhao Wu fled.

The Venomous Tulip was more effective than he imagined, and he had taken more than one poison-resistant spiritual fruit.
There were still hundreds more in his Forge the Universe.
So, he was not afraid of any poison in the level-three fishery.

While the crowd was crazily escaping, Han Fei chased them right behind them.
Suddenly, he was covered in a purple mist.

Everybody was dumbfounded.
Weren’t those two in a team? Why were they fighting? While they were surprised, Han Fei came to them as quickly as lightning, with poison on his weapons and his body.

Instantly, some people were knocked away, and they began to scream a moment later.
“Damn it.
Han Fei has the antidote.
Let’s run!”

In the crowd, Yang Huan was quite shocked too.
What kind of freak was this man? Why couldn’t he poison the man?

In the front, the peak-level Dangling Fishers were gloomy too after realizing that those two had formed a team.

They were shocked by the efficiency.
Han Fei did not even resort to his weapon but simply crashed into everyone with his unparalleled speed.

After only one moment, dozens of people had collapsed under the weird poisonous mist.

“Shua… Shua… Shua…”

Some squeezed their flash stones and simply vanished.

In the blink of an eye, only ten advanced Dangling Fishers were left, and the rest had all flashed away.

Someone who did not have a flash stone charged at Han Fei crazily.
“I’ll take you with me if I must die!”


Han Fei was blown away by the man’s self-explosion, but only by a hundred meters.
To everybody’s shock, Han Fei charged back unscathed before he hit the ground yet.

Everybody was dumbfounded.
The self-explosion was useless? How sturdy was Han Fei to have weathered through the self-explosion of an advanced Dangling Fisher so easily?

While Han Fei charged at the crowd, one of the peak-level Dangling Fishers raised his bow and shot nine consecutive arrows.

However, Han Fei simply grabbed the Water Dividing Seal and broke the arrows of spiritual energy easily.
He even accelerated and appeared before a manipulator, cutting him into pieces.

Han Fei declared, “You want to hunt demons? You should’ve been prepared to be hunted before you came in…”

After no more than a hundred seconds, the ten advanced Dangling Fishers were all executed without any survivors.

Yang Huan said, “Thirty of them have escaped!”

Han Fei said, “There’s nothing we can do about them.
Where are you?”

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